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So who do you like this season?
I'm not surprised at who got the boot the first week. Both of their performances were boring and mediocre at best. I think Rickijoleen
3 messages
06-09-21 00:04 AM
2009 Auditions...???
Hey! Anybody know when/where the 2009 Auditions will be????? Thanks!!!
3 messages
07-10-16 04:37 PM
Anyone Like Country?
I know a lot of people think American Idol is the way to go, but last season I got hooked on Nashville's produced a lot better than AI a
uglier than sarah w
17 messages
07-10-16 03:54 PM
Nashville Star - A Petition Has Been Made!
Check this out, some fans of Nashville Star haven made a petition to lower the age limit of the competition to 16 years old. That's the age limit
2 messages
03-24-15 04:16 PM
So...Who should win?
I'm really a big fan of Melissa's. I think she is the only one who can really sing out of the final 3. Quite frankly I'm surprised at some of
2 messages
03-24-15 04:15 PM
Toby Keith
hi guys, any of yall toby keith fans? i just bought his latest album the other day, That Dont Make Me a Bad Guy.. and im lovin his song "
1 messages
03-24-15 04:13 PM
Has this show been cancelled now since NBC ruined it ? Will it still be filmed in Nashville ? By the way, what happened to Angela Hacker a
1 messages
03-07-15 11:33 PM
i should be a nashville star check me out on utube broadcast yourself search bootheelbyllie i could win that show
2 messages
03-07-15 11:31 PM
Did anyone see Melissa sing at the Olympics??
Cause I didn't.......maybe on YouTube?? I'll check.... ds/User_files/482d81c62
2 messages
09-28-08 09:20 PM
Nashville Star 8/4
All by myself.....don't wanna watch....All by myself.....anymore.
7 messages
08-05-08 10:22 AM
Dirty Dancing? are you kidding me
Why in the world did Nashville Star choose "I've had the time of my life" for the finale. Why didn't they honor THE BEST COUNTRY MUSIC DUETS%
1 messages
08-04-08 10:05 PM
Nashville Star 7/28
Down to the final 4, y'all! Woo Hoo! Can't say I could have pick these 4, but hey, it could have been worse. So
9 messages
07-29-08 07:17 PM
Nashville Star 7/21
Another Monday, another sig pic chance to throw things at the TV while Coffey sings. Tonight is original song night, I think. Have at
12 messages
07-22-08 03:28 PM
Nashville Star 7/14
I'll be on the road tonight, so if someone could pick up the thread and post, I'd appreciate it. Make it a fun filled, sigpic fr
10 messages
07-21-08 08:07 AM
Nashville Star 7/7
Welcome to tonight's battle for the most desperate pop/country, hybrid wannabe of the season. Post your criticism of the sad country
12 messages
07-08-08 06:22 PM
Nashville Star 6/30
Trying to keep up til Mindy's back. Join me for a funfilled evening of snark filled evaluations of the sorry participants of this season's Nashvil
18 messages
07-07-08 08:54 AM
Are there more than 3 of us even watching this show???
I know the boards are usually slower during the summer, but I've seen that the "Mole" board is basically hopping, and I assume the "AGT"
11 messages
07-01-08 07:05 AM
Nashville Star 6/23
Well, folks, join me to see which Nashville Star tradition will fall to the NBC gauntlet. Starts with Billy Ray says they're going to
19 messages
06-24-08 10:05 AM
Any comments on the new contestants??
I honestly can't remember all their names this early in the game. But there were a few that stood out-good and not so good. The girly duet-friends w
4 messages
06-17-08 03:22 PM
2008 Nashville star.
Have you guys read that Nashville Star startes June 9th I think and that coat tail rider Billy Ray Cyrus will host and it's gonna be on NBC this yea
13 messages
06-09-08 08:44 PM
This is not a good sign.
According to the front page of the website, one of the acts that was deemed to be in the "Top 12" ended up getting axed before the show was tape
0 messages
06-09-08 04:05 PM
Who's going to win?
Any ideas? I really like Angela Hacker. She's got that smokey voice that I really like in a female singer, kinda Bonnie Rait, Melissa Ether
8 messages
05-20-07 05:48 PM
Angela Hacker
I am new to the forum.....I am wondering if anyone knows if Angela's song, "Sifting through the Ashes" will be on her CD coming out in April..
1 messages
03-20-07 06:17 AM
Who was kicked off last night my dvr was not working???
1 messages
02-02-07 12:27 PM
Randy seemed to be in a bad mood tonight!
Which was a change from last week, when Anastasia (is that her name??) seemed overly critical..... Maybe he's just tired. Defin
2 messages
01-19-07 09:27 AM
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