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Cruelty to Nice Guys
This show is meant to humiliate nice average guys. The network should be ashamed of themselves. I am certain these men were truly looking for someone
16 messages
11-19-03 02:35 PM
New GE Commercial
Has anyone seen the new GE (parent company of NBC) commercial in which a Ph.D. (professor of nanotechnology) -- an "average Joe" -- falls
Bri Guy
3 messages
11-19-03 03:05 PM
Zach's Confidence Level...
...has plummeted with the arrival of the three "hunks". His face betrayed him big time. It was the money shot! Adam seemed not thrilled, bu
4 messages
11-19-03 03:21 PM
Tariq is HOT!
If she doesn't want him I'll take him!
16 messages
11-19-03 04:35 PM
We need info on the new guys!
I checked the NBC website, and they don't have any info up on the new guys yet. Does anybody know anything? I guess I'm the only o
Puppy Piddle
14 messages
11-20-03 06:54 PM
Jerry Ferrara- no average joe
Jerry- what were you thinking joining a group of "average joes"? I cracked up when I saw you on TV last night- what a trip. I don't have yo
5 messages
11-20-03 09:46 PM
Interview w/Zach's parents in newspaper
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-21-03 AT 10:19 PM (EST) by SurvivorBlows (admin)[/font] There was wire service article (Cox
1 messages
11-21-03 09:53 PM
Ep 3 Summary - WHAT'S MISSING?
[font color=”maroon” size=”2"] WHAT’S MISSING? [/font] A Hybrid of Trivia, Fill in the Blanks, Song Parodies and Ev
7 messages
11-22-03 05:33 PM
What was with Brad?
Ok last week I liked Brad alot. This week he was all talkin about how Malena wanted him. It really sounded arrogant. THen he went in the mud naked
14 messages
11-24-03 10:38 AM
Predictions for Nov 24.
Everyone kick in here. I predict she will dump two of the geek crew and one of the sheik crew. She will keep Adam. I can't remember the pretty bo
3 messages
11-24-03 08:53 PM
Tareq - too intense Zach - Does Melana deserve to be so lucky to get you? < Sarcasm > I guess we all ran outta luck and that's wh
7 messages
11-25-03 11:03 AM
I am a sucker for a man with a little bit of dork in him, but these
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-06-03 AT 01:31 PM (EST)[/font] guys are pathetic. I don't know how they are considered avera
22 messages
11-25-03 11:31 AM
Average Joe - Dennis
I would like to see Dennis (after a simple make-over like Clay Aiken had) and become the next bachelor. Send in nice looking girls and then let h
2 messages
11-25-03 03:37 PM
Contacting contestants?
Several of the men who have been eliminated have said that they hope "somebody out there was interested and will contact them." For real? Doe
16 messages
11-25-03 03:38 PM
Dennis should have his own show!!!
Dennis was so adorable. they should come up with a dork dating show just for him. poor guy, he's clueless but so sweet!!
4 messages
11-25-03 03:44 PM
Interview w/ Marc from Episodes 1&2
I haven't seen anyone mention this article so I thought I'd throw it out for all of you. During the brief amount of time he was on the show, I d
2 messages
11-28-03 06:52 PM
Average Joe Definitions (Contributions Welcome)
Melana Bug (Mel-a-na Bug) - n. 1. a virus which attacks the brains of men in their 20s and 30s causing them to seek out unusual methods in whic
5 messages
11-29-03 04:07 PM
Sweetie John
I think John is the biggest sweetheart of all the guys. She called his singing dorky. That butthead! If John doesn't make it with the cheerleader%
18 messages
11-29-03 04:14 PM
Melena's "cousin"
It looks like NBC may be about to step into reality in a big way. Now Melena will get to find out who is real and who is just another "Shallow Hal.%
44 messages
11-30-03 06:47 PM
Average Joe Official Episode 4 Summary
[center][font size=3][b]Average Joe Official Episode 4 Summary: Jenny Jones Would be Proud[/b][/font] [b]A Story
Tiger Lily
28 messages
12-01-03 04:12 PM
Editing, Editing, Editing.....
I was very excited about the new twist with Melana as the "fat cousin". I really wanted to see how the AJ's would react, seeing as how they w
10 messages
12-02-03 11:19 AM
"Hunks" Not So Hunky...
Especially that third guy...what was that all about? Ewwww, gross!!! The first and second guys were great looking until they smiled. I th
36 messages
12-02-03 04:09 PM
Adam Mesh -
Adam's company. Ahhh...he's funny, smart, owns his own trading company, and has a great smile. Come on Melena...pick Adam.
0 messages
12-02-03 04:56 PM
OK, we have what appears to be a six-episode show launching this Monday (11/3). Who would like to write summaries of this twisted reality-dat
24 messages
12-02-03 05:46 PM
I wish I could take off my fat suit
I know that Melena was really hurt by those comments, but she was fat for two days. I've been fat my whole life, and I have to say that I thoug
11 messages
12-02-03 06:31 PM
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