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It's almost enough to make you wish Voldy had never left, isn't it? ds/User_files
4 messages
07-21-22 02:50 AM
Yahoo screwed up
Yahoo changed its website. They had a survey on there that let you vote for what you would have done if you were Trump. The choices originally were%
D Trump
4 messages
10-23-21 10:22 AM
The script reaches the inevitable final page.
Let's see. Here we have Penn's politics and personal beliefs on one side. There we have Trace's versions of the same topics on the other. And
3 messages
07-27-21 03:54 AM
Guiliana & Bill
Anyone watching? I thought it was a cute show and they are a cute couple.
3 messages
02-23-21 10:49 PM
May 2 - jingle jingle jingle
After the big money raising event the week before, that's all we hear - the jingle of what little pocket change is left over :-) Br
2 messages
11-25-20 00:45 AM
Episode #12: jingle all the way home.
In which Donald completely runs out of justifications for keeping someone and actually finds it serving as an obstacle to doing so. Well, there's
9 messages
07-01-20 07:42 AM
Poor Annie never had a chance
It was pretty obvious how the board room went down that there was now way Annie would win. I think I know why.
10 messages
05-22-20 06:54 PM
Monsters Trump University.
I'm really not seeing the full problem here. Sure, $35,000 is a tremendous ripoff with absolutely no real education attached to it beyond '
6 messages
11-24-19 10:59 AM
Apprentice season 8
Season 8: Arnold Schwarzenegger takes over Apprentice Do you think he can do better than Tump?
0 messages
12-05-16 06:25 AM
Would Trump ever hire someone without ANY experience?
Does anyone remember the "teaser promo" for the very first Apprentice? I remember that it was Donald in either a helecopter or limo talking abo
11 messages
03-14-16 01:06 PM
Piers Morgan
I have really been impressed by Piers throughout this show. He's very intelligent, classy and very funny. I think this show will significantly e
12 messages
02-26-16 03:20 PM
Episode #11: destination depennestration.
In which the magician learns that the only rule governing the trick is 'I wanted to make you disappear.'
5 messages
02-26-16 02:41 PM
I am grateful
I decided not to have a drinking game where I took a shot every time Aubrey complimented herself. [font size ="0.5"]I will hand it to h
6 messages
02-26-16 02:32 PM
Next Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars. [View All]
Or in other words, all the drama queens and kings from the last few years put together in a single fission bomb of a contestant pool. It%
26 messages
02-26-16 02:30 PM
The Final 2 Lisa Lampenelli and Arsenio???
Who agrees with me that this season is shaping up to have Lisa and Arsenio as the Final2? After all of the ones remaining what other pair would make
10 messages
02-26-16 02:29 PM
Um, Donald?
Might want to tone down just a tad on the fake tan lotion. Or is this a pre-embalming type of fluid? Have at it, folks... a
4 messages
02-26-16 02:28 PM
Will Randal Survive after shaming Trump on his own show?
I was a Randal fan from the very beginning. I was on board with him and believed he was the obvious choice from week 1. He clearly outclassed all the
16 messages
02-26-16 02:25 PM
Fire Carolyn!
Give Rebecca Carolyn's job. Carolyn is such a "Mealy Mouse"! But wait a minute... Trump hired her. Oh I get it! Trump doesn't like rea
4 messages
02-26-16 02:24 PM
In the end...
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-16-05 AT 09:53 AM (EST)[/font] a few thoughts this morning... 1) We have a situat
3 messages
02-26-16 02:22 PM
Firing Star
Thanks George for telling Trump what he should have had the guts to do 2 weeks ago.
11 messages
02-26-16 02:19 PM
Rebecca failed the last task
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 12-16-05 AT 05:24 AM (EST)[/font] DT -> "You must satisfy both clients"
4 messages
02-26-16 11:55 AM
Next Episode Mixing the Teams
Don't you think this past episodewhen they had 6 men and 6 women would've been the right time to mix the teams? After all each team would've h
6 messages
02-26-16 11:54 AM
Boucott The Apprentice (Bet this gets deleted)
When The Apprentice first came out I wanted to be a part of it so bad. I went to great lengths to send in a video that would get me accepted. Well tha
8 messages
02-26-16 11:53 AM
I was in Bloomingdales NY this afternoon and I saw Jennifer Murphy making out with her boyfriend or whatever he was the whole time. They were in th
4 messages
02-26-16 11:52 AM
!!~! Watch The Avengers Movie online &*&^
The Avengers an action adventure a complete entertainment package movie has released now , every one is in hurry to Watch The Avengers Online movie
2 messages
02-26-16 11:51 AM
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