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Conferences Paradise Hotel Forum (Protected)
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Totally addicted
Not even sure what eposode I just watched but it's the one where Toni and Alex also arrive back in Paradise. I love this programme and everytime I
7 messages
05-04-04 10:25 AM
nothing to see
watched last night only to witness some disturbing scenes in the hotel. so the original crew have returned and mob metality took over. i am not e
3 messages
05-03-04 10:24 PM
Where do they get these people?
Seriously - do you have to fail an IQ test or something to get on this show? I'm watching in Oz & we seem to be far behind the rest of the
3 messages
04-30-04 04:16 PM
Paradise Hotel was superb!!
I'll miss it! One night I was just flicking through the channels and there was nothing on and the scenery of the hotel caught my eye so
7 messages
04-29-04 08:51 PM
i have previous ly watched the likes of Big Brother and temptation island but none of them compare to PH!! I live in the Uk and only s
0 messages
04-29-04 05:01 PM
im soooo in love with toni
hi guys just dropping a quick line to say how much i adore the lovely beutiful toni, shes totally awsome. After seeing her i became addicted to the
6 messages
04-29-04 01:09 PM
I wish FOX would bring this show back
I got sucked into Paradise Hotel and was hoping for an encore. This show was a lot more intriguing than the new show (can't even remember the nam
0 messages
04-28-04 08:07 AM
Charla, Way to go! You pulled it off! Congrates.
0 messages
04-28-04 00:58 AM
last week the episode off Amy leaving the Paradise Hotel. She got what she wanted. LEAVING THE PARADISE HOTEL. Can't waite fot this week episode..%0
1 messages
04-27-04 03:51 PM
wie is de winnaar
hallo wie weet wie er gaat winnen. ik zou het heel graag willen weten en trouwens ik ben voor charla want zei is de beste vind ik.
2 messages
04-27-04 12:25 PM
How do you contact the ph peeps?
0 messages
04-27-04 08:34 AM
Hello who is the winner of paradise hotel. do you know that? can you mail it to me PLEASE
1 messages
04-27-04 07:25 AM
What i think [View All]
Hi,i am from Holland and i watch the show every week. I have never seen such stupid,spoiled little brats in one place. Damn,they
35 messages
04-23-04 07:41 PM
Any news on the next one or if??
Have not heard anything in awhile so wondered if they would attempt a second one. I was addicted to the first one but do not know if it w
4 messages
04-22-04 11:16 AM
US Viewers???
Does anyone know when the next Paradise Hotel will begin airing in the US? I had heard summer 2004 but nothing new since then.
2 messages
04-21-04 12:15 PM
I've been watching this show in Europe. Would it be possible to see another reality show about Amy's and Zack's fucked up relationship back home
1 messages
04-08-04 04:36 PM
watching in new zealand, with rugby watching, beer drinking blokes and we love the show, we dance during the opening credits, cheer on the goo
kiwi fan
6 messages
04-06-04 10:36 PM
Any1 know wht happened on mon I missed it
Hey I watch paradise hotel every week but I missed it on Monday29th and Wednesday31st. Any1 from the uk watching on those nights plz reply and tell me
1 messages
04-02-04 04:52 PM
Gonna tell me wht happened in the last 2 shows I missed them
Any1 know wht happened in the show when holly goes in and the 1 after tht plz tell me wht happened I missed it :(
0 messages
04-02-04 01:13 PM
PH is the best real life in Holland..With out the nasty things.. I can't wait for the last show.. Some of the PH peeps are really HY
0 messages
04-02-04 12:52 PM
paradise hotel
Can i just say that i think paradise hotel is absolutly terrible, i have never known such a bunch of immature, egotistical, stereotypical bunch
1 messages
03-30-04 07:41 PM
Now what for the guests?
Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll? Now that everyone, including Charla, can actually see what really was shown on tv and have gotten reactions from
12 messages
03-20-04 06:04 PM
Holly [View All]
Have I just been blinded by her good looks until the last week or so, or has it always been obvious what a ##### Holly is? Last night
60 messages
02-19-04 10:53 AM
We rented Charlie's Angels full throttle this weekend. Demi Moore's character yells yattsi (spelling) at one point. They have a close up of
5 messages
01-07-04 11:13 PM
Hi, My name is Hanny. The show just aired last Sunday in Israel. So far the kicked out Andon and Quevita (spelling??? sorry..
1 messages
01-04-04 04:20 AM
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