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Average Joe theme song
Does anyone know what the theme song is and where I could get a copy?
0 messages
03-30-04 01:13 PM
cat fight
have been watching the promos for the next episode of Average Joe and it seems the women get to watch video of Adam "making out" with the other co
0 messages
03-29-04 08:39 AM
Adam on Leno
Heard that Adam is going to be on Leno this tuesday!
2 messages
03-28-04 11:05 PM
Offical Average Joe: Adam Returns Episode #1 Summary: They shall come back, come back again...
In the beginning, NBC created Adam. (Actually, if you want to get technical about it, his parents created him. NBC just took all the credit.
6 messages
03-25-04 07:46 PM
'You mean you could have taken your hand out of that cuff at any time?'
Hold it. So if Melana or Larissa had approached the producers and said 'This shipment of hunks is completely unfair to the original contestant pool
14 messages
03-25-04 11:12 AM
Official Average Joe 2 Episode 8 Summary: Fredo Calls Larissa On Her “Career Move.”
Did you catch the moment near the beginning of last week’s episode when Fredo confronted Larissa about the show being a career move for her? It h
Howard Dean
9 messages
03-25-04 03:55 AM
Average Joe Hawaii: Episode 7 Official Summary
[h2]My Big, Fat, Obnoxious... Momma![/h2] Welcome to week 4,612 of Average Joe Hawaii. Tempers flared last week,
12 messages
03-24-04 04:55 PM
Bikini Models GONE! Single Moms, and the emotions run high [View All]
you know, if there's one thing, about this show, that is changing my interpretations its the women vs the men. Adam being allowed t
36 messages
03-24-04 04:07 PM
Who got booted on the 2nd episode?
I missed the last five minutes of the show-who got booted this week?
5 messages
03-24-04 03:41 PM
At least one of the "bikini girls" is an actress...
The one with the short brown hair, Angel, is an actress and former Playboy model. She was also on the Playboy Fear seems that she'
carolina girl
2 messages
03-24-04 11:39 AM
Adam Returns, Pick the Final Two & Week 3 Bootees, 3/23
remaining contestants: Heather C. Jennifer A. Jennifer L. Christine M. Courtney B Rachel G. Stephanie C Trac
1 messages
03-23-04 07:45 PM
not an variety of women to choose
Did Adam of the Average Joe say specific that he did not want any women of color, asian or latin american women on the show to choose from or were t
16 messages
03-23-04 12:16 PM
Swimsuit Models are the hottest EVER!
Im a strait guy and happy to see what I'm seeing:)
7 messages
03-23-04 10:53 AM
I was really disappointed with Adam. I completely have no respect for him now. Dismissing a women because she has a child was cold and completely in
21 messages
03-23-04 08:27 AM
What do you think Adam's twist will be???
... Good Evening Other than business and screenplay boards, I've never posted. I admit it. I'm completely hooked. Try th
2 messages
03-23-04 04:42 AM
The selection process [View All]
What did y'all think about the selection process for the show? I thought it was really clever to bring Dennis, Tareq, Craig, Jay, and Joe
carolina girl
24 messages
03-23-04 04:13 AM
Didn't Jennifer get the boot...?
I thought that the short Jennifer (large nose) got booted in episode 1, yet I see her in episode 2. I am seeing it correctly?
2 messages
03-23-04 04:07 AM
what do you think Adam's twist will be??? [View All]
Hi, y'all! In the previews for upcoming shows, it mentioned that, of course, they were gonna bring in some hot women (swimsuit models%2
carolina girl
21 messages
03-23-04 01:52 AM
I saw Cheeseboy Theo on "Blind Date" the other night..I have heard about him being a reality /dating tv DAW... He was try ing to scor
2 messages
03-22-04 08:35 PM
Whats up with his beard?
Can someone buy this guy a razor?
3 messages
03-22-04 07:08 PM
Adam Returns, Pick the Final Two, 3/14
Brittany D. and Amy W. ery/showphoto.php?photo=1658&password=&sort=1&size=mediu
18 messages
03-22-04 02:19 PM
Who looks stupider right now? Gil? Larissa? Brian? NBC?
[b]Gil?[/b] He leaves Larissa because of Fabio? Give me a break! That's the lamest thing I have ever heard of in
Howard Dean
20 messages
03-21-04 02:41 AM
Jason as a girl??
Nobody has really pointed this out yet, but was I the only one that thought it was a little WEIRD that Jason sat on the average janes' bus dressed
9 messages
03-20-04 11:13 PM
First Average Joe...?
Coz I live in Australia, we get things a billion years later than you guys so would anyone be able to tell me if they have heard any updates on how
4 messages
03-19-04 01:36 AM
Adam's Website
here is the link
0 messages
03-18-04 02:51 PM
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