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New hotel guest Tara was a model for the initial Paradise Hotel PR photos?
Here's a picture of Tara from es/in_out_guests4.jpg Now here'
11 messages
09-29-03 06:38 PM
Tom's Smokey answers TV Guide's 7 Silly Questions
Hi, just thought I would share Smokey's latest publicity ventures. Apparently, just like at Paradise Hotel, he's much more popular than Tom
2 messages
09-28-03 05:35 PM
***************************************- **********
2 messages
09-28-03 05:32 PM
9/23 Summaries & Discussions [View All]
9/23 Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead Highlight: LAMY IS GONE! My voodoo doll threat worked and Amy is out. If Charla's "wiza
31 messages
09-28-03 01:03 PM
Holly: Great boob-job or just great boobs?
Does anyone know for sure that Holly is surgically enhanced? Or is that just conjecture? I ask because she wore a dress at one of the vote-offs
3 messages
09-27-03 00:20 AM
did anyone notice charla never did anything wrong?
i was thinking about how everyone treated her the worst when they returned but charla has really been nicer than everyone. she never lied to people,
6 messages
09-26-03 04:20 PM
Tara's Picture in the "additional cast photos"
Okay, I found photos of "additional cast photos" on this website with Tara being the only recognizable person in the photos. What's up with t
1 messages
09-26-03 03:26 PM
Playboy possibilities from Toni in a radio interview
Sorry I didn't get his posted a couple days ago, but Toni did a phone interview on a local Chicago radio station (94.7 The Zone) on Wednesday.
2 messages
09-26-03 02:49 PM
Amy vs Dave
I for one hated to see Amy go since she was up front and honest I cannot believe Dave is still there or for that matter why he was even picked to be o
3 messages
09-25-03 11:06 PM
Let's examine Keith's role [View All]
Poor Dave. He has been bullied by every single person there. I don't think Dave created this. Keith brought up that Dave would have voted off Sco
28 messages
09-25-03 08:56 PM
Whoa!!! Need opinions!!!SPOILERS!!!!! [View All]
The Jman
26 messages
09-25-03 06:29 PM
Great ESPN article about PH
This is great! Pretty much sums up how I feel about this show. 7.html %
10 messages
09-25-03 04:46 PM
Dave's E Mail Addy
Dave mentioned he has a web site on his talk show debut...but we couldnt catch it....Did anybody catch it?
3 messages
09-25-03 09:33 AM
Radio Interview With Amy - Tuesday night spoiler?
Here is a link to a radio interview with Amy... morningshow&id=100435
15 messages
09-24-03 06:12 PM
Radio Interview With Dave
Just thought I would post this link for those interested: ry=morningshow I'l
2 messages
09-24-03 04:19 PM
The jury
I posted this in another thread but thought it deserved its own thread. [b]A jury has been mentioned several times on these boards. Do
9 messages
09-24-03 02:05 PM
The winning couple??
Has anyone thought that the winning couple could be any combination of the final four?? Couple means "two" but everyone seems to assume it wi
1 messages
09-24-03 12:03 PM
Where is Paradise Hotel
Does anybody know where Paradise Hotel is (ie, where it was filmed)?
1 messages
09-24-03 11:21 AM
Beau's radio interview
Here's the link
8 messages
09-24-03 11:18 AM
Any websites/interviews(written/type transcripts) on.about Tom &Beau?
If so what are they ,really apologize for asking this just was wondering. Thanks in advance. :)
3 messages
09-24-03 10:56 AM
So Disappointed in Dave!!!!
Dave was shady tonight. He lied and backstabbed his friends..and then got busted. There was no reason for Dave to play both sides and now he has jeo
1 messages
09-24-03 03:57 AM
Class of Barbies vs class of originals
Tonight showed a really good comparison of the Barbies vx the originals. When Dave was picked by Tom did you notice his reaction? Dave sa
16 messages
09-24-03 02:36 AM
paradise hotel necklaces
does anyone know were people can order the necklaces/pendants that the guys wear on the show. i noticed that they all wear the same type but differe
2 messages
09-24-03 01:45 AM
Dave and Charla needs support!
I was looking at the message board on the Official PH website, and I think that Dave and Charla need more support. Show your support: http:/
0 messages
09-24-03 00:55 AM
where's amy?
I just watched Paradise Hotel, and Amy is not there. The last one that I watched before that she was there. On the web sit it does not say anything
3 messages
09-23-03 10:45 PM
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