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7 messages
03-02-04 03:19 PM
Once again..............
Once again she picks the good looking guy. I don't see how NBC can still call this show Average Joe when the good looking ones keeping winning and n
0 messages
03-02-04 02:53 PM
larissa is no "prize"
I think the most discouraging thing about this show was that all the Average Joes were on the show to prove that "the average guy can get the girl.%
10 messages
03-02-04 12:53 PM
Why did people like Brian??
I am shocked that so many people liked Brian so much. In my eyes he was completely annoying. It is not shallow for her to not have picked the averag
1 messages
03-02-04 11:42 AM
Where did the get the AJs?
Where did they get these freaks? There was a fat guy that had a C cup. Did they think they had a chance? Please! The only smart guy was the
0 messages
03-02-04 11:18 AM
AJ lesson
The show was very funny. All the AJs were shallow. They approached this girl based only in her looks. But she shows some of the same traits, all the
0 messages
03-02-04 10:51 AM
Brian, what a looser!
The girl was totally out of his league. The guy has no looks, no charisma, a lousy job, no money and no inteligence if he believed for a second
0 messages
03-02-04 10:38 AM
NBC Abducted
NBC is taken over by hillariously funny aliens who decide to shoot their own parody ending of Average Joe. The public is baffled, nbc ruined, and
7 messages
03-02-04 10:34 AM
Sympathy for Larissa
I am sure I am not the only one.
1 messages
03-02-04 10:07 AM
What has really happened?
Lirrisa and Gil were, supposedly, togeather on one of the morning talkshows. Seems they are back togeather but I'd like to know if anyone else
0 messages
03-02-04 10:04 AM
Gil was looking for a reason to leave her
He left her because she used to date Fabio??? LMAO He was LOOKING for a reason to dump her. He just wanted to further his acting car
8 messages
03-02-04 09:45 AM
Where was Larissa?????
Does anyone know where I could find a tape of Fabio getting hit in the face by the bird on the roller coaster? I just wonder if she was there when i
0 messages
03-02-04 09:05 AM
Shallow Gal Dumped by Insecure Gil.
I think we are all too blown away by the "why" to see the real beauty of the moment. It was sweet irony in a modern love story. Of course Fabio is
6 messages
03-02-04 03:33 AM
An alternate ending...
What if they showed the ending to a screened audience and the screened audience hated Larissa picking Gil over Brian? Then, they made a
2 messages
03-02-04 03:28 AM
Can't wait to see all the follow-up interviews!
I just have to say that I can't wait to how Gil, Larissa (and Brian?) act on all the follow-up interviews, like on The Today Show, Tonig
carolina girl
5 messages
03-02-04 03:19 AM
I guess only a real woman would know how to spot a REAL BOSTONIAN MAN. You really deserved what you got. Brian was the lucky one not having to deal La
5 messages
03-02-04 03:09 AM
Am I the only person in America who thought Brian was a bit off?
Okay...I have to admit. I was, of course, rooting for Brian in the end (mostly because Gil was such a cold fish -- boring, not really that re
14 messages
03-02-04 03:06 AM
"Stupid Is, As Stupid Does" or "Run Brian, Run"
You are courageous for saying something about our poor sweet Brian. O.K. he looks like a chronic masturbator, but so did other skinny gangly yo
0 messages
03-02-04 02:13 AM
who is fabio?
Who is Fabio??? I am french, so i don't understand it all... I just want to know who is he, and where i was supposed to see him%
Jamie Kiwi
4 messages
03-02-04 01:45 AM
Larissa picks two Fabios
Neither works out too well. When might she learn from these mistakes? She's 25 now (which is still pretty young) . . . . BTW, g
3 messages
03-02-04 01:33 AM
"Gil Once Dated Fabio!
I'm watching the episode again (East/West Episode). I realize what happened. I was drinking beer and eating nachos when I dropped a nach
1 messages
03-02-04 01:25 AM
What was her secret?
Does anyone know?
0 messages
03-02-04 00:37 AM
why fredo
Could somebody tell me why Fredo was "chosen" for that submarine ride? Why him and him alone and nobody else? I wondered about that from the t
1 messages
03-02-04 00:09 AM
Line of the night from Fredo [View All]
After watching them on the island for a bit and getting a good dose of how unbelievably vapid Jim is, I burst out laughing when Fredo blurted out ex
24 messages
03-02-04 00:00 AM
Reality TV Heroes
The guys that edit this show are the real heroes of reality tv. Just when you think they couldn't make Gil look any dumber they pull Fabio out of L
0 messages
03-01-04 11:48 PM
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