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I, (insert name here), do solemnly swear...
...that, having viewed Gus' torso for extended periods of time (here defined as anything over one second) and barely lived through the experie
23 messages
12-08-04 04:16 PM
"Be the Amazing Racer" game - sign up & rules
Welcome to "Be the Amazing Racer", an interactive dialogue and elimination game. This is not a contest, and there are no points. Simply lots o
36 messages
12-08-04 07:09 PM
How many Ice Bars are there?
Gus and Hera are one lucky team. He is hopeless with directions. C'mon, an Ice Bar in Stockholm? Every other team had some idea of how to get th
5 messages
12-09-04 03:46 AM
Scariest Quote Ever...
Johnathon saying he'd love to have kids. Most delusional woman ever. Victoria saying "Johnathon would make a great dad!"
Cathy the Canadian
9 messages
12-09-04 04:09 AM
How many ways can Hellboy 'off' himself?
Let's see, so far, Hellboy Adam has threatened to lay himself down on the train tracks and to jump overboard from a boat during his whippings fr
29 messages
12-09-04 06:09 AM
appalling treatment of africans
[font color=teal] this episode made me sick. the way everyone walked around insulting everything and the way the editing made the entire pl
29 messages
12-09-04 02:09 PM
A little scary!
Adam is 27, lives with his mother and she cuts his toenails? This dude is a little scary. Most definitely gay and perhaps even does his
8 messages
12-09-04 07:07 PM
Don was at the ski jump fifty-two years ago?
Retired Olympian? Long-distance throwing practice for use way down the line? Forget where he parked?
12 messages
12-09-04 09:41 PM
Hawkeye 10 - Episode 4
Hawkeye 10 Sweden - Senegal Who's Your Daddy? 1. Johnathon insisted on an English speaking taxi driver then displayed his p
7 messages
12-11-04 12:24 PM
Ode to Jonathan
There's so much hatin' going on, so I thought I would compose my own special lvoe ode to the Candy Man himself, Jonathan. [i]Ho
18 messages
12-12-04 11:30 AM
Amazing Obstacle Course/Scavenger Hunt....
New ?fan? forgive for rehashing old bashing grounds...but I would like to drum up support to have the name changed of this show....wher
0 messages
12-12-04 04:15 PM
God DAMN I am sick of all the bunching. Let's see what "bunch" points we had last night. 1. At the tower. This kinda backfired on t
Draco Malfoy
14 messages
12-13-04 10:38 AM
TAR6 Not So Move of the Week: Episode 4 ds/User_files/4159ece410434886.gif Man, these teams are making me mad. When will th
14 messages
12-14-04 10:08 AM
"Be The Amazing Racer" Episode 4
Well, we're here at the pit stop, and I must say that after seeing Gus after the roadblock, I never want to hear a complaint about my fluffy m
Draco Malfoy
17 messages
12-14-04 02:45 PM
Observation on TAR in the 3rd World
I have been complaining about previous TAR, and that to go around the world you have to send the racers to Third World countries, and sure enough%
mocha madness
12 messages
12-15-04 02:31 AM
tasting the detour
It was amusing and interesting to note that detours are now being sampled by the racers. Oh my God ! Bolo just tasted those brats links
4 messages
12-15-04 12:02 PM
Most Disturbing Episode Ever! Is Jonathan a buddy of O.J.?
If Jonathan ever talks about his good friend O.J.....Victoria better run away very fast. It was very disturbing to see him hit his wife, and after
mocha madness
2 messages
12-15-04 01:26 PM
Nothing good to say - Kandra
I can't believe anyone would say things about their country, while riding in the cab. Poor taste - lack of consideration - nothing good to say,
2 messages
12-15-04 01:38 PM
Bad taste - 12/15/04 race
Jonathan-your attitude towards your wife "SUCKS". You sound like a spoil brat that has always got his way, if not then like you are on TV, yo
4 messages
12-15-04 02:14 PM
They're Called Brats
Like the word Bra, only adding a T on the end. Not brats, like the word rats with a b added on the front, which is also one of the nicer words y
Devious Weasel
18 messages
12-15-04 04:03 PM
There must be fifty ways to kill our Jonathan.
[i]Just run him over with the bus, Gus Use an instrument of terrah, Hera Poison's not that icky, Vicki Just wait and see...
6 messages
12-15-04 04:57 PM
TAR Episode Five or Paint Drying -- you decide what to watch
[font color=green][font face="franklin gothic book"]Outside of the poiniency of the Slave Emparcation Site, this had to have been th
1 messages
12-15-04 05:05 PM
Official TAR Episode 2 Summary - Yes, Adam. Just Throw Yourself Overboard! Please!
[b]Welcome to episode 4 of The Amazing Race 6[/b], the show with the motto Ė letís face it, itís true Ė [i][b]Hurry up a
10 messages
12-16-04 09:26 AM
Hey Gus, who are you kidding????
...don't even think of trying to make a profound statement about human degredation and oppression and how sad you are about it when you are employed
shakes the clown
4 messages
12-16-04 11:08 AM
Jonathan's views on life
This quote was added to Jonathan and Victoria's website today - 'If your going to lead, lead. If your going to follow, follow. Anything else g
31 messages
12-17-04 00:52 AM
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