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What happened????
I missed the first hour of the show, but caught the last 5 minutes!!! So I know who left but what led up to it??? THANKS!
4 messages
09-23-03 10:12 PM
Why I love Fox
I haven't typed into this site before, but I loved the chats from the original Survivor boards, and this seemed as good a time as ever to check
2 messages
09-23-03 09:32 PM
Toni Bi and Tom Cry
Ok, It's a boring Tues morn before Game Time tonight when lotsa new threads will pop up, so lemme throw this in. I couldn't just let the
10 messages
09-23-03 06:38 PM
What is it about Amy? [View All]
What is it about Amy that everyone is willing to take themselves out of the quest for the ultimate reward? I mean they are all willing to kick them
35 messages
09-23-03 02:44 PM
Paradise Hotel
I think that all the "originals"should go to therapy.Zack especially.Amy is oblviously too young,and stupid to realize what a jerk Zack really i
0 messages
09-23-03 10:18 AM
How do you win Paradise Hotel?
Could somebody please explain to me how you win this game? It's interesting to watch, and I've been enjoying it, but what is the ultimate p
6 messages
09-23-03 01:29 AM
Tonight's Show Rants [View All]
Okay, Amy had two plates of food to start off. I see where that belly came from. Dave actually had a cry-baby fit b/c Charla left the
33 messages
09-22-03 11:17 PM
Anyone up for...?
I vote we track Amy down and force her to read the things we've been writing about her and her pals for the last 6-7 weeks (ever since Keith came
4 messages
09-22-03 07:44 PM
Scott's Radio Interview: "There's No Doubt About It"
Here is the link for Scott's radio interview. He comes off as kind of a tool. He says "there's no doubt about it" at least 12 times! %
8 messages
09-22-03 09:33 AM
open letter to the guests of Paradise Hotel [View All]
Given that the guests of PHo have returned to the real world, some of them are likely searching the internet to get an idea of what the viewers thou
45 messages
09-22-03 08:06 AM
PH: the Right 'Favours'
Hi all. This post is a look at the major game twists and which group they favored. The 1st 2 weeks everyone was new enough that no defini
10 messages
09-21-03 06:04 PM
Letter To Amy
Amy, This is your mother. Your father and I have sold the house and moved to the Caribbean. Do not try and find us. We have left your cl
2 messages
09-21-03 08:55 AM
Alex's Farewell Speech
Alex’s Farewell: Amanda: Hello, guests. The Parasite Hotel show seems to be in a dull downward spiral, and the only drama is com
15 messages
09-21-03 03:43 AM
where is paradise hotel really?
Could anyone tell me the location of the Paradise Hotel? What resort they are using?
2 messages
09-20-03 07:09 AM
Dave & The Producers
The producers are really hooking up Dave. I know this has been said before. It's pretty hard to do strategy b/c the producers seem to be control
8 messages
09-19-03 06:34 PM
Posts info from Yahoo Platinum HERE PLEASE!
Anyone posting subscribe to Yahoo Platinum? Please fill in any news and gossip from the site. Thank you. If this message belongs somewh
10 messages
09-19-03 05:56 PM
Time for the Name the Prize Game [View All]
Inspired by a poster at Sucks who thinks the utlimate reward will a really nice ham, time to post your guess as to what the heck the "massive" p
34 messages
09-19-03 04:28 PM
Here Piggy Piggy
You eat late a pig Amy and tired of your stuck up ways, you have no class !!!!!!!!!
1 messages
09-18-03 09:39 PM
What if...what could have been...
Watching the show last night, it occurred to me that things could've gone very differently if the "originals" hadn't been so greedy, and w
1 messages
09-18-03 09:35 PM
Producer Tricks. AKA seeing through the veil
I can't stand the originals, BUT I think careful observation of what has happened shows a clear indication that the producers are setting us up fo
1 messages
09-18-03 08:50 PM
Tara & Keith spotted in Tara's hometown
Apparently Keith was sighted in Tara's hometown of Lake Elsinore this past weekend. The couple made several appearances at a Pop Warner F
6 messages
09-18-03 02:59 PM
The next show
The producers changed the rules and let the "new" person get immunity by choosing someone that noone else could choose in order to give them a cha
1 messages
09-18-03 02:42 PM
Paradise Hotel II, will you watch? [View All]
Ok, I admit it, I am hooked on this show. I feel dirty about it, but it is the truth. The only way I will quit watching is if the show ends, o
28 messages
09-18-03 01:48 PM
The Originals are their own worst enemies!!!t
The Jman
9 messages
09-18-03 12:36 PM
Email address
I was on this one site INreview and it had all kind's off pho fan's anyway, they have posted charla,dave,tara, and amy's email address..
2 messages
09-18-03 11:28 AM
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