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Any hopes for 9/17 show? [View All]
I am thinking that Tom is the odd man out. He will be gone. I think it will just be him this week because it will leave all couples - 4 couples. Next
46 messages
09-17-03 08:43 PM
Question for everybody about the Hotel itself!
We've been watching this show week after week,and we've seen every one in their lavish surroundings,giant pool,etc,etc. The one thing that
The Jman
7 messages
09-17-03 06:58 PM
Beau's Farewell Speech
Note: Itís hard to really slam Beau as he seemed like one of the more mature "Originals" at Paradise Hotel. (AKA: Day Care With Alcohol%2
15 messages
09-17-03 06:44 PM
I think there's going to be a major challenge for The Foursome!
I don't like to say this,Hell I don't even want to think it! I just have a bad feeling about tonights episode! With ditzy Des gone,Tom is
The Jman
1 messages
09-17-03 01:08 PM
Who do you guys think will be the last two couples??? [View All]
The Jman
28 messages
09-17-03 12:47 PM
9/15 Summary
9/15 - Getting Two Birds with One Stone Meant to do this last night, but we got a new Kitten (aww). 1st message b
7 messages
09-17-03 11:13 AM
Everyone Please Read [View All]
This is from the rules for the realitytvworld boards.... [b]IV. AVOID DUPLICATE POSTS Do not post the same discussion more t
80 messages
09-17-03 11:09 AM
Please say I"m not the only one seeing it
:o Naw after waching Monday night I naw see that Holly is (an I thank she thanks so to)acting like her and Scott are boyfrind an girl frien
1 messages
09-17-03 08:43 AM
Hi I'm Andon, I am a jerk, but wait
OK, Andon. He might not be the meanest of the losers, but what an idiot. "Hi, I am going to mouth off. Oh, uh, wait, I might be able t
6 messages
09-17-03 03:45 AM
Barely Watching
I've been out of town, catching glimpses. I could barely sit through the return of those booted off, and thought I'd give up on the show once
0 messages
09-17-03 01:05 AM
Zachass as a stripper....
I hate to start a new Zach thread because I despise him as much as the next competent, coherent and literate adult but this was just too good to pas
18 messages
09-16-03 11:13 PM
Episode 9/15 - SPOILERS [View All]
Spoiler Alert! I am putting in some filler so that the West Coasters have not yet seen tonight's most wonderful episode of Paradise Hotel. It is
48 messages
09-16-03 06:58 PM
My favorite LOL moment in last nights episode was when Dave gave me the mental image of he and Toni in Celebrity Wrestling. Splendid! Simply Splen
1 messages
09-16-03 05:01 PM
What a beautiful episode!
Oh My! I never thought "Paradise Hotel" would ever have JUST good news, not a good bit of drama followed by a let down, this was just compl
16 messages
09-16-03 03:50 PM
paradise island contenders
1. amy ......grow up ,zack doesn't care for you,he is a imature insecure baby,so if what you said to tara is true ,that you are better perso
1 messages
09-16-03 03:24 PM
what a spoiled idiot she is,makes a jackass of herself each show,grow up little girl, and zackazz is a bigger fool and idiot, he thinks he so
5 messages
09-16-03 08:32 AM
East Coasters - What's the scoop?
Any information is greatly appreciated - I haven't made up my mind whether or not I can sit through another episode.
3 messages
09-15-03 10:47 PM
Tonight's Show
Can someone please recap tonight's (9/15) show for me. Couldn't watch it. Thanks!
2 messages
09-15-03 10:20 PM
little real lifeyoohoo
I saw tony on blind date shes a reality show wanna be and did not do well on there either raving lunatic no call back shes so
2 messages
09-15-03 07:40 PM
Please explain spoiler
The official promo's for the next two shows say that 1 person is going on Monday, and 2 people leave on Wednesday. The focus of the spo
4 messages
09-15-03 07:37 PM
Yahoo TV Listings for next few shows. (Light Spoilers) [View All]
[b]9/15 Episode: Another guest must check out of the hotel, causing emotions to run high. [/b] Note: If this is to be bel
42 messages
09-15-03 07:31 PM
Summary for Ep. 9/8 & 9/10
Episode Summaries 9/8 and 9/10 OK. I see that there hasn't been one in a while, So I went ahead and DID IT! Yes, I'm a newbie
4 messages
09-15-03 05:25 PM
Has anyone noticed that there were 5 people selected from Arizona? I found it very ironic who those five people were. Beau, Amy, Kristin, Al
0 messages
09-15-03 04:04 PM
My thoughts pn what will happen on Monday! & Message to roll the dice!!
I think that Tom might pick Tara over Desiere. Think about it,if you want to get to the finals
The Jman
3 messages
09-15-03 01:10 PM
Favorite PH Delusions (TTL) [View All]
Now that we've all "vented" about the thugs, I thought I'd try to get everyone interested in having some fun with it. My favori
30 messages
09-15-03 01:21 AM
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