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My Theory Holds! [View All]
First, let me say this. Good job Adam. You went with your instincts, and I can't fault you for that. I for one, am not disappointed in you. Wh
Big Slick
23 messages
04-08-04 07:39 PM
What the hell was he thinking??? [View All]
Anyone noticed Samantha was paying more attention to her stupid dog than Adam... I can't beleive he went for fake Samantha rath
23 messages
04-08-04 07:24 PM
Adam and Sam -- still together?
Does anyone know if Adam and Sam are still dating? (Or did she dump him promptly after watching his parents go off on her??)
5 messages
04-08-04 01:25 PM
Adam chose "easy" over romance
I guess with Adam's looks (sorry, I don't find him attractive, and no, I'm not shallow - but come on, he's a millionaire, he can a
1 messages
04-08-04 09:07 AM
Adam on the Today show?
Was Adam on the Today show this morning? I know that they had Melana and Mr. Personality on after the show and have had bootees on from previous sh
1 messages
04-08-04 07:58 AM
What's the next one?
Is it Brian's turn to turn down a nice girl for a money grubber like Samantha? I hope they let David Daskel do it. Rachel wasn't a stunning be
6 messages
04-08-04 07:37 AM
Any doofus on TV will get laid (Female Beergoogles)
no women like Samantha would bat an eye at him and I also include the majority of the women at the show including rachel. The guy is not pa
1 messages
04-08-04 02:47 AM
Message to Samatha
Teachers spend their day with children like yours, teaching them how to be decent human beings while you spend your day with shallow adults!!!
14 messages
04-07-04 10:52 PM
Adam on Seacrest Show
Adam called in on the Ryan Seacrest Show yesterday. He was calling from his apartment, and when Ryan asked about Samantha, Adam asked Ryan if he w
0 messages
04-07-04 10:00 PM
ADAM: Biggest DOG on the block
Let's face it... Adam's choice was the most superficial one out of all 3 shows. He rejected the "supermodels" because they looked lik
1 messages
04-07-04 09:38 AM
Duplicate posts
IV. AVOID DUPLICATE POSTS Do not post the same discussion more than once on a discussion forum or on multiple forums. Weeding through duplicate d
7 messages
04-07-04 09:05 AM
NBC does it again [View All]
i hate NBC. Everytime they edit the last show to make it look like the underdog and overall better person will win. However, everytime we are let
29 messages
04-07-04 08:51 AM
Rachel Goetz Is An Angel
Hi Im a 31 year old single Jewish guy from Canada and if it was up to me this last installment of Average Joe would have been stopped after round one.
1 messages
04-07-04 07:05 AM
NBC Edited the show, Adam is in lust and has no game
After three failed shows in which the audience was totally surprised at the outcome, it is obvious that NBC edits the show to make the underdog look
0 messages
04-06-04 10:57 PM
Average Joe proves he IS average after all.
Why should we be surprised? He is just another shallow man who picked the shallow girl. They deserve each other! Hope that poor, over-dressed
0 messages
04-06-04 10:53 PM
I loved adam..and now i strongly dislike him.I can't believe he did that.He should have listened to his mother.Mothers do know best.Another thing I
5 messages
04-06-04 09:51 PM
Human Nature
3 shows now. Every time the person of substance gets on the bus and the one with nicer looks gets chosen. The one exception might be the first show%
5 messages
04-06-04 09:43 PM
wheres rachel now
is there a web site for rachel? who i think should have won.
6 messages
04-06-04 09:42 PM
Rachel should have her own show
I think Rachel should have her own show. Maybe we could see a little class for a change. Rachel is the genuine article and certainly would never disap
6 messages
04-06-04 09:41 PM
I knew guys like adam. Why nice guys fail, what will happen
They were the dweebs that were rejected by the cheerleaders but ignored the cute smart girls who had a crush on them. Guys like Adam always chased for
2 messages
04-06-04 09:38 PM
Average Joe: Adam Returns summaries
OK, I realize this is kinda at the last minute, but someone just asked me if we were going to be doing summaries for this FOUR PART series and I r
10 messages
04-06-04 05:13 PM
Dumbass Joe
I can't believe he went through all that & then ends up picking the stupid dog chick! WTF!!! He even said himself "She ha
0 messages
04-06-04 02:16 PM
As to be expected
You can't trust people to do the right thing anymore. Everyone felt sorry for that big toothed idiot so they gave the dumb Joe his own shot at prov
0 messages
04-06-04 01:16 PM
SPOlLER ALERT - From Leno Last Night
Surprised no one else mentioned this on the board yet. Looked to me like they gave the winner away. Just before Adam came out
Wacko Jacko
9 messages
04-06-04 01:11 PM
Adam--there for the right reasons???
What a joke!!! Adam had me hooked as an adorable, sweet and intelligent guy----all that went out the window last night. He proved to be as s
0 messages
04-06-04 12:56 PM
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