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Adam was afraid of a serious relationship
My opinion, for whatever it's worth, is that Adam KNEW that Rachel was the right one, but he was afraid of commitment, and he was so pressur
0 messages
04-06-04 12:46 PM
He should have picked Amy!
Okay, if Samantha was the choice for looks and Rachel was the choice for substance, then I say he should've compromised between the two and pick
2 messages
04-06-04 12:20 PM
Lust and Beauty Fade
Lust and beauty fade, but what a person is, or isn't, made of lasts a life time. Apparently Adam can afford to keep throwing money
0 messages
04-06-04 12:16 PM
Samatha Losing Her Hair
Did anyone notice that Samatha seems to be losing her hair? I think on top of all the money that Adam will waste on her, he will end up having to
1 messages
04-06-04 11:43 AM
MADAM I'M ADAM (palindrome)
Rachel was perfect for him. Cute, not gorgeous (exactly like him) Wholesome, not phony (again, like him) and she's Jewish (just
0 messages
04-06-04 11:28 AM
I will not watch another one of these shows,Adam did just as the women before him. I am so angry with the way he chose. Adam shallow is never nice
1 messages
04-06-04 10:27 AM
Adam is a millionaire in the first episode was just a spoof...
The twist should have been that the whole "Adam is a millionaire" in the first episode was just a spoof to set up the money vipers for the second
1 messages
04-06-04 10:14 AM
Adam's Future
I see the light... My crystal ball has been dusted off and it is clearly in focus...and what I see is not pretty. Adam, You and Samantha
0 messages
04-06-04 09:55 AM
Final 2 predictions [View All]
I predict Rachel and The Gamer. I think Adam wants The Gamer, but his family wants Rachel. Personally, I like Amy, who has a quiet co
22 messages
04-06-04 09:03 AM
Adam is a moron!
Samantha drove me crazy with that stupid dog. How could he choose this fake ##### over such a wonderful person like Rachael? He really m
1 messages
04-06-04 08:36 AM
Unless you Paris Hilton you gotta work for it Biatch!
Samantha disgusted me with all the talk about what she thought she deserved, like the world owed her something. Unless you Paris Hilton you gotta wo
0 messages
04-06-04 06:48 AM
What would Rachel do?
Ok, a lot of people are criticizing Adam for chosing Samantha over Rachel. I don't think he did it for looks since Rachel is every bit if not more
0 messages
04-06-04 06:06 AM
east coast vs. west coast
i have to admit that i much preferred the two blonde girls from the west coast. they were both attractive and down to earth. this show confirmed th
3 messages
04-06-04 05:38 AM
Samantha "Trashing" Christine - What's That About?
I really hoped that Adam would not choose Samantha (and I really liked Rachel), particularly after she decided to trash Christine on camera (%
1 messages
04-06-04 05:33 AM
I am soooo glad Adam chose Samantha!!!!
After being such a jerk and totally playing each girls heart like a fiddle, he deserves to be with Samantha! I hope she brings that stu
4 messages
04-06-04 05:33 AM
Adam Pulls A Larissa .... And Malena
Once again, the "exciting" person got chosen over the "good" person. The same thing that Larissa did when she chose Gill over Brian and Mal
Howard Dean
0 messages
04-06-04 05:28 AM
Oh NO He Didn't
I thought he was smart , but how can he not see he just did to Rachel , what was done to himself??? Tommorrow when he wakes up he will
1 messages
04-06-04 03:59 AM
Terrible Mistake
All Adam could say about Sam was "she's so hot". Once the facination with her looks wears off, he will see that she is just a high main
6 messages
04-06-04 03:49 AM
Adam is just like the others, out for the show girl!!
He gave what he got, a broken heart to the best person. So I guess he's not so special after all. By the way he acted about the DOG, I thou
2 messages
04-06-04 03:44 AM
Confession of an Average Joe...
Well here it is the end of another series of "Average Joe", and I'll admit from the start... I was hooked from the first episode. I think
1 messages
04-06-04 03:27 AM
I can't believe I fell for it, again!
After watching the first Average Joe, I vowed that I would not watch anymore. I got suckered in. How horrible of NBC to play with people's emoti
1 messages
04-06-04 02:50 AM
I am absolutely sick to my stomach!!!
I want to say that I am completely shocked with Adam's final decision. But really, this is what happens everytime, so it's almost predictable
0 messages
04-06-04 02:42 AM
Adam "The Dork" Mesh
Is it just me, or did it seem like Adam got dorkier as the shows went on. This guy lacks social skills and can't handle a serious situa
0 messages
04-06-04 02:37 AM
samatha's dog
Did anyone else think that maybe Samantha was farting and just blaming it on the dog in tonight's episode? Just a thought.
5 messages
04-06-04 01:21 AM
Average Joe Losers Show?
After tonight's final show, I thought of this new show. They could have all the contestants have a Forever Eden date-off. Free for all! %0
0 messages
04-06-04 01:01 AM
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