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Where is Adam now?
I for one am SO glad that Melana picked Jason, because that means that an AWESOME guy like Adam is still on the market! I'd like to find Adam a
8 messages
12-10-03 04:43 PM
I am an average Joe
It sucked that Melena went with Jason and not Adam. It was probably the best move for her, because from the looks of things she did not deserve her.
3 messages
12-10-03 04:53 PM
Did Melana know Adam was a millionaire?
Someone mentioned something in a post about how Melana could've taken the low road and chosen Adam just because he was rich, but she didn't so t
2 messages
12-10-03 04:58 PM
Am just wondering(preferably answered by guys), what do they think about the choice of Melena, and if she look sincere about it? My hubby d
1 messages
12-11-03 08:55 AM
Don't Post DUPLICATE Threads
I guess you can't read the Welcome Newbie thread, so I will post this here. If there is already a thread started on a subject, add to that inst
27 messages
12-11-03 11:03 AM
Welcome newbies
Please read the titles on this page. If there is one with a topic already, do not start a new post. this is in our guidelines under "Duplicate pos
53 messages
12-11-03 12:35 PM
Jason worse than Adam? How so?
It seems obvious that Melana is being bashed quite a bit for her choice in picking Jason over Adam. I'd just like to say that I think picking Jason
34 messages
12-11-03 03:04 PM
Curious - How would you rate Melana's looks?
I am not normally attracted to the blond hair/blue eyed women; I prefer the more exotic appearance (e.g. Roselyn Sanchez; Jessica Alba). Th
15 messages
12-11-03 03:37 PM
anyone doesn't think Adam was gorgeous
Out of ALL the guys, Adam was most genuine, open, and honest. I cannot believe she chose a the one that she actually questioned his sexuality,
8 messages
12-11-03 04:05 PM
Cannot believe Malaina chose Jason over Adam. Several, several weeks before the show ended she should have stopped the show and chose Adam. It was
1 messages
12-11-03 04:17 PM
Joe Fabiani
Has anybody seen any post-show interviews with Joe Fabiani? I'm curious because he seemed to be the most bitter about being rejected by Melana.
3 messages
12-11-03 05:26 PM
Has Average Joe snuffed out a possible career for Melana... Tinseltown. She was even getting bashed pretty good on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption. Pretty much the consensus nationwide is that she is vap
33 messages
12-11-03 05:43 PM
Mel & Stormy get booed on Leno
But, they only got booed during the monologue. When they were introduced, the applause was very muted, but no boos. Of course Mel did most of th
22 messages
12-12-03 00:11 AM
Ask Brad from Average Joe a question
Thought some of you might enjoy this. I got into contact with Brad(and a few other Average Joe's) to get them to answer some questions for you f
0 messages
12-12-03 02:14 AM
Why not kick him in the nads?
I saw someone elsewhere say that Milena was "intelligent and caring" even in the end. I have to disagree.[/P] When s
10 messages
12-12-03 03:21 PM
TODAY SHOW appearance: A luke-warm romance...
Melana and Jason were on the Today show this morning (their first public appearance after the finale) and admitted they had only seen each other t
25 messages
12-12-03 03:51 PM
Zach and Dennis
Guess it seems like they really are buds now!
2 messages
12-12-03 04:00 PM
It's all in the editing...
Is anyone else getting feed up with the editing on these shows. They really make you believe one thing only to have the person pick someone else. It w
13 messages
12-12-03 05:07 PM
When I new it was definitely over for Adam - ladies concur? (men's opinons welcome)
When Adam and Melana were in the limo in NYC, and she balked at kissing him and said she was confused, I knew right then it was over form Adam,
28 messages
12-13-03 04:45 AM
Wayne Brady Show
Anyone see Melana and Jason on the Wayne Brady show? They actually brought her out first and then him....later. He had about 30 seconds. She aske
15 messages
12-13-03 01:15 PM
Zach's Birthday Party in NYC
If you are in NYC, come celebrate Zach's Birthday this Saturday night @ Anju. Send an email to for an official invit
2 messages
12-13-03 05:36 PM
The Truth About Women
This show along with Joe millionaire have done nothing more than prove the majority of women are are shallow as men can ever be but that it's
65 messages
12-14-03 08:28 PM
Why was it called Average Joe????
What was the point of the show? If it was truely Average Joe then why was the winner one of the pretty boys? I am completely disappointed. I
53 messages
12-15-03 11:06 AM
The difference between men and women
Interesting comment from the producer as to why there won't be an Average Jane show: "Looks are fourth and fifth down the list (for women).%
Fast Eddie
36 messages
12-16-03 10:09 PM
Is Jason gay?
Ok so even Malena had to ask. He is VERY afeminate. He even kisses like a girl. Lives at home, and works at a restaurant at 26. Hmmm either a pot
45 messages
12-22-03 08:28 AM
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