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Reflections on Average Joe
I watched Average Joe from the beginning to end, never having missed an episode. I, like many of you, was disappointed that Adam was passed ove
1 messages
12-09-03 01:00 PM
So Predictable
What a great show! Finally a reality show that displays reality for what it is. A perfect display of the obvious and predictable. Women like her ar
1 messages
12-09-03 01:02 PM
New drink on Adam's bar menu - "Dumb Biaaatch"
Hmmmm, let's see here... Jason's shallow attempt at romance: 1) Tried unsuccessfuly to get Melena drunk. 2) Int
2 messages
12-09-03 01:41 PM
Melena- You're stupid
I was very upset last night at Melena's decision. Let's think about this for a second- If you have to ask someone if they're into girls that sho
1 messages
12-09-03 02:06 PM
Melana- just another GSB
Generic Superficial Bimbo. She's no difference from the thin blonde bimbo that walks into a bar, scans the room for the pretty-boy section, then
3 messages
12-09-03 02:07 PM
Anybody remember watching Jason play basketball?
Or checkers? Or kayaking? Or riding the horse? Or standing in 3' waves with all your clothes on while saying, "I don%
4 messages
12-09-03 02:11 PM
Average Joe 2.......Paris Hilton wanna be?
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-09-03 AT 02:02 PM (EST)[/font] I can actually say I am a big fan of Larissa Meek's (averag
2 messages
12-09-03 02:11 PM
Changing Jason
Maybe she was thinking that she could change Jason ? It was all to clear to her as well as the rest of us that he was not anywhere near being a stra
0 messages
12-09-03 02:30 PM
I am dying to know what happened on the Today show. Anyone that can tell me would make my day a bright one! Thanks! P.S. Adam you are a luck
1 messages
12-09-03 02:32 PM
The new girl looks hotter than Melana
The new girl is freaking hot, but she looks like she's got a worse attitude than Melana. Anybody know her story? Think she might be interested i
George_W_ Bush
8 messages
12-09-03 02:34 PM
Cry or Learn?
The fact is that reality is harsh. It is ironic that so many people are angry because they vicariously identified with Adam and were so frustrated b
13 messages
12-09-03 02:38 PM
Water always seeks its own level
True it sucked. Yet I’m still happy to see a great guy like Adam recognized for what he has to offer. Who wouldn’t be proud to have this guy as
8 messages
12-09-03 03:21 PM
AJ2 New Guys
So the Carrottop wannabe sticks out in my mind as well as the tattooed artist, there is also a "harley dude".. I wasn't thinking I would watch
4 messages
12-09-03 03:52 PM
Why were these guys interested in Melena??
I have been asking myself this question since the show first started. Why would these guys be interested in such a shallow, self-centered girl?%0
Chrissy gal
15 messages
12-09-03 03:59 PM
I for one am SO happy that Melana didn't pick Adam, now hes still able to look for someone who really apreciates him and not just because she ha
2 messages
12-09-03 04:32 PM
Adam deserves better
Adam definitely deserves better. You could tell that Melena was torn between looks or money. I'm glad she didn't string Adam along for his money
5 messages
12-09-03 04:41 PM
Average Joes/Janes, share your war stories here....
I guess I should go first. ---------------- When I was 14 I was a nerd and I had this big crush on a really cute girl, but I was too shy t
1 messages
12-09-03 05:46 PM
I can't remember the exact words she used, but can someone explain wtf Melena was talking about when she said Jason "inspired" her???
15 messages
12-09-03 08:46 PM
Jason Storm
Freaking Jason Storm. Did you notice in the flashbacks that Jason was wearing the same pair of stupid carpenter jeans in every date he had?
Savory Truffle
2 messages
12-10-03 03:23 AM
I like Melana and she seemed real
For some reason I have a different opinion of Melana. She seemed nice authentic. She never made any negative comments about any of the guys looks and
TV expert
0 messages
12-10-03 10:15 AM
Adam was WAY funnier and smarter than Jason
Okay...Don't get me wrong. Jason seems like a nice guy and all that...but Adam seems like a really cool guy. I have dated pretty boys and I can ho
1 messages
12-10-03 10:41 AM
How come we don't see Average Jane?
Well, the secret is out. No matter how much money a guy makes, looks and technique still count for something among the general US female populace.
4 messages
12-10-03 10:49 AM
Malena's got game
During the last episode of AJ, I turned to my wife and said that Mel was going to punk out Adam when she gave Adam the portrait of them to
1 messages
12-10-03 02:25 PM
I want to see Adam be the next "Bachelor" :-)
Wouldn't it be fun if Adam went on the Bachelor show and got to pick from 25 girls? I would love to see the outcome......
4 messages
12-10-03 03:14 PM
"reflections on average joe"
I am curious as to why this particular thread is locked.
1 messages
12-10-03 03:44 PM
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