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Translation Please
[i]We're putting on lipstick because Phil is a Choo-choo Charlie and a class act.[/i] It must mean something but I'm just stu
11 messages
01-05-05 04:59 PM
Thank the Good Lord...
Ok, Gus and Hera bit the dust. Thats not what this thread is about. I thought it only right to mention that the [i]one[/i] night it woul
7 messages
01-05-05 09:03 PM
Can we find out what's in their packs?
Because I seriously would like to know if Hayden packed a bra? If not, can she at least wear a bigger shirt? http://community2
17 messages
01-05-05 11:28 PM
I hate Jon
The last time I said that, was to Jon from Survivor Pearl Island. I thot that i couldn't never find another worse ##### name Jon,but
7 messages
01-06-05 06:38 AM
Jonathon, Victoria, Adam, Rebecca, Freddy, and Kendra all suck!
Congratulations to Gus, Hera, Kris, Jon, Hayden, Aaron, Lori, and Bolo for not being entirely despicable human beings.
13 messages
01-06-05 07:35 PM
Be The Amazing Racer (Barf Bags Not Included)
(Hope okay to start this; didn't see one for this week yet). I was REALLY disappointed in Aaron this week. I generously allow him
9 messages
01-07-05 07:56 PM
Funniest. Episode. Ever.
I was laughing so hard I almost . . . well, vomited. Even the previews, with Devil-Boy floating like a bloated fish and crying for his
20 messages
01-07-05 09:40 PM
TAR 6 (Episode 8) Hawkeye 10: Hungry in Hungary?
1. Lori and Bolo were told by the lady at the ticket window of the train station that there was not another train until 7:35 the next morning. Bolo
7 messages
01-09-05 12:59 PM
Water Polo task was too easy
The Water Polo task was made far too easy compared to the river rafting I belive. Firstly, (I play water polo) you cannot let hellboy
10 messages
01-10-05 04:47 PM
TAR, is it really worth it !?!?
A lot of couples have broken up playing this game. Watching past episodes, as well as this one, depicts the majority of couples parting ways after
12 messages
01-11-05 11:57 AM
A Most UNofficial Episode 7 Summary: "The Minute Hungarian Rhapsody, by Loszt"
With all respect to CanadaGirl, I decided to write this one before looking at her official summary. My first effort. Bolo. Lori.
Cygnus X1
5 messages
01-11-05 08:13 PM
Jonathan and Victoria (Fools)
Tonight I relized that they are both FOOLS. Did she really have to act the way she did on tonight show. Iused to think he was just a verbally abusive
1 messages
01-12-05 00:30 AM
'Bout Time...
An Amazing Race report lists "One Team tries to get an edge over the others by ducking into a store... while there, one team member has an allergi
3 messages
01-12-05 08:41 AM
TAR6 Episode 9 "Push valve to go down" Hawkeye Ten
OMG. This is so much harder than it seemed. Especially when the VCR tapes the wrong show (stooopid technology) and you have to rely on memory. A
8 messages
01-12-05 10:17 PM
A big bunch of bunching
Internet cafe: 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. Railway museum: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Discuss.
22 messages
01-12-05 10:58 PM
Jonathan is a terrific human being
It's time for someone to step up and take the other side on this issue. Now I know you are all completely red with anger about how Jonathan has trea
34 messages
01-13-05 01:08 AM
selective editing maybe?? ory&cid=494&ncid=762&e=8&u=/ap/20050105/ap_en_tv/amazing_race%
27 messages
01-13-05 03:54 PM
Jonathan kissing a dog?
I just caught this and it seems so fitting. In the beginning, when they play the theme music, they show everybody doing something. Jonathan and Vi
3 messages
01-13-05 06:26 PM
two of a kind?
Hi all, new poster. Seems last night we got a better picture of Victoria, and that she is a shrew! Doesn't condone the abuse by a
8 messages
01-13-05 11:15 PM
Official TAR Episode 7 Summary: "Eat Your insanly hot soup faster, Drama Queen!"
Alrighty folks, letís get right down to itÖ [b]Last month on The Amazing Race:[/b] -Jon yells at Gus for screwing up
Canada Girl
12 messages
01-14-05 10:43 AM
Things I think I think...
I think there is no redeeming value in Kendra's clownboy (I [i]know[/i] theres no redeeming value in Kendra) I think Hayden
22 messages
01-14-05 12:35 PM
TV Guide BLOWS it again! Shameless TAR parasites!
[b]The January 16th TV Guide just fell out of my mailbox, and, once again, they have an article featuring The Amazing Race. (Shocking. I w
1 messages
01-16-05 09:48 AM
Be the Amazing Racer- Episode 9,000,006
This is the part of the race I really love, where the contestants just fall apart. From Mary Adam imitating the Michelin Man, to Jonathon being..
Draco Malfoy
19 messages
01-16-05 11:25 PM
L/B the best team
Now among the 6 remaining L/B are the best couple. They always have this can do attitude. These 2 are menatally the strongest and also physically to
4 messages
01-17-05 10:46 AM
It's Official: J/V are a couple of Fockers!
Photo of J/V at the "Meet The Fockers" premiere (who invited them?) Notice V's tank top. Me thinks they may be enjoying the negative a
8 messages
01-18-05 02:07 PM
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