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Conferences Outback Jack Forum (Protected)
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Predictions for tonight
So, what's gonna happen tonight? Put your guess here: I say Marissa, and she chooses a Mil. over him. we can hope. who doe
8 messages
08-12-04 03:00 PM
Official Outback Jack Episode #6 Summary: The One Where Estee Gets Banned From SurvivorBlows
My turn! You throw me the tape, I throw you the whip! Sure I have a whip. Doesnít everyone have a whip? Everyone [I]I[
7 messages
08-11-04 08:19 PM
Jack's Teeth give away his true intentions
Has anyone noticed that Jack- who is supposedly some rugged guy living in the outback who doesnt care what he looks like- has the whitest and (I con
4 messages
08-04-04 08:19 PM
Official Outback Jack Episode #4 Summary: Outback PurseHaulers vs. Twistington Generals
Bottom of the inning, home team up to bat. (Of course Iím the home team. Iím batting last. First time in history the home team had to advan
4 messages
07-29-04 03:54 PM
So what will the videos reveal?
The tempter to encourage us to watch next week showed some videos that will reveal who's for real and who's not. Any guesses as to what
0 messages
07-28-04 12:46 PM
Outback Jack Episode 5 Official Summary Ė Letís Bring the Wildlife to the City
[b]Welcome back to Outback Jack Ė the show that answers the question ďHow low will TBS sink to avoid another hour of [I]Saved By The Bell%
3 messages
07-27-04 12:26 PM
Outback Jack, Episide 6 Press Release
[i]Jack Goes Missing and the Girls Must Find Him in TBS's Wild New Reality Series OUTBACK JACK OUTBACK JACK Episode 6 Tuesday%2
1 messages
07-21-04 05:01 PM
Interesting comments from JD
I found a couple comments in JD's journal kind of interesting. They were on the TBS website.,,
1 messages
07-21-04 04:42 PM
Jack seems really emotional
I haven't watched any of the other dating type shows so I really wasn't sure what to expect with Outback Jack. The last couple episodes seemed in
4 messages
07-21-04 03:58 PM
Off-network alert: Jack to appear on Live with Regis & Kelly Tuesday, July 13th.
Normally, this would be a 'be on the alert for verbal slip spoilers' sort of post, but let's face it: no one is trying to spoil this show
3 messages
07-12-04 01:10 PM
Outback Jack: Episode 3 - The Boomerang
[b]Outback Jack - Episode 3, The Boomerang (or what goes around comes around)[/b] [I]Welcome back to Outback Jack, wh
6 messages
07-11-04 10:26 PM
The Boomerang!
God help me, I [i]loved[/i] that twist! s/User_files/3b70ba1d64105f1b.gif
4 messages
07-11-04 01:11 PM
They Blew A Good, Evil Concept
I was very content with the notion of dropping a bunch of county beauty pagent contestants into the outback with only their pumps and prom gowns, bu
7 messages
07-06-04 05:32 PM
Official Outback Jack Episode #2 Summary: DAWn River
Tag! Iím it! (Why do I always have to be it? Why canít someone else be it for a change? And who made the rule which says if Iím it
8 messages
07-06-04 10:17 AM
The first review is in... ?type=reviewsNews&storyID=5464857 Admittedly, some of us have different definitio
17 messages
07-01-04 04:18 PM
Outback Jack - Official Episode 1 Summary
[b]Hello Mates,[/b] and welcome to the premiere episode of Outback Jack; TBSí first entry into the reality TV genre. Did you miss the
10 messages
06-29-04 03:43 PM
Video Recap of First Week Elimination
Check out the video recap of this week's elimination. ex/0,,33068,00.html%
3 messages
06-25-04 08:24 AM
Gorgeous ladies of Outback Jack issapool_350x300_052820041502.jpg Check out the other beautiful women at the Outback
5 messages
06-22-04 11:44 PM
Outback Jack
You can play along while you watch tonight and be automatically entered in a sweepstakes to win a trip to Australia. eTV: http://ww
0 messages
06-22-04 03:59 PM
What the he11 is this??? [i]cue Ayak to show up with some link and a lecture about how we should read the news section of the web
shakes the clown
5 messages
06-22-04 09:36 AM
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