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Who was Dat?
I've gotta give credit where credit is due. Dat Phan actually made me laugh outloud last night. And [b]with[/b] him, not [b]at[%
4 messages
09-15-04 12:03 PM
The female comic that does the Macy parade balloon and annoying baby creeps me out!
18 messages
09-14-04 05:42 PM
What the @#$#% was Tess talking about?
Last week she was easily the funniest of the comedians that we saw perform. I don't get the whole sexy thing unless the show is going for irony as
13 messages
09-13-04 04:52 PM
The trucker joke
Can anyone remember Jay's trucker joke at the end of last week's show?
0 messages
09-13-04 04:45 PM
Jay London is Awful, Thank You.
Okay, let's be honest ... Jay London is awful. Yes, he is a little like Steven Wright except for one main difference ... ahh, Steven Wright wa
12 messages
09-13-04 04:26 PM
Todd Glass is the BOMB!!!
I've watched LCS since day one. Out of all the comics the one that has me spitting out my beer week after week is Todd. If he's not having standin
8 messages
09-12-04 11:21 PM
Sean Kent: most improved?
I don't remember him being anywhere near that funny in Season 1. If he was entering the house fresh at this level of talent and material, Dat wou
5 messages
09-12-04 12:36 PM
barry katz did the whole thing?
did anyine else catch that at the end of tues show?
0 messages
09-11-04 08:55 PM
Drama, shmama. I want to laugh.
I've heard several comments on this board saying they like Season 2 people because of the interaction (read: conflict) between the memebers of
1 messages
09-11-04 02:47 PM
Season 1 group seems awfully angry, while season 2 laughing, Weird?
Okay, I know I'm tweaked, and have my personal favorites, and I'm old and crusty (wait...did she say that out loud?), but it seems t
15 messages
09-10-04 03:55 PM
Official LCS3 Episode #3 Summary - Please sir, I want some Mohr
Have you ever seen the musical [i]Oliver[/i], based on the Dickens classic [i]Oliver Twist[/i]? Remember poor waif-like Olive
13 messages
09-10-04 11:45 AM
Okay, am I allowed to bash in this forum? Not Rich Voss again! [View All]
Feel free to bash me, but WTF??? Rich Voss, again? That guy has never so much gotten a chuckle out of me. He's only in there because he
25 messages
09-09-04 10:28 AM
Summary writer sign-up thread for NBC's Last Comic Standing 3
This thread is the episode summary writer sign-up thread for NBC's Last Comic Standing 3, which premieres Monday, August 30 at 9:30PM ET/PT
17 messages
09-09-04 08:12 AM
Official LCS3 Episode #2 Summary: Making Summaries Out Of Nothing At All.
And on the second night, there was another epiphany: the house had been a [I]good[/I] thing. The house created conflict. The silly co
10 messages
09-07-04 08:25 PM
What happened to Ralphie's dad? That was so sad! [View All]
~Carrie~ "Men aren't that complicated. They're kind of like plants."
35 messages
09-03-04 09:53 AM
live show?
i just went to NBC.COM to get tickets and it says be there at 10a.m. that makes no sense. maybe thats why all the comics wernt that good? because t
0 messages
09-01-04 11:53 PM
LCS3 Episode 1 summary : mommy mommy mommy
As I sat down with my pen and paper twittering with excitement about the new season of Last Comic Standing about to start, I had an epiphany. No not
11 messages
09-01-04 05:37 PM
ralphie may
watching tough crowd and hes on they said he lost 170 pounds he looks so skinny
9 messages
09-01-04 01:19 PM
dam geoff
Ok I was watching last nightt and everybody was doing the same routine and then Geoff came out and just floored me. I thought he had the best performa
1 messages
09-01-04 12:09 PM
Who was voted out tonight?
Can someone please tell me which two comics were voted out tonight? in what order did they announce them (did they say who had the most
5 messages
08-31-04 11:29 PM
Jay Mohr tonight - Most Stoned ever?
I don't think I've ever seen anyone that stoned on TV in my life. That includes Rodney Dangerfield and the entire cast of SNL! Just
5 messages
08-31-04 10:52 AM
LCS website
I didn't see this posted anywhere. According to ng_3/showcase/index.shtml#, LCS
1 messages
08-30-04 11:04 PM
LCS 3 time length
I'm excited that LCS 3 is more than an hour except that it runs into Road Rules. %
1 messages
08-30-04 05:19 PM
Gary Gulman cheated
Hey, I can't be the only one who noticed that Gary straight up copied certain parts of his material word for word from another comic. A few years
4 messages
08-30-04 11:26 AM
Real Comedy
All i have to say is if you want real comedy not the crap your getting fooled in to think is real comedy on LCS go to a
2 messages
08-29-04 02:32 PM
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