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Adam and Rebecca
What does everyone think of these two? In some ways, they annoy me more than Jonathan and Victoria. They seem kind of rude to the other players
27 messages
12-16-04 12:49 PM
TAR6 Not So Move of the Week: Episode 5
It took a while, but finally, the teams are making more mistakes. Now, we can have a good NSMOTW. Here are the choices: 1. Hayden
25 messages
12-17-04 04:22 PM
TAR6 Hawkeye 10 (Episode #5) Detour: Drunken Brats!
Please save all whining for the hallway. Please save all desires to inflict massive bodily harm for Jonathan. #1. Can you believe Don a
8 messages
12-18-04 10:18 AM
Victoria has no excuse!!
Jonathon is walking scum. Absolutely no doubt and should be beaten and locked up. BUT Sorry, Victoria obviously has been with
8 messages
12-20-04 09:48 PM
John your yellow is not mellow!
This guy is an abuser! I can't stand the way he is constantly treating his wife, the yelling, the abuse, and tonight he actually hit her!
18 messages
12-21-04 01:58 PM
Important message
This has been posted in Fanatics, but I know some don't wander there. So for all you bashers out there. Check you local listing for a t
9 messages
12-22-04 05:55 PM
"Be the Amazing Racer" - Ep. 5
Steins, Speed and Snausages. A question to rival Jessica Simpson's tuna-ignorance: "What's a stein?" Have your character answer below.
15 messages
12-23-04 03:34 PM
Be the Amazing Racer, Episode 6
I didn't get to Philiminate anyone this time, that makes me sad. But hey, I got in the product placement! Isn't that worth something? W
Draco Malfoy
6 messages
12-23-04 03:24 PM
Victoria's bruises
I *thought* I saw them last week when she was sitting down crying after the pit-stop fiasco, but I wasn't sure. I KNOW I saw them i
9 messages
12-23-04 06:03 PM
Official TAR Episode 5 Summary: Taking A Wiener To A Sausagefest.
I would like to say that I have a newfound respect for everyone that has written a summary for TAR! I have written many summaries for different show
19 messages
12-24-04 11:38 AM
So What Kind of CIA Operative was Gus?
I know they said on the CBS site that he's a "former CIA agent, covert operative" and that he's flown planes... but wouldn't he be the coo
16 messages
12-25-04 07:48 AM
TAR 6 (Episode 6) Hawkeye 10: Leave You Hanging
1. How did Mary Adam kill the car? And what did the mechanic do to fix it so quickly? 2. What is Checkout Charlie really a code name
6 messages
12-28-04 11:29 AM
Hayden & Aaron Slow Torture
Aaaaaaggghhhhh!........just finished watching the latest TAR6 Episode 6 videos on the CBS web site. I can now say that Hayden is the "TAR racer f
7 messages
12-28-04 12:11 PM
The most gratuitous bunching ever
Having watched the show since season 1, I understand the need for bunching. The producers have little control over flights (unless they hire a ch
11 messages
12-28-04 12:18 PM
Did Anyone Else Have AR6 Blaced out on Tuesday ???
I live in the Washington DC area. I don't know if CBS changed the AR6 air time the week of Dec 20-24, but here in the District of Columbia area,
3 messages
12-28-04 07:38 PM
Don't waste your time
posting on JV's website. They don't have the integrity to post the real intent of what is written. [b]Here's what they posted:
12 messages
12-29-04 08:36 AM
Official TAR6 - Episode 6 Summary: Eger Beavers in Hungary
[font size=3][b][font color=magenta]Episode 6[/font color] [font color=purple]Eger Beavers in Hungary[/font color
12 messages
12-30-04 09:03 PM
"Be The Amazing Racer"- Episode 7
[font size=0][i]OOC: Sorry this wasn't up yesterday, I spent most of the day dealing with family issues.[/i][/font] %
Draco Malfoy
4 messages
12-31-04 09:31 AM
For Trabant Bashers Only
Let's move away from the Racers for a few minutes. (Particularly Jonathan, since he might attack at any time.) Just step out into the parkin
19 messages
01-01-05 03:37 AM
Things I learned this week: A TAR6 re-cap episode review
1. Jonathan pays people to hang out with him on a regular basis. Why should the third world be any different from his home town? 2. We%2
11 messages
01-03-05 01:15 PM
I was shocked- because I saw Victoria SMILING!!!!!
[b]On the recap episode when Victoria got launched by the big slingshot, they showed her face inside the helmet.... something didn't seem qui
1 messages
01-04-05 09:12 AM
Is Jonathan colour blind
I am posting after a long time. Kindly Excuse. While I was watching the Ep1 I found out that in O'Hare Apt at the UA counter Jonathan to
2 messages
01-04-05 12:25 PM
The Amazing Race - Episode 6.6667 - A Jumbled Up Episode Called A Recrap
In this week’s episode, we get the DVD special features. What does this mean? Welcome to The Amazing Race’s first recrap episode filled with
13 messages
01-04-05 02:06 PM
The greatest clue in Race history...
...did not appear last night. But given that the Roman empire reached into Hungarian territory during its heyday, and the soup was right there (a
1 messages
01-05-05 11:56 AM
Jonathan THE Drama Queen
[b]JUST when I thought I couldn't possibly be any more annoyed by Jonathan The Flaming Superhero, he's back on the tube proving me wrong ag
6 messages
01-05-05 04:50 PM
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