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It's Sad, Really.....
How anxious I am for tonight's show so I can find out who is leaving, LOL. I'll be breaking my neck trying to get home and get dinner on the ta
14 messages
12-08-21 04:51 AM
Robert [View All]
Anyone know what ever happened to the crazy Robert? Wonder if he went back to Austria?!?
21 messages
12-06-21 05:25 PM
Glad Hank Won
I'll admit that I have some mixed feelings about Hank. The guys didn't seem to like him. Hank did not like some of the other guys. Hank seems to h
2 messages
08-13-21 02:45 AM
Hank and Lisa did not get married
Reality Steve (or at least his readers) is worth something. One of his readers tracked down Hank and Lisa via FB. She is married to someone else.%
4 messages
05-06-15 02:44 PM
Cupid 2 - Find a Wife For Robert!
That would be SWEET! But that show is probably too good to ever make it to TV! :(
2 messages
03-07-15 11:19 PM
I look for updates on Hank and Lisa all the time. Has anyone seen updates for the end of 2004 or 2005??
5 messages
04-03-05 01:38 PM
Hank and Lisa update
I'm not sure if anyone still comes here but I found a little blurb on Hank and Lisa recently and I thought I'd share it. After watching the first
17 messages
01-20-05 01:42 PM
Robert on Blind Date Uncensored
Has anybody else seen this!? It was hilarious! Robert was not just acting dumb on Cupid, he really is an idiot!!
2 messages
12-05-03 01:55 AM
Laura! Kimberly! Hello? [View All]
Do you read this message board? I hope that you will consider posting here after Tuesday's final show. I think you two were so key t
23 messages
11-13-03 12:07 PM
There is a new singles website that just launched that is offering the first 1500 people to register on the site a free, one-year membership. %
0 messages
11-03-03 03:01 PM
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Robert...
Watching the coverage of the California recall... something caught my eye... Looking at Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, it's l
0 messages
10-12-03 09:57 AM
Robert from Cupid
Is Robert a male stripper?? I just watched an episode of "Girls Behaving Badly" on the Oxygen network, 9/19/03, and on a Baby Shower s
5 messages
09-21-03 09:51 PM
The Finale [View All]
Hank is a wonderful, classy, caring man. I'm glad that he won and thrilled that he chose not to marry her now because of the reasons he gave. I
108 messages
09-21-03 05:53 PM
Who will you miss the most.....and why?
The Cupid board is slowly dying (noooooo!) as the memory of the finale fades away. We got involved (some of us, probably way too involved!
10 messages
09-20-03 00:13 AM
Official SB Summary, Cupid Finale, Episode 11 - The Way They Were
[B][center][font color=red size=4]** THE WAY THEY WERE**[/B][/center][/font] Hi everyone! We m
Schnookie Palookie
8 messages
09-19-03 10:55 AM
Article about Hank & Lisa
Here is the Link. Both don't regret not taking the money. /030918cup
3 messages
09-19-03 10:54 AM
Did anyone catch what Hank was saying?
When they were standing at the "alter" and the minister began talking Hank said something to Lisa I didn't catch. I've listened to it over and
8 messages
09-18-03 03:41 PM
Anyone see Lisa and Hank on Thursday's Early Show?
I heard they were on, and I missed it! Darn. Did anyone see it? They supposedly said they are headed on a vacation together, but that's al
1 messages
09-18-03 01:46 PM
I. Heart. Schnookie.
I. Heart. You. Schnookie. And I had a wonderful time writing tag-team summaries with you! You're the bestest! So, if this lame show spawns a
1 messages
09-18-03 01:41 PM
Passionate Cupid Forum [View All]
All of you who posted to Poor Lisa - you're amazing! I had no idea what I was getting into - how great was that! all of you - you rock! %
29 messages
09-17-03 11:38 PM
Lisa wearing white on her wedding day? PUUHLEEZE!
I don't need to put in a message, cause my title says it all.
3 messages
09-17-03 10:29 PM
Vote off Bryan
I say that we vote off Bryan Mcfadden alias i need a haircut from Laura.
11 messages
09-17-03 09:13 PM
Beachgal offering Manolo Blahnik Cupid shoes!
NOw along with my beanie baby line BeachGal has a custom set of Cupid shoes available to RW posters! If you've been wondering why Lisa has such a
10 messages
09-17-03 07:42 PM
Lisa and Hank on the Early Show
They only showed them for about 5 seconds or so, but there is an article about it on the CBS News site:
1 messages
09-17-03 02:39 PM
was it just me or could no one else find cupid on tv? well if it was just my TV acting up again could some one let me know who left? thx!
1 messages
09-17-03 10:39 AM
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