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How disrespectful of the game did you find the Weavers when.....
...they realized they were spared by the non-elimination leg? Even Phil seemed miffed. There would have been 8 other teams who would have jumped f
13 messages
11-26-05 06:49 PM
Is it just me or is that Weaver family chock full of FREAKS?? From that Mama exhorting JESUS to help them all the time, to the comment,"NOBO
2 messages
11-26-05 09:01 PM
Why racing with Jesus is a really bad idea.
The Weavers think they have an advantage because they have The Big J on their team? Hah. The Weavers have taken on a handicap that's worse than
127 messages
11-27-05 11:50 AM
The Linz family is a bunch of punks
Title says it all.
23 messages
11-27-05 01:39 PM
The Most VILE TAR Team of All Time
Who do you think are the most despicable people ever to compete on this race? For me, it's not Tara and Wil... it's not Colin and C
28 messages
11-27-05 06:36 PM
Bransen bashing, anyone?
'cause we've been letting them off [i]way[/i] too easily. It's almost as if their bash-worthy activities have been getting lost in th
14 messages
11-28-05 11:51 AM
God's work......the Weaver way
To each his own religion....but when you proclaim to the world an obnoxious number of unecissary times that you are Christian, and yet put little of
1 messages
11-28-05 01:09 PM
Christian ways for the Weavers to earn money
Since the Weavers will be starting the next leg with no money to their name, I'm sure they will collect their start-up money in the most Christian
27 messages
11-29-05 00:33 AM
Worst. Team. Ever.
We've all speculated on mixing the teams up from the current and past AR's, and have come up with some combinations that would be hard to beat.
40 messages
11-29-05 01:23 AM
Caption this! e8/show/ep09/photos/1/23.jpg Thw Weavers hurry to bring tribute to Pat Robertso
Cygnus X1
12 messages
11-29-05 02:45 PM
Be The Amazing Racer Family Edition (BARFE) - Ep. 9
Welcome to Salt Lake City, Racers, the home of... _amazing_race/
Cygnus X1
29 messages
11-29-05 05:06 PM
The Weaver's hide behind “Religion” they make fun of the other teams and it's OK because there Christians? They don't understand why the
2 messages
11-30-05 01:42 AM
Official RTVW Summary: TARFE, Episode 9
For those of you that have been around for a bit you know that DD (ten years old) watches TAR with me and wants to do TAR when she gets older. So
19 messages
11-30-05 03:11 PM
Did anyone else see the Finish Line??
They showed a previously unaired part of the race from last night. It was hysterical-the Linz boys were stopped at a construction thing and they were
3 messages
11-30-05 06:35 PM
Are they EVER going to leave the U.S?
Seriously, this should be the Amazing Race across the U.S. It's boring! I love watching a bunch of people scream at foreigners just because th
13 messages
11-30-05 08:34 PM
Does anyone know how the Weavers
got into the national park?? I saw them beg maybe a few bucks off of someone and that was it. It is not cheap to get into the nationl parks-I fo
9 messages
12-01-05 10:58 AM
What is this season lacking?
I don't want this to be merely another "This season SUCKS!" thread, but I felt it safer to start this on Bashers anyway. What,
Cygnus X1
24 messages
12-01-05 01:21 PM
Please allow me to interupt your regularly scheduled Weaver bashing with something new!
Godlewski Sister Bashing! Yes, the Weaver's are obnoxious, annoying, and delusional, but at least they're entertaining. The
30 messages
12-01-05 05:43 PM
Well, we all know that this season's draining, but WTF is up with the car batteries being drained by the production staff? Are the cameras an
Draco Malfoy
37 messages
12-01-05 06:53 PM
TAR Family Travel Companion notices errors
Since the beginning of this season, I have been following along the USA routes using a Rand McNally Road Atlas. This has been a lot of fun for me a
4 messages
12-02-05 08:29 AM
Caption this! e8/show/ep10/photos/1/07.jpg Christine tries to think (instead of talk),
Cygnus X1
3 messages
12-02-05 09:35 AM
Weaver girls
Am I the only one who thinks the Weaver daughters clothes are to tight?
38 messages
12-03-05 09:18 AM
Be the Amazing Racer Family Edition (BARFE) - Ep. 10
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-30-05 AT 00:52 AM (EST)[/font] Welcome, Racers, to the Simon Bar Sinister Ranch: %0
Cygnus X1
22 messages
12-05-05 11:13 AM
Official BARFE Summary: Episode 10; To Be Continued
Welcome to the summary of episode 10 of The Amazing Race Family Edition as we push closer to the finish. Episode nine ended with the final four intact
12 messages
12-05-05 04:30 PM
I dread to watch
I am really not looking forward to watching tonight's episode for fear that the Weavers will stick around while another team goes home. I trie
11 messages
12-06-05 07:58 PM
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