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Conferences Outback Jack Forum (Protected)
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Just read recently that Vadim (Jack) and Nat got married. She's still working as a hairdresser and he's been doing some reality "acting"%
3 messages
07-10-16 04:30 PM
Does anyone know how're they going after the show?
I am interested at how're their life going after this show~Do you think they will keep the relationship till old?Would they marry?And I think
4 messages
01-13-16 01:59 PM
Outback Jack, Official Episode 7 Summary Ė Canít I Just Keep All Three?
Hello everyone and welcome back to Australia and [b]Outback Jack. [/b] This is week 7, which is a freaking eternity for a dating show nowa
12 messages
12-11-15 02:48 PM
Down to the final 2
Well Maria is gone. She certainly cried and cried. I still think Jack feels the need to be the strong protector. He wants to take care of
15 messages
12-11-15 02:46 PM
Wouldn' ds/User_files/40d8def342f2cf44.gif
1 messages
12-11-15 02:44 PM
Jack is a total 'nyongo'for letting Mary go instead of Maria
Yes,that is correct,an absolute idiot for choosing Mary over neurotic,jealous and insecure Maria.In my opinion Maria should have gone before Mar
9 messages
12-09-15 11:45 AM
there is an article in the magazine stating that the last 3 girls are Marissa,Mary & Maria. They are wrong here because Mary got the boot last we
1 messages
03-06-15 06:58 PM
Jacks a laugh [View All]
The series has just been shown in Aus at the popular timeslot of 11.30pm and I know why. The first episode showed these women lined up outside a hanga
39 messages
02-17-15 03:11 PM
Anyone want to know where r they now? Find out here!!!!
Outback Jack - Jack Update By popular demand, we've solicited an update from Jack and Natalie. Want to find out how
6 messages
04-04-05 07:16 AM
Marissa was led on abit i reckon!!
I can't believe the melt dowm maria had when she wasn't chosen. If i were her and watched back footage of myself doing that i would just want to c
18 messages
03-25-05 12:55 PM
Outback Jack.... real name is Vadim Dale. The former underwear model is originally from the very ritzy East Melbourne and currently lives i
21 messages
02-02-05 07:13 PM
was anyone else at all confused about marys gender?
1 messages
02-02-05 07:05 PM
He just seemed a bit too wuzzy to me..
Well, watched it for the first time, I'll be back in the bush before its finished. No TV out where I am. It would be great to see some girls lik
cloncurry boy
3 messages
01-25-05 11:26 PM
Bye Maria!
Maria was hilarious. The pole dance she did to the aborigionals with the stick was a scream. I thought she was about to rip her top off and start coll
2 messages
01-17-05 00:47 AM
Curious about comments on clip from next week's show
There was an ad for next week's show and Jack makes a comment something to the effect of how he's 'had just about enough of her', and strong
14 messages
01-08-05 01:13 AM
Sorry was confusing Maria with Mary, Mary the pole dancer.
0 messages
01-06-05 07:57 PM
FWIW, Maria is......... of the finalists in the WWE RAW Diva competition, whatever that is. That's our Maria - all class. http://divasear
2 messages
01-06-05 05:51 AM
Which girl do you like the most?
In fact,at the beinging,I think all the girls are like same~But day after day,specially at last,I like Natalie~Then she cmmpare with Maris
0 messages
10-23-04 02:01 PM
Didn't you just hate watching Marissa's video from home?! I hate her face!!!! It's bad enough she thinks she's all it but to have
5 messages
10-23-04 01:43 PM
Cosmetic surgery
I find it ironic that 'reality' tv seems to be increasingly dominated by people who look like they've had cosmetic surgery. Does anyone know who
0 messages
10-18-04 06:13 PM
Did Mary have bad skin complexion (i.e. acne scars)?
Or do I need a new pair of glasses?
1 messages
10-18-04 04:22 PM
Trade Outback Jack for another show
I heard so much good things about this show that I would love to get a copy on DVD (preferable) or tapes. Since I can't buy (copyrights),
0 messages
10-15-04 08:46 PM
Does anyone have any updated info on the happy couple. Just had to love Natalie, but worry about their relationship going past the honeymoon, ther
3 messages
08-22-04 05:37 PM
Official Outback Jack #8 (Finale) Summary: Roll Credits, Close Set, Kiss Sheila.
Australia has always had a problem with the arrival of non-native lifeforms. From the original plan to send English convicts, outcasts, and trans
12 messages
08-19-04 10:08 AM
does anyone think that Marissa has fake breasts?
It was very obvious, I think, in that white dress she was wearing in the last episode. oh, and she also has AWEFUL skin and is potenti
3 messages
08-12-04 06:15 PM
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