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Conferences Last Comic Standing Forum (Protected)
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What happens if you air a show....
.... and nobody watches? You get a 2-hr episode of LAST COMIC STANDING! Well, I only saw the second-half. My 3-yr-old was
9 messages
01-06-22 05:08 AM
Richard Belzer
How could anyone consider this negative individual a comedian? I hate watching this person in anything. He brings the mood down to let me kill
6 messages
01-06-22 04:32 AM
Did Everyone Stop Watching Before the Finale? [View All]
Hellooooooo....anyone out there? This thing was bad. Any ideas how to revamp it? I really like comedy, but this was painful.
22 messages
01-05-22 03:48 PM
I miss Nailbone
[font color="DDDDDD"]Dude was funnier than $hit and was crazy for Jennifer Aniston! [font color=%2
1 messages
07-10-16 04:16 PM
I almost pulled a Dave
Here I was perusing Blows, when all of a sudden my power goes out.. First thing on my mind, was I'll turn the tv on for light. Then I remembered
1 messages
03-06-15 06:48 PM
LCS #7 Episode #1: Audition Hell Redux.
And we're back. Why? ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif [fo
6 messages
03-06-15 06:47 PM
“Wanted: Unpaid extras to camp out overnight at the Hollywood Improv. No pay, credit, food, bathrooms or shelter.”
That's what they should post on craigslist instead of "open auditions. What a sack of liars. Read ALL my thoughts on the subject:
1 messages
06-21-10 07:45 AM
The zombie craze has gone too far.
That's right: it crawled from the grave [i]again[/i]. The first open brain-eating will be in Los Angeles on March 6th, and the cross
4 messages
06-04-10 11:18 AM
Jay Mohr sucks! [View All]
I cringe whenever he does his two-minute set before the head-to-heads. (How did THAT get written into the show's contract?) Most of the people
21 messages
09-13-09 08:42 AM
when does last comic standing begin?
i used to watch it like a year ago and i would like to start watching it again. When does the next season begin?
3 messages
07-06-09 01:27 PM
Bill Bellamy vs. Anthony Clarke
We'll see if they are able to improve the overall format of the show over last seasons debable, but in one way they are already miles ahead of the
1 messages
12-27-08 03:24 PM
Kendra's Terrible Horrible Laugh
I never really knew just how annoying Kendra's laugh could be until watching last night's Last Comic Standing. It became so annoying I found mysel
1 messages
07-31-08 09:38 AM
Another sure sign of show death.
You go to the Playboy Mansion, meet up with Bridget, Holly & Kendra -- and no one notices.
5 messages
07-26-08 08:04 AM
The auditions are over.
And we have a house back. No ship. No 'we'll just stick them in a hotel between challenges'. A house. So. Thirteen people counted
9 messages
07-06-08 09:17 AM
Audition Video
Does anyone know where a video of Heath Husch's audition can be found? I've been looking everywhere and can't seem to find it.
0 messages
06-25-08 05:19 PM
LCS #6 Episode #3 Torture Thread.
Odds that we haven't seen a single person who makes the house/ship/hotel/cardboard box yet: one in three.
5 messages
06-06-08 06:00 PM
LCS #6 Episode #2 Torture Thread.
This is very possibly the single longest audition show of all time.
6 messages
06-02-08 09:45 AM
Generic episode discussion thread for F8 stage.
So. Were those some really stupid outfits or what? I mean, everyone [i]knows[/i] you just didn't get colors th
2 messages
05-28-08 03:03 AM
Last Comic Standing #6 Episode #1 East Coast Torture Thread
Fourteen countries. Zero funny. [font size=1]Why yes, I [i]am[/i] still bitter over John Reep[/font]
5 messages
05-25-08 09:13 PM
LCS Returns May 22
Bill Bellamy is back as host. Some folks I never heard of are the talent scouts. /tr
8 messages
05-05-08 08:54 PM
amy shuman uses handicapped jokes : (
OK I am not normally a prude and not really an Amy fan but this night really pissed me off She made fun of deaf people and color blind peop
5 messages
11-14-07 11:33 PM
Bring back Jay Mohr.
I think this is starting to turn into a fundamental law of the genre: 'No host change is ever an improvement.' (This would be a [i]reall
2 messages
11-06-07 10:38 AM
John Reep won.
The actual concept of 'funny' lost. ds/User_files/467c1b9128af775e.gif %0
7 messages
11-05-07 12:07 PM
Winner predictions, anyone?
I guess John Reep by a 2 to 1 margin. Total votes: 3. ds/User_files/467d21d565c56599
2 messages
09-19-07 10:31 PM
East Coast thread
Just in case anyone actually wants to talk about the final show that matters. ds/User_fil
8 messages
09-13-07 11:29 PM
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