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New to Paradise Hotel
OK, my DVR is doing an okay job of recording this show. I have to record all sairings because for some reason the DVR can't tell which are the ne
1 messages
03-23-08 03:47 PM
3 some - Chelsea and the Executive Producer Richard Hall
One of the Executive Producers, Richard Hall, had a 3 some with his then girlfriend Erica that included Chelsea who hooked in Los Angeles for part
4 messages
03-07-08 05:20 PM
'Paradise Hotel 2' contestant Nathan Clutter died after the show's filming ise-hotel-2-contestant-nathan-clutter-dies-after-show-filming-6352.php
9 messages
03-04-08 02:25 PM
Tanya From Paradise Hotel 2
Tonight I was watching Millionaire Matchmaker and I was shocked to see Tanya from season 2 of Paradise Hotel. I knew from seeing the first two episod
1 messages
02-27-08 00:15 AM
Paradise Hotel #2 Episode #1 East Coast Spoiler Thread
Please keep all details of the most painful, pointless resurrection since the Rambo franchise on this thread until the West Coast gets to see that w
16 messages
02-11-08 07:09 PM
Anyone have tapes of 1st season of Paradise Hotel?
I'm super excited for the new season of the show, but I would LOVE to relive last season (and I don't have Fox Reality Channel..yet). I woul
0 messages
02-02-08 08:23 PM
Paradise Hotel 2 announcement
It will be on MyNetworkTV and Fox Reality Channel Premiere date is February 4 at 9PM ET/PT on MyNetworkTV there will be an uncensored TV
8 messages
01-28-08 10:50 PM
Paradise 2 is coming!
Hay all, paradise hotel 2 is coming! I saw the promo on MyNetworkTV and its supposed to premiere on feb 4. Then i found the preview video on You
1 messages
01-23-08 09:25 PM
Charla keeping the money
I watched the marathon on Fox reality..........The entire time I was so hating Toni, (and still can't stand her) I watched her in the little u
12 messages
01-10-08 09:16 PM
I am ecstatic about PH 2
I have wrote the Fox producers several times to bring this show back, and it finally paid off. I can not wait until the show starts. This one will b
1 messages
01-09-08 08:35 PM
paradise hotel
for all who want to know i just read that the producers of paradise hotel are in talks about a second season!!!!!!!!!!!
3 messages
01-04-08 09:19 AM
Paradise hotel guests; original viewer responses v/s more recent ones.
First of all, as introduction, Paradise Hotel was the first "reality" show I ever watched. I didn't watch tv much up till my 40's other
0 messages
01-04-08 08:38 AM
Scott and Holly
I watched reruns of Paradise Hotel today..I forgot how much I enjoyed that show. Does anyone know if Scott and Holly stayed together after the show?
1 messages
01-04-08 01:32 AM
Who Won
I never watched the show when it was but started watching the marathon. I got to see all the episodes except the last one. Who did Keith pick to sta
3 messages
01-04-08 01:24 AM
Charla horror
Charla has NO CLASS, no wonder she was the only gurl not able to hook up and was turned down. To not share her undeserved winnings with the REASON s
4 messages
11-12-07 03:17 PM
i am addicted to paradise hotel all over again
i watched paradise hotel ALL day saturday and ALL day sunday. I forgot just how good that show was. to hear the stars discuss the game was the ultim
8 messages
11-12-07 01:58 PM
please bring back Paradise Hotel
I watched it again for the second was an awesome show. The cast was great, we loved to hate characters, the twists and turns kept me o
0 messages
09-13-07 01:25 AM
To Zack: Do you have a crash on Keith???.....
It was so funny how Zack picked on Keith since the very beginning, it looks like he wanted Keith so badly that he was showing off all the time....
5 messages
09-03-07 05:10 PM
Please bring the show back
I watched paradise hotel from beginning to finish and loved it. I was exited when they said just wait till next year and it didn't come back! I ha
1 messages
08-09-07 12:25 PM
the name of the theme song!
Hi i'm from the UK and the show finished last nite! It was awesum! in my opinion Dave got wot he deserved as he backstabbed 2 many ppl and didnt
5 messages
06-17-07 03:22 AM
MyNetworkTV, Fox Reality bringing 'Paradise Hotel' back in early 2008 worktv-fox-reality-bringing-paradise-hotel-back-in-early-2008-5177.php
3 messages
06-17-07 02:50 AM
Bring back Paradise Hotel
This was one of the first reality shows and it was great. They made up the rules as they went along so you never knew what was going to happen. Plea
4 messages
05-06-07 03:37 PM
Alex is so hott! But Scott.....
First I'd like to say I love this show! I didn't finish watching it 2 years ago when it aired. I started it, then never found out how it ended
0 messages
02-16-07 10:31 PM
Tom and smokey
1 messages
02-15-07 09:06 PM
It's about the crew
I really like Matt he's a good person to be on Paradise hotel but I never saw him on any episodes and thinking that he's a cute guy with long hair
0 messages
02-09-07 11:42 PM
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