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Larissa Is An Employee Of Donald Trump
Larissa is the publicity face of Donald's Taj Mahal Casino in New Jersey. Trump also owns Miss USA and Miss Universe. Larissa wa
Howard Dean
14 messages
02-24-04 07:29 PM
Both Finalists Blow!
Make that... the last 3 finalists blow! None of these guys are A-list material. Everyone says how sweet and nice Brian is. Sure, BUT...
1 messages
02-24-04 01:56 PM
The only good thing...
The only possitive effect that this experience will have on Brian in that he has gained a lot of confidence in himself and women find that very attrac
0 messages
02-24-04 08:28 AM
this show is officially over
thats right, OVER. because at this point it really doesnt matter who the hell larissa picks, we all know who the real winner is. YEAH
2 messages
02-24-04 07:51 AM
Frido in the Submarine
Why would they put Frido in the submarine to see Larissa's date? It has to be because she was going to send Brian home and the show thought it wo
3 messages
02-24-04 03:14 AM
Larissa's Secret!
I think I've got it! Look what I found on a website. .html "...But
0 messages
02-24-04 00:41 AM
This weekend I saw a movie called Irreversible and I couldn't help but think about how it relates to Average Joe. Some may question how I can compa
0 messages
02-24-04 00:19 AM
Theo on Dating Show?
A friend of mine swears that he has seen Theo on a dating show (might've said Blind Date, not sure) twice! I was just wondering if anyo
1 messages
02-24-04 00:16 AM
what does Brian do?
Forgive me if this was discussed before - but what does Brian do? Is he really just an auditor or is he really some kind of spy - or were they just
1 messages
02-24-04 00:11 AM
has anyone seen this? very funny.
1 messages
02-23-04 03:37 PM
Adam I Love You!
I am so glad for Adam's sake that Melena, who proved to be much more shallow than I gave her credit for, didn't pick him. Adam,
4 messages
02-23-04 00:07 AM
is Tony ill???
I just went into Tony's website (linked off Larissa's) and in his bio he says something to the effect of having a tough childhood with his hea
6 messages
02-22-04 00:25 AM
"I'm normally not attracted to guys.... [View All]
who don't take care of themselves" Or so said Larissa on her jacuzzi date with Sean. Yet Michael C. is out for saying fat people are l
59 messages
02-21-04 06:40 AM
Larissa vs Melana - your preference? [View All]
Maybe it's a little too early to bring up this topic. But who do you prefer. I personally thought Melana was more attractive but Larissa
Wacko Jacko
40 messages
02-21-04 06:26 AM
Brian's real
I loved Brian in the 'meet momma' episode when they asked him his choice between the Bosox in the 7th game and the art show. It was a
1 messages
02-20-04 08:20 PM
A Preview From The Finale ... Bad News?
I don't know how many noticed it, but in the previews last night they showed a short clip from the finale, mixed in with footage from next
Howard Dean
8 messages
02-19-04 12:29 PM
Avg. Joe 1 - are they still together?
I scanned the message boards for an update but couldn't find one. Anyone know any updates on the first series couple?
1 messages
02-19-04 09:00 AM
Bye Tony! [View All]
I must admit I was shocked to see Tony get ejected this evening ...although I'm sure that I was nowhere near as shocked as he was.
Howard Dean
39 messages
02-18-04 01:20 AM
Tony's Paintings on Larissa's Website?
There is a link to Tony's website on Larissa's website, as well as a link to Mike Spitaletto's website. There are also severa
Howard Dean
16 messages
02-17-04 09:27 PM
Michael C. was just honest last night... I love him
Hi there, Micheal C. was just honest when he answered the questions, he did not play like the other guys... He was the best guy in the w
0 messages
02-17-04 04:09 PM
In Defense of Larissa and The Promo
I am somewhat surprised that many found Larissa to be hypo- critical when she booted Michael C. for his "fat" remarks because this jerk
2 messages
02-17-04 02:42 PM
There's Something About Fredo
I predicted tonight that Fredo would be one of the remaining 3 AJs (along with Brian W. and, of course, Tony). Why, I don't know. I don'
11 messages
02-17-04 02:11 PM
i got the end of this someone help me out...something about adam coming back to average joe....what is this about? if i missed a post about this sor
3 messages
02-17-04 12:46 PM
Lessons Learned from Average Joe
Both the original Average Joe and Average Joe II are teaching us lessons. We are forever indebted to both Malena and Larissa for their help.
Howard Dean
6 messages
02-17-04 10:58 AM
Michael C in the final 2? NO NOOOOO!
LEADOFF! Woah man.. Say it aint so? >>I wouldn't be surprised to see Michael C"orleone" in the Final 2 (with Tony). He ha
4 messages
02-17-04 10:54 AM
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