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What do you think Larissa's secret is???
It's killing me to know..I think it might just be something stupid like she's never been in love before, or could it be better???
106 messages
03-01-04 10:51 PM
where is Jim???
Im not ready to stop seeing that super cute-not to bright-hunk ..where is he?what is he doing now? I heard he was moving to CA to become an a
4 messages
02-29-04 09:47 PM
larissa's secret
What if she had an abortion, maybe when she was only 16 or 17 .. that would be a distressing thing to have to reveal ..
0 messages
02-29-04 08:04 PM
Larissa reveals truth on Ellen DeGeneres show
I found a transcript two weeks ago of an interview with Larissa on the Ellen DeGeneres show dated 2/12/04. I thought it was quite an eye opener an
9 messages
02-29-04 12:24 PM
TV Guide article: "Ten Things You Didn't Know About Average Joe"
Hi, y'all! The January 24-30 issue of TV Guide has a story about Average Joe. I haven't seen a post about it here's the "Ten
carolina girl
8 messages
02-28-04 11:12 PM
Brian W. is going down [View All]
This is how every reality TV dating show has worked. It is edited so you think that one person has the edge, the the opposite one is chosen. It'
37 messages
02-28-04 10:48 PM
Interview with Larissa
This is an interview Larissa had with a St. Louis radio station taped before last weeks show. I think maybe she could have a career in showbiz as the
1 messages
02-28-04 09:48 PM
How will the post show publicity be handled?
After Average Joe 1 ("The Deification of Adam"), Mellonhead and Jason Storm made the usual talk show apperances. The apperances were somethi
7 messages
02-28-04 07:30 PM
Nothing average about Brian...
I don't know how you other women feel but Brian certainly isn't 'average' in my opinion. i think he's great and would love to meet a guy lik
1 messages
02-28-04 05:55 PM
Brian does too have courage
First off, i think that is horse $hit that Brian does not have any courage!! Here's why: Back when all the hunks first came, He was alwa
1 messages
02-27-04 11:14 PM
Unofficial Average Joe Episode 8: Rabbit Returns
At Mr. Glassman's Submarine: We woke up to find ourselves in a large empty white room. I made sure that the Hunks: James and Gil and the
0 messages
02-26-04 09:52 PM
Betting on Average Joe odds: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++- +
0 messages
02-26-04 04:22 PM
My Opinion about the Average Joe
I watched the first Average Joe, and it held my interest. The promos for the second show got me hooked as well. Why? Marissa! I've been at
2 messages
02-26-04 12:49 PM
Average Joe 2 summaries [View All]
I know this doesn't seem like the best time -- especially since people are now debating whether Larissa will be another Melana -- but we're starti
54 messages
02-25-04 01:52 PM
Jim's bed
Maybe this is just me...but if I knew that my apartment was going to be shown on national TV, I would at least have put some blankets on the bed. It
9 messages
02-25-04 00:45 AM
Jim "If I Only Had a Brain" Frasella is Given the Boot
I have to wonder if the producers came up with that nifty "Wizard of Oz" theme and assigning Jim the part of Scarecrow. The guy didn't even T
2 messages
02-25-04 00:44 AM
Who would you pick?
Ok, if you ladies had a choice, which guy would you choose and what do you think her "secret" is? I would choose Brian Worth and I think he
6 messages
02-24-04 10:00 PM
What's with reality shows lately---bleeping out words that aren't actually bad words...just for effect! On tonight's AJ, they bleeped out F
1 messages
02-24-04 08:25 PM
Larissa Is An Employee Of Donald Trump
Larissa is the publicity face of Donald's Taj Mahal Casino in New Jersey. Trump also owns Miss USA and Miss Universe. Larissa wa
Howard Dean
14 messages
02-24-04 07:29 PM
Both Finalists Blow!
Make that... the last 3 finalists blow! None of these guys are A-list material. Everyone says how sweet and nice Brian is. Sure, BUT...
1 messages
02-24-04 01:56 PM
The only good thing...
The only possitive effect that this experience will have on Brian in that he has gained a lot of confidence in himself and women find that very attrac
0 messages
02-24-04 08:28 AM
this show is officially over
thats right, OVER. because at this point it really doesnt matter who the hell larissa picks, we all know who the real winner is. YEAH
2 messages
02-24-04 07:51 AM
Frido in the Submarine
Why would they put Frido in the submarine to see Larissa's date? It has to be because she was going to send Brian home and the show thought it wo
3 messages
02-24-04 03:14 AM
Larissa's Secret!
I think I've got it! Look what I found on a website. .html "...But
0 messages
02-24-04 00:41 AM
This weekend I saw a movie called Irreversible and I couldn't help but think about how it relates to Average Joe. Some may question how I can compa
0 messages
02-24-04 00:19 AM
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