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paradise hotel
has beau got a website or email adddress im madly in love with him he is absoluley gorgeous pleazzze someone help me!!!!!!!!! lol
0 messages
06-06-05 11:18 AM
New Paradise Hotel
I live in the US...we had the first paradise hotel last summer. Does anyone know when the next one will be coming out?
19 messages
06-04-05 10:43 AM
Amy, Plz shut your ugly mouth!!!!!
I'm the viewer from Korea, and I account this website becuase I wanna to tell you this. You are Nothing but a just whore. You
0 messages
03-02-05 08:34 AM
who won paradise hotel tell meeeeeeeeeee
6 messages
02-25-05 01:38 PM
Dave the fool ?????
Dave u should have WON. The Rest ARE Scum especially low life Charla. END OF STORY.........******%2
12 messages
02-25-05 01:19 PM
We hate Toni
No, no hate at all... but how can a person be so hatefull, it's just a game!! We would never act like this, wasn't raised like this.. To
12 messages
02-25-05 01:14 PM
dave stfu!
charla did right... i would never had given away 125K to a person i had known for about 2 months, are u insane? if she could play every
2 messages
02-25-05 01:09 PM
Paradise hotel
Hi I live in England and i have just finished watching the series of Paradise Hotel.I really enjoyed it and hope and prey that there will be anot
4 messages
02-25-05 01:05 PM
YES! YES! YES! They won!!
We just saw the last episode of PH here in Sweden and I am really happy that the right persons made it to the end! They are the ones who kept low pr
1 messages
09-06-04 10:32 PM
Cast member websites
Do any of the other cast members have thier own website like Dave?
3 messages
08-24-04 06:41 PM
Where can i Download Episode 27 of Paradise Hotel?
Hi. I missed episode 27 yesterday (I am in norway so we are a bit slow :p) Anyone know where I can download it? Please.
0 messages
08-16-04 04:38 AM
Opinion From Sweden !!!!
Hi, Im a 26 years old girl from Sweden and Im watching Paradise Hotel right now. Where we at now is that all old guests are back and making li
9 messages
08-14-04 04:11 PM
I think that Dave, Charla, Keith, Tara and maybe even Beau should really form their own strong group instead of this measly one they have...I th
4 messages
08-11-04 05:17 PM
reality parody.
Congratulations to the Producers for hiring such effective Editors. The show was weirdly compulsive - especially the schemeing , the petulan
0 messages
08-11-04 12:08 PM
Zack's emailaddress
I really need to get Zack's emailaddress! I've written a long letter. I found the address but I got what I sent
0 messages
08-04-04 05:27 PM
Charla and Dave should win.
I am a girl from sweden and i love Paradise Hotel. I think that Charla and Dave should win . I Hate Amy. she is such a looser. And Toni is such a #%
1 messages
08-03-04 08:41 PM
Did anyone know this? Paradise Hotel Update. /01/arts/646859 Amy now a Ragdoll dancer? lol
3 messages
08-03-04 11:22 AM
COME BACK PHH!!!!..respond if u kno anythg at all
hello everyone... I miss paradise hotel soooooooooooooooo muchhh!! I thought it was an awsome show..are they gonna continue it and do a PH2 o
1 messages
08-02-04 04:08 AM
Just about the show!
Tongiht we (here in Sweden.) will see the show when Beou (dunno how to spell his name.) get's back again and their wild jungle party.%
0 messages
07-28-04 10:31 AM
Keith! You're so hot... pls come to Denmark??
Hey, Keith is the CUTEST of all... Good God, amy was such a ##### to him. N she really hates Tara cause Zack thinks Tara's hot.. Toni
0 messages
07-21-04 03:15 PM
Holla everyone a little message from Denmark Keith is the king he is the only true player in the game and zack that whip he got it all in hes mouth an
2 messages
07-19-04 01:54 PM
why charla, keith, dave n' tara got so ##### far! everybody needs to read this
first of all, whatever may come up in the following piece of texture is not only my opinion, i need you to read it carefully and not be angry caus
0 messages
07-18-04 09:24 PM
Hey im from Denmark, and over here we have reached to the point were amy gets booted and the 3 last couples r rdy for battles :P i've unfor
0 messages
07-15-04 10:52 PM
Hiya! Does anyone have any facts about Alex? Is so, would someone like to share the info with me? Plz...if you wanna just sen
1 messages
07-15-04 06:53 PM
I am one of the crazy fans of Paradise Hotel in Singapore. Is there in any way I can get in contact with the contestants of Paradise Hotel be it throu
2 messages
07-15-04 05:52 PM
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