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Predictions for December 1st
It turns out there are two women in fat suits. Mel doesn't show up in the 2nd fat suit till the unveiling. The whole fat suit drama turns out to be
18 messages
12-03-03 00:26 AM
Alex's red flags
I was totally confused by last night's episode when Alex and Melana had their evening date. He started talking about his ex and how she cheated on h
22 messages
12-03-03 01:38 PM
Good Ending
Now that they have revealed that Adams has the big bucks, I bet he has had his fill with shallow women liking him and then really loving him after f
2 messages
12-03-03 06:47 PM
Honest Joe...
Observations: #1) Week two, Marlena ditches all fat men. #2) Week four, Marlena becomes fat and "sensitive" to
12 messages
12-03-03 08:04 PM
Going Home with the Boys
My predictions.. [u]Jason[/u]: Melena will find Jason's family charming and fun and oh so pretty, there will probably be l
13 messages
12-03-03 08:34 PM
Shallow Joe
These guys aren't even average, they're almost all losers. Where did they dig up these guys. No seriously. Dennis: the 40 year o
0 messages
12-04-03 02:07 AM
Average Joe: Hawaii
Now it will be interesting to see if part 2 will bomb, like part 2 of Joe Milllionaire!! Has anyone heard anything about any of the joe's or t
8 messages
12-05-03 04:23 PM
An Armchair Psychological Analyzation
I noticed on last nights episode that when Melana was with Jason, she seemed so insecure. She just lavished compliments on him half the time, and
27 messages
12-06-03 11:43 PM
Episode 5
I have watched this show from the beginnng and I just can not get over the absurdness (sp) of it. The show is supposed to give Average Joe's a c
28 messages
12-07-03 06:47 PM
New Promo
Newest Average Joe promo confirms Adam is a Millionaire, but there's an even bigger shock. Jason Storm still lives at home... Ah, how decidedly
18 messages
12-08-03 01:46 AM
Tareq on "Miss Match"
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-06-03 AT 00:50 AM (EST)[/font] Here is a link to an article about Tareq on Miss Match on NBC o
Chrissy gal
5 messages
12-08-03 02:09 PM
Predictions for December 8th
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-07-03 AT 03:51 PM (EST)[/font] 1. The first hour of the show is nothing but lowlights of previ
7 messages
12-08-03 04:36 PM
Average Joe Official Episode 5 Summary--"Rich Man, Poor Man, Himbo, Jerk"
Sorry this took so long everybody, but RL intruded a bit. Hope you enjoy! Last episode on this lame reality show, we were introduced
21 messages
12-08-03 06:40 PM
Adam Mesh: In Fortune Magazine
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-01-03 AT 11:09 PM (EST)[/font] If you type in google "Adam Mesh" Fortune
26 messages
12-08-03 08:23 PM
how many "AVERAGE JOEs" are a millionaire and the other comes from obviously a loaded family with a million dollar home... althought they loo
2 messages
12-08-03 09:29 PM
Spoiler !! And Melana chooses...
Spoiler........ Spoiler........ Spoiler........ I know I'm going to feel differently about this in a few hours, but for
5 messages
12-08-03 11:56 PM
That was the most Depressing thing I have ever seen....
I dont watch the show but it sucked me in, and defeated me tonight. You could tell that guys emotions were real, and he seemed like a cool dude.%0
1 messages
12-09-03 00:25 AM
Show Bloopers?
Ok, so who was the bright producer who thought it would be a good idea to have two "models" stay in a place with a giant chess game. Where did
4 messages
12-09-03 00:50 AM
Class even in defeat
The true measure of a man is how he responds in difficult situations. Adam was a class act--even after Malena "sent him packing". At the same time
Mr B
2 messages
12-09-03 01:47 AM
Adam got the shaft big time.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well you can't really know what happened during the numerous untelevised hours, but Adam from what i saw was way more genuine. He genuinely cared
1 messages
12-09-03 02:12 AM
she picked the wrong guy but picked the right guy
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-09-03 AT 02:34 AM (EST)[/font] what i mean is..she blew it. granted she may not ha
0 messages
12-09-03 02:33 AM
In one way, it was a really GOOD ending.....
Face it, average joes have to learn to live with getting the shaft like that soon after they turn 12. Perhaps a few people out there will pause and
3 messages
12-09-03 02:37 AM
Average Joe 3 - the return of Adam
For AJ3 they should have 16 beutiful women fight to win Adam's heart.
10 messages
12-09-03 02:39 AM
What just happened?
As disappointed as I am by the outcome of tonights show - Adam is fortunate that he wasn't picked. I really like Adam - and wanted him to win - but
1 messages
12-09-03 02:39 AM
Was it Physical?
If Melana were to look 5 years down the line - whom do you think she would have a successful relationship/ marriage with? Almost every comment she
1 messages
12-09-03 02:42 AM
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