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The Romber Bashing Thread
OK, somebody made a suggestion in another thread that there needed to be a thread specifically for bashing Romber - as a means of preventing the Rom
210 messages
04-10-05 08:59 AM
How many laws has Rob broken?
Yes, I know that many of you think that anything is fair in the pursuit of a million dollars. But after watching the recap, I thought it might be
86 messages
04-10-05 10:49 AM
Do these people know to read the clues?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-06-05 AT 09:47 AM (EST)[/font] They had three teams perform three major game losing mistakes i
28 messages
04-11-05 03:01 AM
What is worse?
Romber not stopping when there are already 10 people milling around not doing anything and they are in the middle of a friggen race... OR%0
shakes the clown
124 messages
04-11-05 05:31 AM
I'll say it once I'll say it again....this is not a TAR's but follow the ribbons contest
I'm sorry but this whole leg was about 40 to 50 miles of driving of following the ribbons. What ever happen to getting a map and finding out where
23 messages
04-11-05 02:06 PM
Brian and Greg's TVGuide Article
I am neither for/against Rob & Amber or Lynn & Alex. I just thought this little tidbit from the brother's perspective was interesting. Read
2 messages
04-12-05 08:20 PM
Official Summary - TAR7, Episode 7
How Can You Not Philiminate Us Looking Like This? Hello there, all you good folks in realityTVworld. Once again, I have to apologize
6 messages
04-12-05 10:07 PM
cbs are cHEATS!
U ppl r stoopid, cbs is so cheeting us all!!!1 The stoopid guy from Survivor n his lame boring g/freind r bein helped by C>B.S.
53 messages
04-13-05 10:43 AM
Something missing from the CBS website
Has anybody else noticed that we can't rate the teams by popularity any more? The voting/polls section fr previous seasons has included a poll
10 messages
04-13-05 01:57 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 7
Hello, all! Well, seems like no-one wants to run “Be the Amazing Racer”. Well, I don’t mind, but I’ve been busy lately preparing f
42 messages
04-13-05 04:00 PM
Ummm, Lamber, did you forget: "THIS IS A RACE!"
Once again, Lamber proves that Rawb does the thinking for two and that she is just along for the ride (on his coattails). Arriving first at the
18 messages
04-13-05 05:29 PM
Possibly sensitive subject
You've been warned by the above statement. But I've seen this so many times on "The Amazing Race" that I honestly feel as if I have to say som
51 messages
04-13-05 08:29 PM
Who looks like Whom?!
OK, here's a fun game to play when boring episodes (like last night) arise. Which Amazing Racer looks like someone or something famous, liv
0 messages
04-13-05 09:52 PM
On Amber's Brain.
Buggy wanted something clever. I'll try my best. What do you suppose is going on in Amber's head when she is asked to make decisions?
J Slice
40 messages
04-14-05 03:16 PM
Did anyone else have the thought last night that Gretchen may be Patrick's real mother? Her whiney b*tching is starting to grate on me and I su
17 messages
04-15-05 09:53 AM
"To Be Continued" or "Non-Elim"?
All of us have griped from time to time about those "non-elimination" legs. Sometimes a team who we don't think deserves it gets saved by a non-
31 messages
04-15-05 08:16 PM
YIELD usage
I'm a little confused, and I hope this doesn't sound like a Romber bash. I truly just want to figure out what didn't happen with the YIELD.%0
21 messages
04-16-05 12:42 PM
Smells: M & G
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-11-05 AT 09:47 PM (EST)[/font] Here we are, out in the middle of the African bush. No hotel
27 messages
04-16-05 04:49 PM
Calendar Boy
I'm not sure which forum this should go in, so I'll just put it here. So I was in a... um... specialty store this weekend, and behi
Draco Malfoy
10 messages
04-16-05 06:41 PM
No more insider videos for me
I have been able to watch the insider videos since this season started. All of a sudden I can't watch them. I have been trying since Wednesday. I ha
3 messages
04-17-05 02:23 AM
Be the Amazing Racer 7.8
So, everyone enjoying the sights here in Lucknow? These buildings all have people in them, so they must be architechurally sound, right?
15 messages
04-17-05 01:48 PM
Phil got it wrong
In the insider video, he claims the hippo is the creature responsible for the most deaths in Africa. Gotta dispute that one. My guess it is either M
Kathryn in Canada
24 messages
04-17-05 02:57 PM
No tea for me, thanks...
I don't normally post in bashers because I can never find anything witty enough to say to be basher worthy but the detour choises last night really
37 messages
04-18-05 07:10 PM
Quotes you'll never hear this season...
"Rob, let me make the decisions for once!" "Meredith and're team number one!" "I am a guest in
47 messages
04-19-05 01:03 PM
I love the Amazing Race until Romber got on it. He is the most insufferable, egotistical, brash S.O.B. I have ever seen! What turned me against
4 messages
04-19-05 01:13 PM
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