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Checking you out...
Your show have reached Denmark. Amy and Zack - Dont come to Denmark :-) Keath - Your most welcome as the fighter you are...
5 messages
07-09-04 08:13 AM
was it keith who won PH... tell me pleass who won PH...!!!
1 messages
07-09-04 00:20 AM
hey.. i am a girl from denmark..!!!! i just wanna now who won paradise hotel..??? do somebody now that....
1 messages
07-07-04 01:25 AM
COME BACK PH!!!!!!!!!!!!
hello everyone... I miss paradise hotel soooooooooooooooo muchhh!! I thought it was an awsome show..are they gonna continue it and do a
0 messages
07-06-04 12:17 PM
Mamma Mia!
Aussie Cast members of "Mamma Mia!"have been watching NZ season of PH and we missed the last three episodes during our transfer to Hong Kong (
19 messages
06-23-04 02:23 AM
I miss Paradise Hotel
I would really like to know what happened to them all. Is there somewhere I can go?
8 messages
06-21-04 03:25 PM
any the couples still together
hey im from the uk n jst watching paradise hotel series the now was jst wondering after the show was over did any the couples stay together like amy a
1 messages
06-20-04 04:48 PM
paradise hotel
can any1 tell me if you can buy PH on vhs or dvd, and if so where? and roughly how much. UK Fan!
1 messages
06-20-04 04:42 PM
can someone tell me what happened on last night's episode?
i totally missed becasue of school can someone give me a recap of the 8.27.03 episode? thanks=)
2 messages
06-17-04 08:50 AM
web sites
Could you guys post any web sites you have for the guests? Thanks :) Cin ds/Us
20 messages
06-15-04 08:22 PM
Paradise Hotel 2?
Why is this show not coming back?
0 messages
06-15-04 03:31 PM
the end.....
wow! i think this is definitely the best reality tv programme i've ever seen... i'm stoked that keith won... i was a bit undecided wh
1 messages
06-15-04 08:23 AM
Who win paradise 1
I write from Finland and here is coming that first paradise hotel and i want to know before that endin who is win.. =) My favorite is Beau a
2 messages
06-13-04 00:02 AM
Paradise Hotel 2
Hi guys im from australia this is the first time i post here. the show just finnished here last week and i absoloutly love it didnt miss an episode i
11 messages
06-10-04 07:52 AM
Paradise Hotel 2 NOT coming back... ment/cst-ftr-phil21.html
1 messages
06-09-04 11:57 AM
casting call
is there opion for pardise hotel or i miss the deadline
2 messages
06-07-04 08:25 AM
Returning hotel guests voting
I'm not sure why, but there seems to still be alot of confusion over whether or not the ousted houseguests will be returning and voting in the fin
20 messages
06-05-04 00:12 AM
the down-low
ok, well i am (as ashamed as i am to say it) a fan of paradise hotel, i would stay up (with a few other people) to about 11pm every monday
0 messages
06-01-04 01:30 PM
Toni is a man!
Toni? Tony?
0 messages
05-28-04 08:52 AM
Is it coming Back
Does anyone know if Paradise Hotel is coming back I absolutely loved that show between that and survivor that is all I watch
0 messages
05-27-04 08:41 PM
Summaries [View All]
With all of you who are watching this show, I can't believe that no one has written a summary of any of the episodes yet. So ... who would like t
36 messages
05-27-04 08:36 PM
When did Alex bag Dave's ears??
When did this happen??
0 messages
05-25-04 03:25 AM
When did it finish in the US?
When did PH finish in USA? I'm from Aus and it finished last nite. Just wondering. Dave's such a loser.
1 messages
05-25-04 01:54 AM
paradise another season
Has anyone heard about a new season this year? I was so into this show last year and I am really looking forward to it coming back. It looks like no
2 messages
05-24-04 10:37 AM
Charla u have to live with that decision for the rest of your life
I watched the show from start to finish and luved it. I feel sooo sorry for Dave, the people kicked out deserved to be and Dave or Keith owed them n
0 messages
05-24-04 09:55 AM
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