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average joe
Hi, Does someone have complete season of average joe on tape. I'd like to see it. Can you help me? thanks
0 messages
12-29-04 12:44 PM
Cosmetic Surgery
I find it ironic that 'reality' tv seems to be increasingly dominated by people who look like they've had cosmetic surgery. Does anyone think or
0 messages
10-18-04 06:10 PM
Who is FABIO???
Hi, I am English, and I am really confused... who is FABIO? I have never heard of him before. Why did Gil leave Larissa when he found out that s
0 messages
10-16-04 09:25 AM
Average Joe, below average choice
The final installment of Average Joe 2 Hawaii is on here in the UK this coming Thursday (14th October) It strikes me that the 'good looking'
0 messages
10-13-04 03:04 PM
Brian Worth
Does anyone know what ever happened to Brian Worth? I mean why didn't they do a Brian returns like they did for Adam?
1 messages
09-30-04 06:36 PM
Average Joe Hawaii question
Just started here, I notice there is a guy crying in the previews who says "The other guys, they're just.. fake". But he's not
11 messages
09-11-04 05:14 PM
The Happy Couple
Got the news off Average Joe Adam Splits with Samantha Thursday May 20, 2004 12:00pm EST A
3 messages
08-31-04 06:42 PM
Seen Average Joe in the uk?Jason has got to win!
Just seen the last but 1 episode in the uk and was really feeling for Adam, but how can she not pick Jason. He is the cutest and the most sensitive
9 messages
08-31-04 04:56 PM
**Official Average Joe Finale Summary: In Which They All Get What They Deserve**
[b]**Official Average Joe Finale Summary: In Which They All Got What They Deserve**[/b] How does a typical finale start
9 messages
08-11-04 04:27 PM
Eric Lindi?
Hi im in the uk and watched the "geeky" average Jo last night. I really liked one of the single guys on there who was chucked out....Eric Lindi%3
0 messages
07-14-04 06:16 AM
Has anyone seen the movie Sleepover (it came out today)? I think the guy from Average Joe 2 who had the brown curly hair and was always happy wa
0 messages
07-09-04 07:23 PM
I've just finished wathcing 'Average Joe' here in Denmark where I live... And I'd just like to ask who Fabio is? Because I have
1 messages
07-03-04 11:09 AM
Larissa was a hopeful for The Next Action Star
Anyone else watch the tryouts last night? I had to chuckle when they showed several shots of Larissa throughout the show. :o Unfortunately, th
2 messages
06-26-04 04:45 PM
Average Joe 1 comes to GSN on June 16th.
It must have been in Melana's World Series of Blackjack contract: two hours of air time in prime time per week. Oh, well. Shallow floats.%
1 messages
06-10-04 09:16 AM
Real description of Average Jane
Taken directly from the realitytvworld article: Here is the casting call description for the casting of the next Average Jane:
0 messages
06-08-04 07:23 PM
Will we see more of Average Joe???? [View All]
Is this the last installment of Average Joe? Or will we see more? How about "Average Joe: Brian returns?" Or "Average Jane: Rachel
Howard Dean
23 messages
05-27-04 08:58 PM
cant stop watching the shows
hey everyone im form australia and we havent had average joe 3 yet but i know i will watch it when it come here. i was soooooooooooo upset when i saw
0 messages
05-08-04 02:00 AM
Rachel is now Unemployed [View All] 40204/b0102averageteach.html
26 messages
04-27-04 06:42 PM
Win An Evening With Rachel Goetz! (Or Maybe A Phone Call)
Rachel Goetz, the gal some 85% of visitors to NBC's Average Joe 3 website think Adam should have picked, is having a charity raffle on Thursda
0 messages
04-22-04 08:12 PM
Impressions of the AJ3 contestants
What did you think about the contestants?
2 messages
04-21-04 05:40 PM
Which show had more losers? AJ1, AJ2, or AJ3?
I would discount AJ3 right away, because I don't think any of the gals were even remotely on the same level as some of the guys on the first two s
3 messages
04-16-04 02:48 AM
Who's pinch-hitting for Escapedude on the Episode #4 summary?
Just curious because I was otherwise occupied through half the final dates and got back just in time for the cutdown to two. And given the way the ser
0 messages
04-12-04 04:56 PM
What was so great about Adam anyway?
I never watched this show before or the previous one, but I watched the finale because my girlfriend wanted to see it. THIS was the guy so many wome
beech buchanan
5 messages
04-12-04 02:16 PM
What a loser!!!! I hope they purchase alot of cute dog clothes together.
1 messages
04-12-04 08:53 AM
Why do people think Samantha was better looking?
I thought Rachel was stunning at the last episode walking down in that dress, and you can tell she would look good even in the morning. Samantha loo
6 messages
04-12-04 01:26 AM
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