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Where are the reality TV lesbians???
Richard Hatch, Bunky something, Team Guido, and quite possibly Brandon from Survivor III, all of them homosexuals from reality TV. Where is t
10 messages
10-24-01 01:38 PM
Now some wonderful words for Lenny...
...After watching tonight's episode, I, for the first time in a very long time, felt the need to communicate somehow to you! I cannot imagi
Greyhound Xpress
0 messages
10-24-01 11:23 PM
Tonight's Big Winner: Lenny!
Y'all dodged a bullet, man! Good riddance to an evil shrew! On a lighter note... I teared up when Mom and Emily walked u
5 messages
10-25-01 12:31 PM
A Very Special Message to Karyn (note sarcasm)
OK, where do I begin? Let's start with Lenny. He's a very good looking, soft spoken gentleman who (for some ungodly reason had, and I
Greyhound Xpress
4 messages
10-25-01 02:13 PM
He Speaks!!
I caught the last couple of minutes of Lenny & Karyn on the Early Show. Lenny was nearly eloquent! He can form complete sentences and everything
1 messages
10-25-01 09:51 PM
Episode 7 Recap
A recap of Episode 7, from the perspective of Kevin & Drew: Episode 7 Recap: "Easy on the Inseam!" http://www.nyla
1 messages
10-25-01 11:58 PM
Proof that Team Guido is EVIL!!! ds/User_files/3bd9263b60b59a52.gif
2 messages
10-26-01 12:24 PM
Down with Rosie
For the last few episodes Rosie has had the losers on the day after and given them things i.e. trips. Today no TAR losers. At first I thought.. hmm
3 messages
10-28-01 08:28 PM
What is wrong with this show ?
Let me start out as saying I am a fan and I really enjoy Amazing Race, but there are some aspects of this game that really need some work. %
13 messages
10-29-01 12:44 PM
Commercial endorsements for the Contestants
We've seen it happen before with reality shows. Once the show is over, let the endorsements begin. Here's some things we might be seeing o
4 messages
10-31-01 11:25 AM
Best Job: Phil Keoghan
I mean think about it--all we ever see of this guy is the beginning and end of each race--and in the beginning is a voice over which he can record at
2 messages
10-31-01 03:30 PM
Episode 7 Summary - "Gandhi's Revenge"
The Amazing Race – Episode 7 – Gandhi’s Revenge As a new episode of The Amazing Race gets ready to star
12 messages
10-31-01 07:29 PM
Episode 8 Recap: "A Never-Ending Smell"
A recap of Episode 8, from the perspective of race leaders Kevin and Drew: Episode 8 Recap: "A Never-Ending Smell" http:%2
1 messages
11-01-01 11:35 AM
Team Guido basher thread
I thought we should try and consolidate the "I hate team Guido" posts into one thread. There's much to say, so I'll get it going. Firs
32 messages
11-01-01 01:42 PM
Emily's Horny Cab Driver
Why do you suppose that Mumilly's cab driver had to blow his horn for the entire ride. And why didn't Emily call him stupid and make him stop?
0 messages
11-01-01 02:27 PM
Feeling Fresh??
Ewww....Seeing one Guido cleaning his ear with the wipe then pass it off to the other who then uses that same spot to wipe his eyes---all the while th
5 messages
11-01-01 03:46 PM
Official episode summary: In the Temple of My Rat Familiar
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-01-01 AT 07:03 PM (EST)[/font] When we left TAR last week the teams were in a hotel near the T
Mumbo Jumbo
8 messages
11-02-01 01:27 AM
McDonalds commercial
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-05-01 AT 01:17 PM (EST)[/font] My wife swears that Kevin or Drew is in the very beginning of a
0 messages
11-05-01 09:36 AM
Three Days older than Kerosene
The Festers have been great entertainment all along, but I think that their homegrown New Yorkish humor has been the best. I thought that it might
5 messages
11-05-01 05:26 PM
Could someone explain something to me?
Is there no episode of TAR on Wed. Nov. 7? It would be much appreciated if someone could clear this up for me. Thanks :) http:/
2 messages
11-06-01 10:54 PM
How arrogant can the Guidos be?
I loved seeing the Guidos arrogance almost eliminate them from the show. Deciding to just sit around the hotel all day and relax just because they ha
9 messages
11-15-01 02:59 PM
Hey, Emily! Wanna go Camping?? You Carry the Beer Too, Okay?
They may not have been the sharpest knives in the drawer, but they sure could tote a lot of crap around! I've never seen two people so small
3 messages
11-15-01 04:35 PM
premature elimination
Well.. I never woulda predicted that one. Nancy and Emily shooting themselves in the foot by not doing the detour. The Guidos getting the FF then si
16 messages
11-15-01 07:43 PM
Are they Making up the rules as they go Along??
[b][u]What are the RULES[/u][/b] It's been mentioned before but why were Momily penalised 24 hours. Other teams have cheate
mark grace
17 messages
11-18-01 10:43 PM
How dumb can these people be?
I was flabbergasted last nite. Given the choice of a bus station out in the open or hidden cars, most of them take the hidden cars! The Festers
20 messages
11-19-01 07:04 AM
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