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If I was Adam... [View All]
A guys prespective.... From first impressions, if I had to make a choice, I'd choose Jennifer Lifshitz. She was the one that smiled
22 messages
03-17-04 05:37 PM
Piece of advise to Adam
Take the bikini models. A guy like you will never have an opportunity like this. There is enough time to find a wife.
0 messages
03-17-04 05:08 PM
To ALL the average Joes out there.
Well, It was proved once again last night that women in todays society are just as shallow they claim us men to be, and that nice guys do fi
17 messages
03-16-04 11:49 PM
What will the Average Janes look like?
Now I know most will think 'fat' but really what would you think they will look like? And do you think that we will have more simpat
12 messages
03-16-04 11:41 PM
Final 3- Anyone care to guess?
I am thinking Amy, Rachel and Anna.
0 messages
03-16-04 04:17 PM
Adam tells Elizabeth, upon receiving a hot tub invitation, "Well, I just had my back waxed." Is this a trend on reality shows now? Steve%2
4 messages
03-16-04 12:45 PM
Names and photos of Adam's women [View All]
Names, etc: cles/story.php?s=2356 Photos: http://
32 messages
03-16-04 10:56 AM
melana and the idiot
so...does anyone have an information regrding whwther melana is still with the possibly bisexual schmuck she chose?
3 messages
03-16-04 10:26 AM
Not a fan of the so called "Average Joes"
Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum, an Australia guy viewer and therefore just saw the final result of Average Joe 1 last night (Mar
9 messages
03-15-04 11:56 PM
From what I could see last night..they will start off with the babes and then bring in the average Janes...hmmm..will adam go with the babe or the ave
LisaP mom of three
15 messages
03-11-04 12:35 PM
Show is fixed
This show is so stupid it's funny. They have it all scripted
1 messages
03-10-04 12:30 PM
interesting news on Gil
I just read in a gossip forum that our dear Gil is a stripper at a "men only" bar and that leads to the real reason he left. Also read a great art
10 messages
03-08-04 06:28 PM
Larissa and Gil are still together! Or are they really??? [View All]
Okay, I just saw the Today Show, and L and G were on there, holding hands, saying they were still together! They said the ending looked lik
carolina girl
25 messages
03-07-04 01:36 AM
Fabio! [View All]
That might be the funniest thing I've ever seen. Oh my God! I'm in tears. Fabio is a deal-breaker! There are a lot of things a
89 messages
03-06-04 01:46 AM
does Gil have a brain?
first of all, he left for little reason. next, in the episodes, he seemed kinda dumb. let me know if any of you think he had no pers
0 messages
03-04-04 02:02 AM
Larissa CHOSE how this would all end..........
Being an AJ instead of a hunk made me root for Brian just like most of the rest of you tonight, but one could see all along that Larissa w
12 messages
03-03-04 02:24 AM
Shallow deserves shallow.
I just saw the final episode, and was sick to my stomach when Larissa chose Gil. I knew the better looking guy would win. Looks always win
15 messages
03-03-04 01:43 AM
The home visit
One thing struck me odd about the home visits. Last week we were treated to Jim's idea of a good time in Scottsdale, which consisted of some rock
4 messages
03-03-04 01:31 AM
New Posters - Please Read Before Posting
First off, welcome to the forums. I'd just like to give you some quick pointers to make your time here enjoyable, and to spare any "Hey, y%
9 messages
03-03-04 00:00 AM
Melana to be featured in a new show
For anyone who might still be interested in what poor misguided Melana is up to these days, she will be involved in hostess duties on a new show co
2 messages
03-02-04 10:48 PM
Brian chatting on at 2PM Tuesday...
[i]CHATS Noon Tues: CPAs Michael O'Malley and William Colangeli, members of the Mass. Society of CPAs, chat about taxes. 2 pm Tu
8 messages
03-02-04 08:35 PM
Isn't Fabio like 40+?
Something no one has mentioned, if Larissa is in her 20s and Fabio was hot in the late 80s--doesn't it mean she was dating a man like twice her ag
0 messages
03-02-04 07:28 PM
Larissa thread
Same as Gil Thread 1. Positive or negative rants 2. Recent news with links please! Thanks
1 messages
03-02-04 07:18 PM
1. Positive rants 2. Recent news with links please! I'll start see the online chat with Brian Worth today court
2 messages
03-02-04 07:17 PM
Gil Thread
Any interesting info about Gil should be posted here. 1. Positive (yeah right) or negative rants 2. Info (with links please) o
1 messages
03-02-04 07:17 PM
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