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This guy was a cutie!!! I am a bit shallow myself, but would have loved to get to know him!!! He seemed like such a wonderful person. A
0 messages
11-11-03 00:06 AM
John Baumgaertner an actor?
I think he's a fake, the singing was way too geeky to be real. The fight with Zach over being a high school football player was pretty over the t
0 messages
11-11-03 05:44 AM
Jerry Ferrara and David Lopez CONFIRMED actors
David Lopez has appeared on Law and Order and the Cosby Show: sonDetail/personid-27834
1 messages
11-11-03 06:55 AM
Whadd'ya say we do a vote thresd?
1. Who do y'all think will be eliminated tonight? 2. The big Twist? What'll it be? 3. Give one more hearty round o
Tiger Lily
8 messages
11-11-03 09:00 AM
Tareq and Dennis are CONFIRMED, who else?
If anyone does not believe Tareq and Dennis are NOT paid actors by now, you need to have your head checked.
2 messages
11-11-03 10:11 AM
Poor Craig- Why the Fat Guy Jokes??
Did anyone, or is it just me, see where NBC put a sound effect in when Craig stepped off the bus? I thought that was awful. I would be pi**e
Plane Crazy
4 messages
11-11-03 01:36 PM
not cool
Who cares what guy gets chosen by this ho? She is just in this for her 15 minutes of fame, she won't stay with any guy she chooses. sheesh she%2
1 messages
11-11-03 03:17 PM
Go to the chat room!
Everyone go to the public chat room im bored and its like dead in there!
0 messages
11-11-03 09:22 PM
11-10-03 Show (episode 2 ??)
Missed the show last night - who did she ditch? Thanks
1 messages
11-11-03 09:30 PM
David honey you can call me anytime, I don't think she understood what type of man you are...
1 messages
11-12-03 07:12 AM
I was so madd to see that she dis-missed David....If she didn't want him then I would gladly take him..;-)..I am all he'll ever need I can tre
1 messages
11-12-03 01:58 PM
desperate attention whore postings
excuse me but I don't know why this is behind everyones name...for 1 im not a whore and i won't be back to this site again..thanks for the rude co
5 messages
11-12-03 03:44 PM
How Do I????????
Sorry guys, but I have a huge question. This is my first time here first of all so hello to all. Now then could someone PLEASE tell me how in the Wo
1 messages
11-12-03 06:40 PM
What "average" means
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-12-03 AT 12:33 PM (EST)[/font] There are 3 definitions: 1. the mean: add up the items
Fast Eddie
10 messages
11-13-03 00:38 AM
Can't Believe the Eliminations
Ok I cannot believe that Craig or Dennis got eliminated!!!!! They both seemed like great fact too great for Malena (sp?) wh
0 messages
11-13-03 12:24 PM
Episode 2 Summary...Bitter Much?
What is up with the Craig bashing in the episode 2 summary???? As Follows: Iím sorry Craig, but while itís evident youíve
1 messages
11-13-03 12:42 PM
Average Jane
I wonder if they'll have a sequel where a good looking guy gets to choose from among a bunch of "average" women (by the standards they're us
Fast Eddie
8 messages
11-14-03 02:33 AM
An AVERAGE JOE with bachelor Bob
check out this photo of one of the average joe's on NBC with BOB. ds/User_files/3f945
2 messages
11-14-03 02:36 AM
Marc the "busybody"
I want to know why people kept insulting Marc and where the label of a busybody came did he suddenly become a busybody through just watching
0 messages
11-14-03 03:43 AM
Episode 2 Summary - It's a long one...
[b]Average Joe Ė Episode 2 Summary[/b] Itís Joe night, and all I can say is Iím glad Joe Schmo is over; otherwise it wo
8 messages
11-14-03 01:15 PM
anyone know anyone
does anyone personally know any of the average joes, eliminated or not? and I'd like to know their emails if possible :D
0 messages
11-14-03 01:26 PM
Photo of the Average Joes ery/data/543/11AVJab03.jpg From the Reality TV World Average Joe image gallery:%
25 messages
11-14-03 09:28 PM
Where's Kathy Griffin?
I initially tuned into AJ because Kathy Griffin was to be the host. But aside from very brief intros to each episode, she really has only appeared
Bri Guy
2 messages
11-14-03 09:54 PM
David L
I thought that she was ignorant to David when they were on the boat, she wasn't even listening to what he was saying..I'd date him..
17 messages
11-14-03 10:16 PM
But what about poor Wally....
OK, clearly the show is a hoot and of course Adonis-like men will be brought in somewhere down the line just to mix things up a bit... Bu
6 messages
11-14-03 10:54 PM
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