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The other ending
Dave and Charla vote for Keith; Tara and Keith vote for Charla; Scott votes for Tara; Holly votes for Dave; GAME ON!%
1 messages
10-03-03 11:53 PM
No sympathy for Dave...
FOR ALL THOSE BASHING CHARLA: Dave is the idiot who followed 'Char' around the whole time he was at PH. He had a choice to stick by h
1 messages
10-03-03 01:17 PM
Italians always win
Keith Cuda a proud Italian-American won this game because he played it the best. He ended up with the money and the girl. We're proud of you
1 messages
10-03-03 12:57 PM
Does anyone remember the name of the other Reality show Toni was on? For the life of me I can't remember.
5 messages
10-03-03 12:55 PM
Next Paradise Hotel
I will not watch another Paradise Hotel series again. Although I was glued to my T.V. every episode, I was also stressed out and angry over the pro
5 messages
10-03-03 12:29 PM
Charla didn't share!!!!??
Who is glad she didn't? Couldn't you just see that Dave was freaking out when she didnt share? I guess she really did play the game well. H
18 messages
10-03-03 12:24 PM
Response to "toni's arms"
patric, I just wanted to let you know that the blotches on toni's arms are called henna tattoos. An artist will paint them on with henn
0 messages
10-03-03 11:47 AM
Did anyone notice how horrible Foni-Toni-Baloney's arms looked on the finale? They were all blotchy or something. What is she doing to herself%3
1 messages
10-03-03 10:02 AM
about what amanda said at the end...?
is there something more or just another season. my friends said they are just screwing with us and there's really nothing else.
12 messages
10-03-03 00:43 AM
Dave was bullied all summer long
Dave is the prototype dork. Every single person there bullied him. I even think Keith did at the end. Before Dave lied to Holly Keith was going at h
1 messages
10-03-03 00:34 AM
Question about Beau(AKA:BOZO)
Beau cam back and instantly attacked Dave for kicking him out,but what about Scott,Alex,Kristin,the were all in it. Why din't Beau confront
The Jman
2 messages
10-03-03 00:15 AM
Final Twist should have been... Opinions
My first comment is the total amount awarded wasn't equal to what they had to endure and the time invested. Producers got off CHEAP! Second, t
1 messages
10-02-03 07:15 PM
I've enjoyed the opportunity..........
For weeks now I have read post on this board and enjoyed every second. I feel like I really know several of you through your various posts,Crissyga
16 messages
10-02-03 05:01 PM
Dave's Announcement
I made it thru. Dave IS NOT $125,000.00. He holds no grudge towards Charla, though I don't understand how he can't. The true Dave is sh
3 messages
10-02-03 04:40 PM
Finally Its Over!!!!
Charla, Charla, Charla - She played Dave like a stratovarius. In addition she played Keith and Tara as allies to help her stay in the game. Dave
1 messages
10-02-03 01:57 PM
Dave didn't cheat or lie - he played the game
Allow me to translate what Dave did: I can fight among my family - but fight my family and you’ll be fighting me
1 messages
10-02-03 12:35 PM
The Finale was set up so all of the Final 4 had an equal shot...
Anyone else notice this? By making the two couples switch partners, this guaranteed that each of the 4 had at least a chance at the prize and the
2 messages
10-02-03 10:24 AM
Dave and Charla's future
Don't feel too bad for Dave losing out on the money. I have a feeling that he's going to be the most successful of all the guests. You see it hap
1 messages
10-02-03 08:51 AM
Charla doesn't NEED the money....
All she has to do is walk around making one of her puckered, mopey, porcelain-doll-meets-alien-entity faces and people will give her cash just to
2 messages
10-02-03 08:28 AM
About tonights show!!! I need to vent!!!
SPOILERS***********************SPOILERS- ********************%2
The Jman
2 messages
10-02-03 08:25 AM
Thanks for the memories...
Thanks to all the guests of PH for providing me some of the BEST reality TV & thanks to everyone on this message board for the good times & all th
1 messages
10-02-03 08:23 AM
final episode remark
I'll be damned, Charla proved to be not quite what I had thought, I thought she would've shared, but it was alot of money. Dave had it made
1 messages
10-02-03 08:21 AM
Tonight's Final Show
Ok please is there a real reason to keep bringing back the assho*es known as the Originals??? I jsut cannot comprehend why they think this g
2 messages
10-02-03 08:20 AM
You are acting like them!
I thot this was about thing to do with Paradise hotel and not haw some one spells rong or didn't pute this or that there because realy that is some
6 messages
10-02-03 08:15 AM
5 minutes of new content
After removing all the flashbacks the rolling of the credits TWICE we ended up with what? Maybe 5 minutes of new content. It took 2 hours to do what
3 messages
10-02-03 07:36 AM
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