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Did you know there is an american idol forum and a americas next model forum. Go ther we have all posted her a long time don't interfere.
5 messages
07-10-16 02:38 PM
I think we attracted a gay man
spam guy, don't hide it you're gay. It's ok don't pretend to like tj. we've all been posting here for awhile, well accept you gay or no
8 messages
07-10-16 02:37 PM
Todd, dude, you need to get backstage of a rock concert. "Poison", "AC/DC", "Ozzfest" it doesn't matter who really, but
1 messages
07-10-16 02:36 PM
Andy and Tessa
Hate to ruin it .... but Tessa wins .... Andy proposes to Tessa, she turns him down for the time being ..... and they are still seeing each other...
5 messages
07-10-16 02:36 PM
A gift for my lcs friends
Hear ye hear ye hear ye I voted for this before I voted against it. Bebo a volsfan arunutz? I had fishercat for dinner with a geg of beer.Est
1 messages
07-10-16 02:35 PM
1 2 3 test
5 messages
03-06-15 06:42 PM
Attention: Christopher Rocchio
Listen. I'm sure you're a nice guy. But I've been reading your recaps for the last year or so and have to finally speak up. Consider
1 messages
09-26-07 09:01 PM
Dancing with the Stars game
For everyone out there watching Ian, Joey, Cliff Claven and the rest, here's a game to play that's still open. You have to predict who
1 messages
04-16-07 09:12 AM
Looking to Kill Time Until Next Week?
Take my AI polls and let's see how well we can predict the future of the show. [link:www.irememberdunkleman.blogspot.c- m|I Remember Dunkl
1 messages
04-12-07 04:16 PM
Episode 2 spoiler
Andy takes Stephanie out onto his yacht for their first date in order to "gaze at the stars." He gives her a big shell wrapped in a black satin ri
3 messages
04-06-07 03:41 PM
american idol
I cannot believe america voted off Gina. She is so talented. Sanjaya the worst person ever in the last 5 shows & more gets to stay. America what's
3 messages
04-04-07 09:37 PM
Wes and Jodi won The Duel
Wes & Jodi won!!!! Svetlana and Brad get the 2nd place. During the next episode Wes will win safety, so Brad & CT must go to
3 messages
01-23-07 08:47 PM
Does anyone want to talk to survivor Rob C?
He is going to be on this web radio show Sunday. I know everyone says he was the smartest player to not win but Im not sure i agree. Anyway,
3 messages
09-02-06 04:06 PM
Is that it?
The posts have stopped; the Contender forum has run dry. I find it a bit sad really, we were such a close forum bunch, yet the glory of th
3 messages
07-19-06 03:26 PM
Why would that be locked?
Please explain im at a loss.
2 messages
07-19-06 07:52 PM
Returning Guest
I have a feeling it might be the 'terrible Christine'.... Any thoughts???? The way they talk about the returning guest and he
3 messages
04-24-06 10:22 PM
Who's dreading the return of Cassie once again???
I am so sick of the entire Cassie situation. Enough all ready. The sound of her voice drives me insane. How many times are they going to bring her
1 messages
04-24-06 08:25 PM
Bethany doesn't stay
According to the starting over website she is not listed as one of the housemates. A young women in her 20's from the first season is coming back f
0 messages
04-06-06 02:46 PM
Miami Show -- regarding copyright infringement??
This will be my last msg, as I don't have to participate in this board... I'm not sure what your rules are, but i'm too busy to delve into
0 messages
03-30-06 12:21 PM
15 seconds of Lisa 1 brings it all back!
In her little 15 sec.preview, she managed to drycry! My upper lip curled! Did you see her mother's dismissive expression?
1 messages
03-24-06 09:34 PM
Who left America's top model tonight?
Hey was not able to watch the show...who was eliminated?
1 messages
03-22-06 10:47 PM
Couples Chat on
There will be a chat on the website on Wednesday, all 4 couples will be in attendance. Jill and Iyanlas assist
1 messages
03-11-06 03:59 AM
Why so mean to Jill about weight, are you 9 years old?
I don't understand why someone would watch a show they seemingly hate, then take the time to write about it on a message board. These women are t
2 messages
02-27-06 11:56 AM
R U Starting Over?
It saddens me to see that this forum is being used primarily to do nothing but tear apart each member of the Starting Over House. I watch the show,
3 messages
01-17-06 11:15 PM
I say only women allowed.
1 messages
01-14-06 03:16 AM
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