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Hank and Joe are both control freaks
...and boring. I think that's what Hank's groping was really all about, Lisa is something he wants to own not someone he really care
4 messages
08-28-03 03:21 PM
Would any guys show up if Laura was the prize on Cupid?
I can't imagine any guy wanting to date/marry/have kids with Laura. What a Be-atch! She must be the most high-maintenance girl on the earth.
2 messages
08-28-03 02:05 PM
Who are in the top three and bottom three? You choose...
Top three: -Evan: When the show first introduced Evan, he seemed to be there just for the heck of it and he was very much like a player. He
7 messages
08-28-03 01:20 PM
Why Hank can say anything
Hank can say "I want to take all of your clothes off. I want to make love to you," and not get in trouble because he was sincere and it comes of
13 messages
08-28-03 10:21 AM
Phew! Was that bashful Hank???? [View All]
I've said it before, Hank and Lisa are electric together. I was surprised by his words/actions on his date with Lisa this week, my mouth drop
29 messages
08-28-03 07:37 AM
Official SB Summary - Cupid Episode 7
[b]“Snow White and the Seven [i](Media)[/i] Ho’s”[/b] Gather around children,
Schnookie Palookie
11 messages
08-28-03 04:28 AM
Quiz: who did u vote for on Tuesday, answer in subj line.
Leave your answer in the subject line so we can see a quick count.
12 messages
08-28-03 03:18 AM
Laura Nice???
Laura was pretty nice to the guys this week, even Robert!!! I think she's figured out that her meanness is affecting the votes so she pulle
13 messages
08-28-03 00:19 AM
Bye-Bye Renda?
Judging by various threads and comments it seems that Renda maybe going next...thoughts on this?
7 messages
08-28-03 00:11 AM
About Hank
I just happened to stumble upon an article about Hank. Here is an excerpt. Stepleton, 25, was an options trader in Chicago before the “
2 messages
08-27-03 03:07 PM
what was with his date?!?! his friends at first were saying she didn't respect him and it just didn't look good at all and then Robert wit
7 messages
08-27-03 10:37 AM
Timing of Episodes
Hi, I'm fairly new to the board - but I enjoy reading the posts and love the weekly recaps I find here. I hope someone can
2 messages
08-27-03 10:11 AM
Official Vote Thread, CUPID, Episode 7
Okay, CUPID fans—we’ve discussed the show, the players and the show’s voting results. It’s time to see if we can use our insights to [b
19 messages
08-26-03 08:00 PM
Married by Popular Vote
Would you allow a group of unknown people decide who you are going to spend the rest of your life with? For Lisa, this must be really scary.
12 messages
08-26-03 07:05 PM
Offical vote thread...bottom three
As before, only this time put in the subject line who you think the bottom three are for tonight.
10 messages
08-26-03 06:21 PM
Any suggestions for future date ideas for the show?
what do u think
11 messages
08-26-03 05:25 PM
blondie is to blame
I couldn't believe the show last week. The blonde ##### (Laura maybe??--the one trying, but failing, to be Simon) is the one
1 messages
08-26-03 05:15 PM
Place your bets
How far do you really think Robert will go before being eliminated? I think he will make it to be the third man left before he is eliminated. It wil
11 messages
08-26-03 04:20 PM
Why was LISA chosen as the CUPID GIRL????
Just wondering, why was Lisa chosen as THE cupid girl outta 1-3 million women??? I think she's very pretty, sexy, intellegent,
14 messages
08-25-03 07:05 PM
A Cupid Drinking Game......
I have noticed that there are a lot of repetitive themes running through Cupid each week that might create a good basis for a drinking game. I'm st
10 messages
08-25-03 06:37 PM
Robert the misunderstood
OK, I know I'm going to get a lot of flack from many of you, but I'm going to lay a little psycho-babble on ya. I think Robert isn't a cree
11 messages
08-25-03 09:20 AM
So, whose arrow gets broken next week?
I'm thinking it might be Ken's third strike.....he did badly this week, and he was sort of hanging by a thread already. Dom probably tumbled a
10 messages
08-24-03 08:39 PM
Would a spin off work??
"The Bachelor" did it sucessfully, "For Love or Money" is doing it sucessfully, do you think they could do a spin off of Cupid?
8 messages
08-24-03 07:52 PM
Robert has a emtional/social disabilty
I think Robert IS SINCERE--he is different from other men. He may have a tendancy to act on impulse and without thinking ahead.-Robert has rea
3 messages
08-24-03 05:36 PM
Laura ROCKS!!!!!
I think Laura + Kimberly are awesome. Laura is especially the best. She speaks her mind, something most people are afraid to do. I'd l
5 messages
08-24-03 10:13 AM
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