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Anyone else have a problem with the AJ board? at=&Board=AverageJoe&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o= At first it
5 messages
12-09-03 02:57 AM
Now We're just friends...
Dont be surprised if we discover tommorrow on The Today Show that Melana and Jason are 'just friends' now...afterall, the show was taped sometim
1 messages
12-09-03 03:17 AM
i like hot chicks...
like most people, i wish adam would have been chosen... but, i can't say i really blame melana. i'm an average joe mysel
2 messages
12-09-03 03:44 AM
It is dangerous...
Aaargh I am going to butcher this saying but, in my opinion, it held true tonight. Whether you are talking about him OR her. "It is d
1 messages
12-09-03 03:51 AM
AJ producers killed their own show!
We all fell in love with this show - 30-somethings, women, gay men, even my husband! BUT producers, you killed it w/the models! BOOO!
6 messages
12-09-03 04:19 AM
The outcome was depressing
I am not per say a reality tv viewer but was drawn in to this show. It really gaules me that the entire show Melana made out like looks didn't
1 messages
12-09-03 06:14 AM
Shallow Melana picks a live Ken doll with no personality...
....this show won't reel me in for a 2nd load of scripted BS. What on earth did airhead Jason and shallow Melana ever talk about other than: "do
1 messages
12-09-03 07:07 AM
Was it from the heart or scripted?
I totally think it was all set up for one AJ and one PB to be left till last, and I totally think they wanted Adam to be the one because he was rich
2 messages
12-09-03 07:14 AM
But Jason's so Deep ;-)
Poor old Adam - he'll be crying all the way to the bank. Melana and Jason can live off Mum and Dad and spend his allowance at Dairy Queen. Adam's
2 messages
12-09-03 08:12 AM
Never EVER again
Okay, so I got sucked in. It was a unique forum to say the least. The show actually turned out to be pretty damned intriguing. I even found mysel
8 messages
12-09-03 09:40 AM
adam and keith
is it just me or does adam look a lot like keith from paradise hotel?
3 messages
12-09-03 10:03 AM
I was/am is predictable...
I was so hoping Adam would come out on top. I can only shake my head that she chose the kid. ? If she wanted a family man, who was the best
2 messages
12-09-03 10:36 AM
But seriously folks-
Did anyone else out there get as many laughs as me and my buddy? Who else clearly saw that not one of those below average joe geeks, except for Za
George_W_ Bush
2 messages
12-09-03 10:39 AM
2 Bad Adam didn't................
go on ABC's Extreme Makeover first to get de-uglicized, and then bought a Hollywood Mansion, before going on AJ,he would of then ended up wit
Conan O Bryan
3 messages
12-09-03 10:41 AM
Mel, how art thou shallow, let us count the ways....
- her initial reaction to the Joes as they met her the first time - her having to be talked into going on with the show after seeing the Joes%
1 messages
12-09-03 10:43 AM
Sincere Congratulations Jason and Melana!!! :D
I guess I'm the only one on this whole message board that DID want her to pick Jason. Think about it, every time she kissed Jason, she was play
7 messages
12-09-03 10:48 AM
Melana proves it once and for all
Melana just proved that no matter what they say, woman are as shallow and superficial as men. It is BS when they say that "looks don't matter%2
1 messages
12-09-03 10:48 AM
"Today" show
I missed it. Who saw it? What do you think? What did they say? Anybody got a transcript? :) TIA!
1 messages
12-09-03 10:54 AM
I think I know what they have planned for AJ2....
In Rocky 1, Rocky looses the big fight, then comes back and wins the rematch in Rocky 2. Now they filmed both AJ1 and AJ2 before AJ1 hi
0 messages
12-09-03 11:26 AM
What would Adam choose--brains or beauty?
If Adam were the star of the show and half the girls were intelligent, successful average Janes and half were gorgeous airheads, who do you think
3 messages
12-09-03 11:52 AM
Where are all the Average Joes now?
does anyone know where all the guys from the show are now and what they are doing and how their lives have changed since being on the show?
0 messages
12-09-03 11:58 AM
I LOVED the ending!!! Melena made the right decision
Melana made the right decisions, people. Adam was falling head over heals for her and she didn't reciprocate the feeling. She said it herself at
7 messages
12-09-03 12:21 PM
This show was written to end the way it did.
There is no doubt that Melana was told to boot off the guys like she did. The guys didn't have a clue! It was probably up to her how it would end.
1 messages
12-09-03 12:52 PM
Average Joe Stalin or Beauty=Truth
It's quite amusing to watch albeit innocent but wholly adult fools surrender themselves to high school syllogisms, conjured up by the last three g
7 messages
12-09-03 12:54 PM
The Identity of the new girl
I think I know who she is. They mentioned that she is a former Miss USA contestant. I believe her name is Larissa Meek. She was the third runner up
Howard Dean
1 messages
12-09-03 12:58 PM
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