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Episode 2 Discussion
"No hair off of my back" --- Gino or Igor (I'm not sure) Little Red Swimsuit Model goes on a few dates, and has deep meaningful
18 messages
07-08-05 12:46 PM
What are your Average Joe picks for Anna? [View All]
Top 5 mine are: 1. Josh 2. Matt (even though she nixed him) 3. Nathan 4. Damian 5. B
21 messages
07-07-05 11:30 PM
Average Joe 4: The Joes Strike Back Episode 1 Summary
Welcome to Episode 1 of [b]Average Joe 4: The Joes Strike Back[/b]. It’s the show that asks the questions: [i][b]”Can we r
6 messages
07-07-05 03:01 PM
Watch average Joe 4 the Joes Strike back
Nathan and I are Both on the show We bring a tougher squad of joes with drive and desire not to back down this season the joes stand
20 messages
07-07-05 12:47 PM
Average Joe Song
Does anyone know the name of the song that they play for the Average Joe? It sounds something like I Need Love or Love Devine I don't know.
0 messages
07-07-05 01:12 AM
I didn't hate the hunks so much before, but they stole my gun show line on the commercial! Stupid hunks...
6 messages
07-06-05 10:02 PM
Episode I Discussion
My Thoughts: The step of having a tryout judged by the crew from AJ2 was interesting. It is a good thing that all the Joes k
10 messages
07-03-05 05:59 PM
Missed Episode 1
My wife and I missed episode 1 because of President Bush's speech (we us a DVR). Does anyone know where I could download an episode or where (
1 messages
07-01-05 11:28 PM
No hunks on the new show... What do ya think?
Ok, I never liked the fact that they always put these HUNKS on the Average Joe shows and made the average joes do stuff that the HUNKS could do in t
13 messages
06-29-05 05:25 PM
Premiere Update
Average Joe will air from 10pm-11pm on the East Coast, but at its regular time of 8pm on the West Coast. Frankly I am not sure what the timings are
13 messages
06-29-05 10:43 AM
"AJ4" airdate has been changed!
just letting everyone know that the airdate for the show has changed. it WAS scheduled for June 28th @ 8pm and has been officially changed to June
Nathan Griffin
9 messages
06-29-05 10:35 AM
Average Joe 4: The Joes Strike Back WEBSITE!!
<small>go <a href=" e_Joe/">here</a> for the website.
Nathan Griffin
6 messages
06-28-05 10:58 PM
I'm watching my Georgia Force in the Arena Football Conference Championship on NBC, and just saw a great spot with Dante standing up to one of the
1 messages
06-10-05 03:15 PM
It's Official. Average Joe 4 Scheduled for June, 2005!! [View All]
That's right. The new season of Average Joe, titled "The Joes Strike Back" is scheduled to begin on June 28, 2005 @ 8pm on NBC. How do I
Nathan Griffin
36 messages
06-01-05 10:25 PM
Average joe 4 airs June 21st on NBC
hello we were all told the show was going to air june 28th then I find out on Tuesday they changed the date of the show I had t
1 messages
05-28-05 09:00 AM
Average Joe2 - The Final Summary “Larissa Learns Her Lesson (or, “what goes around, comes around”)
Welcome to the final summary of Average Joe 2; the show that asks the question “How Will an Intelligent, Caring, and Expressive Average Guy Fr
13 messages
05-09-05 02:27 AM
average joe 4 the joes strike back
I know that this season of Average joe 4 the Joes strike back This is going to be the best show of them all With controversy and so much m
0 messages
05-09-05 00:49 AM
Average Joe 4 Teaser on
A friend of mine called me earlier today to let me know about a 'teaser/trailer' she found on the NBC website. I just watched it and
Nathan Griffin
1 messages
05-05-05 00:55 AM
Adam's A Total Jerk! [View All]
Now the true colors come out, Adam is a real jerk. He just wants vanity over substance. I hope they never make another show like that again. Rachael
39 messages
05-02-05 11:07 PM
absolutely shattered!!!
Tonight saw the final of Average joe 2 Adams return here in Australia and i am nearly in tears that Adam picked that dirty samantha hoe over the beaut
1 messages
05-02-05 10:57 PM
average ADAM is ok
tonight i lie in bed and watch the semi final for average joe (adam returns..) In australia this is still airing at 11.30pm on a Tuesday night (
1 messages
05-02-05 10:53 AM
I've only seen two of these shows... But it's great to see that finally one of the women (Larissa) picked a guy that is as shallow as she is.
15 messages
04-05-05 07:52 AM
I now know who Fabio is.. but Y IS HE IMPORTANT??
i now know that he is a butter and romance cover and versace model. but whats so bad about that?? yes, gil might have used fabio as
6 messages
03-18-05 02:29 AM
average adam
hi - i am writing a book with a section on average adam - now a loser - after picking stuck-up samantha... i want to "know" what happen
1 messages
02-16-05 09:33 PM
Average Jane
Does anyone know when the Average Jane series is going to air? I heard that it was taped over 6 months ago. Thanks
2 messages
01-25-05 02:52 PM
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