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Average Joe Replay???
I missed the first 40 minutes of this weeks show,, but at the end of the show NBC says you can watch the replay on Bravo. So I went to Bravo's
Wacko Jacko
0 messages
07-21-05 04:46 PM
the final two
I think that Josh and Rocky will be the final two. Anyone agree? I also think that Rocky will win in the end. Ohh, but what a prize!!!
6 messages
07-21-05 02:31 PM
Did the producers pre-select the Joes who would get makeovers?
Everyone's always speculated on all these shows that the producers have the "selector" (be it a bachelor/bachelorette, the Donald, etc.%
4 messages
07-21-05 02:26 PM
Jesus make-over
Holy Cow! I couldn't believe the make-over on last nights Average Joe! I can't remember his name, but he the one they all say looks like J
13 messages
07-20-05 12:52 PM
The madeover AJ's return next week --
-- but to what effect? For once, the previews were careful not to give anything away: I didn't spot any of the returnees in the Tahiti shots
5 messages
07-20-05 12:45 PM
All things Dante...
My fave is gone so soon! I loved Dante! Let's talk about him and things he could have done differently! I loved the f
5 messages
07-20-05 09:54 AM
Official Summary: Average Joe 4, Episode 3: Whole Lotta Hurtin' Goin' On
[font size=3][b]Official Summary: Average Joe 4, Episode 3: Whole Lotta Hurtin' Goin' On or Hunks of What%3
8 messages
07-18-05 04:34 PM
Anna Chudoba is a fake !!!!!!!! or should I say PIPPI LONGSTOCKING
I think Anna is a fake little flower. The first muscle guy she gets in the hottub with she is all over him like a slut, sucking his face off. I fee
12 messages
07-18-05 12:24 PM
Anna's interview today: "Did you find true love? 'I did! We're very happy.'" Is there a good clue who she chose in that interview?
After saying that she fell in love with one of the men on the show, she was then asked: "What do you hope viewers will learn?" %0
11 messages
07-17-05 04:07 PM
Dime a dozen
I just saw my first episode of Average Joe. I have not been watching much TV over the summer. I was bored and decided to watch the third episode. Anna
2 messages
07-17-05 02:19 PM
Melana form Season 1
OK I could be wrong but I think I have been seeing Melana fome season 1 of Average Joe in some Wendy's Commercials. They are kind of a ta
5 messages
07-16-05 10:24 PM
bogus wrestling matches
What was the deal with those wrestling matches? With all due respect to Jason, no way could he beat Josh - he had no muscle tone and was easily o
14 messages
07-16-05 11:56 AM
Get 'em Clay
Nice job of Clay to take it to the hunks in dodgeball. I wish they had shown more of it. Do you really think that they played only one game? I kn
1 messages
07-14-05 08:14 PM
Carson's corner.
Dear Carson, I just wanted to let you know I was behind you all the way. I'm openly rooting for you to be the hunks' representative
9 messages
07-14-05 07:19 PM
Anna's website
Anna has that porn star look. Not that I'm complaining.
2 messages
07-14-05 04:20 PM
Makeovers and returning Joes?
So, when do the made-over AJs make their return? ds/User_files/42c571626bb77601.jpg
0 messages
07-14-05 10:31 AM
the "hunks"
The producers of the show have made them all look pretty arogant and superficial. I don't beleive they are really like that but....if they are...I
14 messages
07-13-05 05:11 PM
Reasons to watch this show
I don't care if they are acting or not. Maybe I'm the only one, but the only reason I watch this show is to see the Joe's get humiliated and
4 messages
07-13-05 04:03 PM
What's Wrong with Dante
I know I am a little late with this but why would Dante go on a date with smelly feet. See this is the problems with a good number of the AJs. They do
7 messages
07-13-05 03:05 PM
Predictable final 2
Based on previous seasons of this show... it seems SO predictable that the Joe vs. Hunk final 2 will be Arthur and Rocky. Anna will probably suck face
1 messages
07-13-05 03:00 PM
What a crock!
I liked the previous shows but this one has turned out to be a "Show how much you can put down the joe's" type show. Allowing the hunks to push
5 messages
07-13-05 02:56 PM
Look-A-Like Hunks and Joes
Is it just me, or does Rocky look just like Jim from AJ2? What about Josh the Joe - he looks like Tony from AJ2 with hair and glasses to me....
0 messages
07-13-05 02:27 PM
I am really disappointed in Anna's behavior in last night's episode. She is acting like a real slut, I would have given her more credit than to
2 messages
07-13-05 08:52 AM
Hunk? More like junk...
FIRST of all... the "cute" guys are so not. There's maybe one or two that are decent, and although they're better-looking (when their mou
2 messages
07-13-05 07:28 AM
Official RTVW Average Joe #3 Episode #4 summary: And now, this word from the other side.
[i]This wasn't my idea. I am not doing this of my own free will. But, since we've had a couple of the AJs around, or at least people cal
5 messages
07-08-05 05:49 PM
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