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Conferences Paradise Hotel Forum (Protected)
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Paradise Hotel
Does "Paradise Hotel" make anybody else sick? I mean, we all know I'll still watch next week, but the show's premise is nauseating and
23 messages
06-20-03 01:20 PM
Paradise Hotel - Monday 6/23/2003
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 06-23-03 AT 10:03 PM (EST)[/font] OK, so what are they doing with this show, just COMPLETELY
21 messages
06-27-03 06:32 AM
I thought it was called Paradise Hotel?
the messages here keep saying paradise Island.
0 messages
06-27-03 05:21 PM
Paradise Island
OMG!! This is the WORST! This is a horribly bad show. ( more later I just realized some people may not have seen it and I don't want t
Drive My Car
10 messages
07-02-03 02:11 PM
Scott should wear a dress all the time
after all, he is the biggest girl there. Lets review the facts: 1. Rejected hottest girl there while she was throwing
shakes the clown
6 messages
07-08-03 06:52 PM
Paradise Hotel -- It's KAVITA !!!!!
Did any of you peeps that got an eXiled 2 tape, from JeffGator, notice that the new girl checking-in will be the very same Kavita, from that sho
22 messages
07-09-03 10:53 AM
Paradise Hotel expands to 90 minutes
In the name of all that is good in this world, WHY???? An hour of dreck is never enough for Fox. Tonight, Paradise Hotel start
2 messages
07-09-03 02:06 PM
the new chessmaster
how bout Toni with all the flow charts and strategy graphs. It almost makes me not believe her when she said on Love Cruise that she was never conspi
shakes the clown
5 messages
07-09-03 03:09 PM
Everyone get ready to vote (Paradise Hotel)
If you check out the cast of Paradise Hotel on you might recognize a certain familiar looking bug eyed contestant. That's right, our favo
shakes the clown
51 messages
07-10-03 02:10 AM
Drama Queen
Alright guys, fess up.....which of you put the wanna be contestant that call Toni a "Drama Queen" up to applying for the show? %0
5 messages
07-12-03 01:19 AM
Amanda's Cheating Theory
So, the whole "Cheating Theory" is all coming to fruition with Amanda, huh? And NOBODY trusts her, I LOVE this aspect of the show, "E
6 messages
07-13-03 07:47 PM
(leaving just enough space for those who haven't seen tonights program yet, wouldn't want to spoil the laugh for anyone. Ok, hopefully, t
10 messages
07-15-03 01:23 PM
multiple choice quiz: The Smartest person of all time...
The Smartest person of all time was: A. Einstein B. Thomas Edison C. Benjamin Franklin D. Zack's mom %
shakes the clown
12 messages
07-15-03 01:29 PM
How was booted and which girl
did they take? I like that the 2 girls last night did not seem to take themselves too seriously. Escpecially the blond. Thanks. %0
6 messages
07-16-03 00:11 AM
Any Bets ds/User_files/3f0f356757191a9a.gif
15 messages
07-17-03 12:22 PM
Who got kicked off
My mom is in love with this show and she taped it on Wednesday night, only she taped the wrong channel and missed who was kicked off! She's dyi
3 messages
07-19-03 06:13 PM
Why would Bo lie?
Did anyone else think that it was totally hilarious when Bo kept telling Toni that she was beautiful? I mean, lying to the poor (to use a term f
Call Me Crazy
9 messages
07-20-03 04:29 PM
This show is getting OLD...
...and I am not referring to Toni's age as she "celebrates" her birthday by crying her bug-eyeballs out and then has to watch Dave give her a st
15 messages
07-20-03 09:06 PM
Why do u bother
I'm new to this Forum but i came here because i enjoy the show Paradise Hotel. I know a lot of people wont like what i have to say but i have to say
31 messages
07-23-03 06:12 AM
Worst Monday Night Ever!
Last night was horrible! I found myself sitting on my couch at 9:00 channel surfing. Now, that just shouldn't happen. I had a few friends over
Call Me Crazy
7 messages
07-23-03 09:54 AM
Did anyone Tape the show on July 22nd?
I had to go to a concert that night and I missed the episode and I'm really steamed. Did anyone tape it or can hook me up with a VHS copy? I'l
2 messages
07-23-03 03:20 PM
Come on!
I love Paradise Hotel, don't get me wrong, but WHY is Tara the first good looking girl at Paradise, with the exception of Charla? The guys a
0 messages
07-23-03 04:38 PM
So this show just gets more and more stupid, not like it started at any high pedestal to begin with. The "twists and turns", it's no wonder
0 messages
07-23-03 07:17 PM
Been Thinking
I know I know, Breezy... don't think it doesn't do any good. But here's my theory on why Toni is so nasty to Dave. First she doesn't like hi
8 messages
07-23-03 07:53 PM
I'm glad she's letting it out now.
By all means Grandma Toni, tell everyone what you think! out Dave. If you're expecting a kick in the balls, but
0 messages
07-23-03 09:18 PM
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