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does it make you feel good to be so mean????????????
Why do you have to be so mean to people even if you are playing a game. I dont see this helping our youth today be a better person. Would you like y
1 messages
02-20-06 09:03 PM
These people on the show r sp pothetic
I cant believe some of the charicters are soo pothetic quit crying and being sore loosers Zack Amy Kristen etc. And now from what ive just heard fro
1 messages
02-20-06 03:53 PM
I know Tara!
I know Tara from Paradise hotel. She is a little wild at times and people thinks shes mean but really she not. But PLEASE PUT PARADISE HOTEL BACK ON P
0 messages
02-20-06 12:19 PM
zack N amy
omg i love zack so much he iz so cute and sexy i love amy too dem to make such a sexii couple to me i love you ZACK n AMY
0 messages
02-19-06 08:53 PM
First of all, welcome. Please take a moment to read our community guidelines - there's a link at the top of the page. Do NOT
2 messages
12-12-05 12:32 PM
Bring It Back
Come on you have to bring this show back.. At the end of the first season there was a cliffhanger for a new season to come. Maybe people are still wa
0 messages
11-28-05 08:59 PM
Pardise hotel
is Paradise Hotel ever going to come on the T.V. again my daughter and I really enjoyed watching it
0 messages
10-19-05 08:13 PM
Reality Revealed.......Really???
Now I have watched all episodes on the repeat on Reality Tv, including reality revealed. Whew how did I get hooked lol Anyway what suprise
5 messages
09-26-05 02:36 PM
Paradise Hotel CD released, were can i find it?
hi there, i remember seeing a paradise hotel cd which had music that appeared on the show. The music was very much like survivor, very
0 messages
09-23-05 11:26 AM
I just wanted to say CONGRATS!!! to Keith & Charla first of all. Keith, you came into the "GAME" to play it & win it! And you did%
0 messages
09-15-05 03:44 AM
MY name is amanda and im 14 i just want to say a few things Dave u r my idol . i think how u handeld urself on that show was amazing i could never
0 messages
09-14-05 08:58 AM
0 messages
09-09-05 01:52 PM
Dave and Charla
hey hey hey, whats up eveyone!! Does anyone find it a bit selfish of Charla to have kept the money to her self??? well I do I think they o
0 messages
09-08-05 12:55 PM
i hate dave!!!!
i hate Dave soooooooo much! he is so [b]STUPID[/b] and selfish...x( but i love Amy and Zach, they are so cute 2gether...:7
2 messages
09-07-05 07:23 PM
Hello All! has anyone heard if Paradise Hotel was going to return to FOx. The web site said it was to return the summer of 2005, but havent seen a
2 messages
09-07-05 07:20 PM
The Outcome
I just started watching the show on Fox Reality, and I had never heard of it, but I got so addicted to it, it was insane! I started to feel l
3 messages
09-07-05 00:54 AM
The so called " Original's " ...
P L E A S E! First of all Toni and Amy you need to learn to hush. Did they give you the role to become their mother. Secondly, Keith was playin
0 messages
09-05-05 09:51 PM
To Amy: Please tell us...
Everybody wants to know about your achievements..... besides of the fool you made in the show, what other achievements can you share with us..
0 messages
09-05-05 09:47 PM
Zack is so Sexy!!!!!!!
I love zack i'm only 10 years old Zack u deserve to have Amy as your wife just marry her email me Zack at k love ya
1 messages
09-05-05 09:39 PM
TOTAL B _ _ _ _
I started watching Paradise Hotel when it was orginaily on however I knew that I had missed a lot of episodes because I had a lot of meetings and soci
1 messages
09-05-05 09:34 PM
To all cast members
Watching the final episode... it was all I could do to keep from laughing! The simple fact is that ALL of you lied to each other, and talked abou
0 messages
09-05-05 05:29 PM
Anything you want to know about Paradise Hotel
Hey all. Im stephanie and Im from the USA. We had Paradise Hotel here last year and I didnt realize they were replaying it in other countries until I
10 messages
09-05-05 03:17 PM
first i would like to say i love the show. and then i am going to say that i think that what charala not sharing her winning's with dave is not righ
0 messages
09-05-05 12:19 PM
zach & amy deserve each other
zach ... you are such a sorry little man. stay outta arizona, you disgrace us! amy ... you belong in L.A. with all the other drama queens! you s
1 messages
09-05-05 07:36 AM
Charla you were soo cool the whole show but why did you not share with dave You dave keith and tara rule you really should have shared with him and re
1 messages
09-05-05 07:35 AM
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