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Anyone here from ?
Anyone else get tired of having all their threads deleted because Fox didn't like being critiqued? This looks like a great boards. Hi
10 messages
09-13-03 00:48 AM
Important info on this Mondays PH!! Need Input!!!
Ok,I don't know if everyone knows about his,I'm sure there's some of you who do,but from what I'm being told,I thnk I know who exits t
The Jman
6 messages
09-13-03 00:12 AM
Question about the foursome!!!
I've got a question to ask everybody here about the foursome.(Geez,I feel lke I'm talking about a porno movie) Lets see wh
The Jman
1 messages
09-13-03 00:05 AM
I've been watching this show for awhile now and i give my support to Charla, Tara, Dave & Keith. They are playing the game like it should b
1 messages
09-12-03 11:52 PM
The Barbie Group is the best, while I can't stand the rest.
I don't know about you all, but I believe that Amy has serious issues and insecurities w/ herself. I would say more but then I'd be com
1 messages
09-12-03 11:47 PM
Scott blew it
Scott proved to be no better than the rest of the jerks who felt the need to act like morons on national tv. What did Scott do when the behavior turne
Bean Town Boy
7 messages
09-12-03 04:51 PM
I have figured out how P-Ho ends!!
I think I have figured out how P-Ho ends. I also think I know who the one person Dave hasn't spoken to since they left the Hotel. [b%5
Chrissy gal
7 messages
09-12-03 04:38 PM
Scott and Holly [View All]
What will it take to open up the eyes of Scott and Holly? For the most part, Holly has been ignored and left out in the wind this week. Scott,
24 messages
09-12-03 12:03 PM
Paradise: Heaven . . . or Hell??!!
The producers of this show have demonstrated their crafty contempt for EVERYONE involved ... contestants and viewers alike. The "twist" of bringin
1 messages
09-12-03 09:48 AM
Has anyone noticed that Toni was on the "Love Cruise" last Summer. Another kick ass reality show. She's was an annoying drama queen then and sti
2 messages
09-12-03 09:30 AM
Episode 9/10 - SPOILERS [View All]
Starting a thread for tonight's episode, and now putting in filler for West Coasters. Just think of all the words of wisdome you'll hear from L
38 messages
09-11-03 06:34 PM
Does anyone else dislike Melanie with the intensity of a thousand suns?
Last night's show made me hate Melanie & Desiree. As for the rest, I just feel a kind of pity for poor, pathetic Amy who has to shoot everyon
2 messages
09-11-03 05:43 PM
Farewell Speeches - my therapy or obsession?
Shakes the Clown is a Summary God, but I have felt this strange need to write my own versions of Goodbye Speeches. I came to the party late, so I
3 messages
09-11-03 05:29 PM
Zach is loved and that is why he is back? Really! [View All]
Ahy do they all gang up on they think he is the weakest player. He knows he and Charla will never be more than friends. Zach now talks lik
30 messages
09-11-03 04:53 PM
The $25 Paradise Pyramid
Bebo had a great idea this morning. She and I played the pyramid game over on OT with Paradise Hotel categories. (If any of you wondered how many of
6 messages
09-11-03 04:46 PM
What **** is up w/ Desiree/Ditzy?
She is becoming REALLY obnoxious. I knew she had to "play the game" when she came on as the "Barbie alliance/The Four" was already set, bu
7 messages
09-11-03 04:40 PM
Yeah!!! Toni is gone again
I stopped watching show because I was really sick of Toni. I had seen her before this show started on blind date and she was just as annoying. I caugh
20 messages
09-11-03 12:59 PM
Does anyone know the real schedule for the next two weeks of PH? I am heading out of town and don't want to miss it! Thanks.
0 messages
09-11-03 12:59 PM
Missed the first episodes-- WHAT exactly did Zach say to Amy...??
I remember they flashed back once to Zach saying something to Amy like "yeah, I'm a little pissed at getting stuck with you" or SOMETHING like
3 messages
09-11-03 12:22 PM
Hurry, Hurry, Hurry! Surprise Episode Possible.
A Fox Exec has posted on the original website asking people if they want an extra show. She state you must vote quickly only two weeks left. I sure w
16 messages
09-11-03 12:05 PM
Suggestions for Fox:
I've read in a couple of places that the taping for the show is actually already over, but just in case it's not... 1. Fox should pos
0 messages
09-11-03 02:36 AM
let the viewers vote on the winners
So... We all know Holly is having another low IQ day as to vote in Melanie means her own speedy departure. That means the couples left will be Scott
5 messages
09-11-03 02:23 AM
About the Game being played!!!
I've got some opinions about the game being played,what's everybody elses?? Ok first,from what I hear from a radio
The Jman
1 messages
09-11-03 01:08 AM
How Stupid Was Holly? [View All]
Okay, so there is 2 more weeks of this crap left. How do ya'll see it working out? there is one more girl than guy, so if they ha
23 messages
09-11-03 00:06 AM
0 messages
09-10-03 11:54 PM
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