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Italian casting?
Is it me or have I noticed an unusual amount of Italian men casting for this show? Just wondering if Larissa has a preferrence for that t
1 messages
02-03-04 04:58 PM
Tony still bartending?
Does anyone know if Tony is still bartending at the Tremont Hotel in Boston, MA? If he is.......what nights???
0 messages
02-03-04 03:25 PM
HELP! Who did she boot???? What's this about Sean????
I was soooo tired I fell asleep and missed the last 5 mins! Someone please help me! Who did she boot? I heard Theo (thank God!!!!)
1 messages
02-03-04 02:38 PM
Michael C. is disgusting
Michael C's true colors came out when he called Larissa a beaver. I knew the type of individual he was from the first moment he stepped up to the
1 messages
02-03-04 01:43 PM
does anyone know what sean's website is????
1 messages
02-03-04 10:46 AM
1st Average Joe
I watched the first Average Joe all the time and I really enjoyed it until those "non" average guys came. If this show was trying to show how shal
1 messages
02-02-04 10:24 AM
AJ or Hunk in the sillouette?
Remember in the first Average Joe, at the beginning of the show, there was always a sillouette of a couple, one of them being Melana and an unkn
warp_core breach
17 messages
02-02-04 03:34 AM
A recent polls shows that Melana is annoying
In a recent poll Melana Scantlin is topping the poll as "annoying". This may not help her show business career. http://www.amian
2 messages
01-31-04 03:34 PM
Episode 4 - I need 2 things cleared up please?
Did anyone catch how Fredo knew Michael C. from Cleveland? Michael said that Fredo looked like he had "seen a ghost". That sounded like there w
11 messages
01-31-04 12:47 PM
Episode 4 - Did you notice this scene?
Larissa is all giggly back at her house after the studs (jerks) have joined the show. "I don't think I've ever dated any guys as hot
Howard Dean
7 messages
01-30-04 07:08 PM
Episode 4
Hi All... Would anyone out there have #4 on tape that they could share with me? All expenses incurred will be reimbursed. P
0 messages
01-29-04 07:00 PM
anybody tape episode 4 1/26??
Help - my cable went out and missed last night's episode. Anybody tape it? Please let me know asap and we can make some arrangements. THANKS!
1 messages
01-28-04 05:11 PM
Official Average Joe 2 Episode 3 Summary: The Invasion Of The Jerks
If you've seen NBC’s endless promos for Average Joe 2, you knew like everyone else that Week 3 was when the “hunks” were going to sho
Howard Dean
6 messages
01-27-04 11:14 PM
Average Joe Millionaire
The NBC website is taking applications from women for "Average Joe: Adam Returns". I can think of a better name. We all learned on the last ep
4 messages
01-27-04 08:47 PM
3 messages
01-27-04 06:33 PM
average high school
Actually I turned it off early, it was as absurd as arranged marriages, you almost expect them all to break out into some musical routine from a b
2 messages
01-27-04 04:23 PM
Episode 4 summary?
OK gang, I regret that I had to leave during the show and did not get home until it was over. Can someone give me a quick update of who got booted%
9 messages
01-27-04 12:17 PM
Releasing my inner snob. [View All]
Ok, I'm going to be honest. Those guys aren't just average joes. They're freaks of nature! The guy with the curly hair is a c
46 messages
01-27-04 08:05 AM
does anyone have any info on the cutie pie artist with the zigzag beard????
I can't remember his name - and I don't feel like looking it up right now - but you know who I mean ... I LOVE him!! She would be so lucky to
1 messages
01-27-04 00:08 AM
Does Larissa kiss every guy who tries?
I think Larissa is going for the Bachelor Bob Kissy-face award! She is kissing so many of the guys! Fredo didn't kiss her because he is cool a
Chrissy gal
7 messages
01-25-04 08:19 PM
who's crying now?
On the previews for next week, who is the guy who's crying? It doesn't look like any of the Joes. Could it be Michael, or is it one of the
1 messages
01-25-04 05:40 PM
they're such jerks [View All]'s the disclaimer: I know that this is exactly what the producers want me to feel. Yes, I'm taking the bait. T
29 messages
01-25-04 03:19 PM
1st Average Joe couple on Days of Our Lives
They had Melana (jeez...I already forgot how to spell her name!) and Jason on the soap Days of our Lives on Thursday. They were in a kissing bo
0 messages
01-24-04 10:53 PM
David's in "Win A Date with Tad Hamilton"
Just saw the new movie, "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton", and mailroom David from Average Joe Hawaii was in it. He's an "extra" that work
1 messages
01-23-04 03:04 PM
Did Larissa say "Welcome Back" to the first Supermodel?
I believe that Larissa said "Welcome Back" "Nice to See You Again" to the first Supermodel who invaded the Average Joe House at the end of the
9 messages
01-21-04 08:45 PM
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