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"final episode remark"
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ragingcalm 1 desperate attention whore postings
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10-02-03, 04:02 AM (EST)
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"final episode remark"
I'll be damned, Charla proved to be not quite what I had thought, I thought she would've shared, but it was alot of money. Dave had it made until the the last two weeks when every thing they said mattered, so I really can't blame Charla for not sharing(but I really thought she was going to, Ugly She/he hulk got her even more messed up than the money. Charla's choice, she made it, and as others have said, she can still give Dave a share of the cash. I was happy Keith made it, he went in to win, he did, plus he(as if now) got Tara as well(lucky bats turd), AND he got to kick out Amy and Zack(TWICE!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA)
I'd actually like to rate how the people I actually remember played the game though, and this is how they rate:
Keith- The master, he never forgot the people who got him there( he was actually lucky he kept Dave and Charla, the orig's would have probably voted for Scott and Holly). I think he was the true winner(possibly along with Tara, only the future tells).
Tara- see above.
Dave- great until the last 2 weeks, see foot-insert in mouth.
Charla- great player, kept her lil keeper with her, she was the one that kept the "barbies" together(Keith wouldn't have wanted to vote her off unless it was between Tara and her, Dave luvvvvved her, Tara and her were best friends, but as for her thinking Acme would win, I think the American population that watched the show would have revolted, or at least regurgitated.
Scott- All around good guy, should have stood up more though, he played the game as well as anyone else even though he was usually in the shadows of the orig's and the barbies.
Holly-(personally the one I thought was the best looking woman there, just my opinion though). Too needy for attention or something, got into a "relationship" in her first week there.
Acme- her and Zack, need I say more.
Zack- same as above AND, What kind of guy ends a threat with "50 other guys"? Is/was he(her?) not enough of a brawler to TRY* to take on Keith by himself, obviously not.
Beau-Thought he was allright until the last couple of episodes when he proved to be a Zack wannabe.
Amanda- she was allright, 'cept for some of the guys she roomed with.
Andon- JOKE
Matt- never pizzed on anybody until the last episode and I didn't see the episode he was on.
Kristen-Umm, can't remember how she played the game, kept staring at her chest(would have thought same as Holly, but Holly was one of the last six, so I remember her for more than just that).
Tom- go home and spank yer smokey ya friggin loon.
Desirae( or however the hell ya spell it)- Keep to "dancing". Don't quit yer day job though.
If I forgot anyone, oh well, it was just a show I watched while I wasted away my summer actually working and not complaining about being in some beautiful location with some people that might not have been people I would have like. In closing, THESE PEOPLE SHOULD BE GRATEFUL THAT THEY COULD ACTUALLY SPEND TIME AT PH INSTEAD OF BEING BACK IN THEIR NORMAL LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!


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10-02-03, 08:21 AM (EST)
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