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What makes an Average Joe?
Personality? Appearance? Both? It seemed this season has about 8 average guys and 4+ fat guys and 4+ geeks. Now we know Larissa would never
1 messages
02-16-04 11:08 AM
Episode 6 Summary - “All’s Fayah in Love and Wah”
Welcome to this week’s summary of Average Joe; the show that asks the question “Can 18 average looking guys be fooled into thinking they [I]
5 messages
02-16-04 10:58 AM
Mike K. shouldn't have got the boot
I can not believe so many of you people take things so seriously. The guy was great while he was there. I wish he still was. At least he was honest
3 messages
02-15-04 04:16 PM
When Joes are Cut. (Walk of Shame.)
You know, the interesting thing to me, is the true power of the Joes when they are cut. The Joes are so much more enigmatic, and ge
3 messages
02-13-04 04:34 PM
Smooth Talker Mike C
I was checking and I hadn't notice this topic posted but if it already is I apologize. Was anyone else surprise or completely unsurprise
1 messages
02-12-04 11:22 PM
Official Summary: Episode 5 "The Best Defense is a Good Offense"
Is anyone still watching Average Joe? Waiting for this summary? If so, I apologize profusely, repeatedly and continuously that this summary
8 messages
02-12-04 10:47 PM
Larissa: "Soon as I find out who it is, they're gone." [View All]
I caught one of NBC's promos this evening for Average Joe (while watching The Apprentice, of course .... lol). Anyway, that
Howard Dean
44 messages
02-11-04 11:54 PM
Michael Klein is a turd
If Michael Klein doesn't get kicked off tonight, I will be seriously pissed. He is an egotistical freaking jerk. Tony has every right to be mad
7 messages
02-10-04 06:37 PM
I am going to miss David Daskal this week.....
that guy was a huge nerd, the first day when he threw the watermellon in the pool and thought it was so COOL and jumped around like and idot just sh
2 messages
02-10-04 04:36 PM
What the heck was up with that Theo dude???
that was just plain pathetic last week. He tatle tails over something that wasnt really a big deal, then he draws derogatory photo, gets caught an
3 messages
02-10-04 03:24 PM
Theo the Hero & Awesome Brian
[B]At the Stables of Hawaii:[/B] [B]Larissa rides with the Average Joe's on some Ponys:[/B] The dorks%
4 messages
02-10-04 12:07 PM
Michael Kline R.I.P.
The king of obnoxious is gone! Love it! lol :)
Howard Dean
0 messages
02-10-04 00:43 AM
*OFFICIAL* AJ v2.4 Summary "The One Where Everyone Gets Spanked"
[h3][font color=blue][center]OFFICIAL Average Joe 2 Episode 4 Summary "The One Where Everyone Gets Spanked" [/h3][/fo
6 messages
02-09-04 03:18 PM
Is that new girl Brooke Burns?
It looks like her. If it is then Larissa is in trouble. What do you guys think?
11 messages
02-07-04 07:32 PM
Is it a compliment to call a woman a..... [View All]
beaver? Where I come from (West Coast) it is like calling her a 'piece of a$$'. It isn't even remotely a compliment!!! %0
Chrissy gal
25 messages
02-07-04 02:42 PM
NBC Press release info for last 4 Average Joe 2 episodes
The following is the episode information for the last four episodes of Average Joe 2 that NBC has released as part of its February Sweeps programming
4 messages
02-06-04 02:15 PM
Episode 5 - Comeback Of The Joes?
Wow what a great episode tonight! The Joes really seem to make a comeback. Larissa tells Tony he's still #1 with her, and she has a great da
Howard Dean
15 messages
02-05-04 03:53 PM
some joes are actors? asp?TALENTID=182971 I thought he was a mail room clerk. There is another for Denni
8 messages
02-05-04 02:02 PM
Anyone notice the order of the "Hunks" on the NBC Website?
They are in three rows Pete, Theo, Jerry Gil, James, Michael C Michael K, Todd Notice the top three were the
Wacko Jacko
3 messages
02-05-04 01:54 PM
what is the consensus on Michael C?
I am a bit confused on how no one is mentioning this immature guy and the low down trick he did. He is a jerk and I am a bit disappointed that Lariss
3 messages
02-05-04 09:01 AM
Real Bachelors?
I think you are right that some of the Bachelors are actors. I think I saw one of the new guys on this website last month: [link:www
1 messages
02-05-04 09:00 AM
Do I look like a fat bald guy?
Fredo, Fredo, Fredo....I do like him but that comment, just repeating it over and over again just seemed like he was missing the point about the
3 messages
02-05-04 02:37 AM
AJ's start being men please
First, I realize it's all in the editing and any gripes are suspect as a result, but let's pretend that it isn't so. My gripe wit
13 messages
02-04-04 04:38 PM
Way to go, Sean!
He looks great now! I am so proud of him taking control of his weight. Seeing yourself half-naked in a hot tub with a hot girl certainly fired him
14 messages
02-03-04 08:16 PM
Average Joe
I think there should be an AVERAGE JANE show. Most women do not look like models!
14 messages
02-03-04 07:10 PM
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