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last comic standing
OK so nobody has explained why there apparently is no real search to find the last comic standing.It seems only those that are connected get in. Well
2 messages
06-03-06 08:08 PM
Last Comic Standing
It's too bad that the people who voted for the comics to go onto the next round of Last Comic Standing have lousy senses of humor. I can't b
1 messages
06-03-06 01:12 PM
Jay Mohr out as LCS host --
-- Anthony Clark in. Now if I'd ever watched anything Anthony Clark has ever done, I'd know if this was an improvement.
7 messages
05-31-06 05:41 PM
LCS #4 Episode #1 East Coast Spoiler Thread. [View All]
I [i]think[/i] I'm kidding. Regardless, anyone who wants to discuss tonight's episode before it airs on the West Coast,
31 messages
05-31-06 03:12 PM
Re: "I'm gonna buy $5,000 worth of lingerie so my husband can't ride me"
Anyone remember what her name was & if she made it to the next round? Even though I'm a male and can relate to her husband's pain (referring
4 messages
05-31-06 02:15 PM
Where did this come from? I heard nothing about this coming back nor did I hear of any auditions in any city anywhere. I don't exactly live under
0 messages
05-30-06 11:06 PM
The Premiere is coming!!!
A new season starts May 30th! Yay!!! :7 http%
5 messages
05-30-06 03:29 PM
New Season being cast
Doesn't mean that it is actually going to get aired, but I got a notification that auditions are going on right now. Maybe a nice hiatus will do
5 messages
05-30-06 09:34 AM
If you want to see it live...
...good seats are presumably still available. (And, given the ratings for the last season, may be available for a while.) If you're going
0 messages
05-29-06 05:59 PM
I need the entire second season
Does anyone know where I could find a torrent for the second and third season of LCS? Please help, I'm desperate!
1 messages
03-17-06 00:18 AM
Josh skalniak
I would like to say good luck to my brother Josh skalniak. He is in the final round in chicago for last comic standing. Good Luck Josh. We are all h
0 messages
03-05-06 07:15 PM
Ran across this by accident.........
I know they 'cancelled' the show last season and then raised it from the dead, so anyone's guess is good as to what this actually means, but
3 messages
07-12-05 12:38 PM
Very first episode, or first few episodes
i am looking for the very first, or one of the very first episodes of the first season of LCS. i'm looking for the auditions and first cuts, in
1 messages
06-29-05 09:51 PM
Dat Phan?
So does anyone else think that it is weird that Dat got the lowest votes for team one?
20 messages
06-12-05 10:07 PM
anything on season 4??
does anyone know what happened to this show?? did they get another season or what??
0 messages
06-01-05 07:56 PM
Dallas Auditions - Snake Guy?
Anyone know who the guy was with the snake wrapped around his head?
1 messages
05-02-05 10:43 AM
Ralphie May appearing on Celebrity Fit club, VH1.
Kind of like [b]The Biggest Loser[/b], only with D-list celebs, non-cash prizes, and a set of giant scales.
4 messages
02-11-05 09:07 PM
On 11/12 Contestants hadn't been paid weekly prize money
Madigan said they hadn't been paid. On LCS2, they had no TV, radio, computer or cell and little food. Later, they lost the treadmill and ba
0 messages
12-22-04 10:56 PM
NBC has Reality Hall of Moments for LCS
I've left the number open since NBC could end up with another nomination or update. First, they received notice for the cancellation of
0 messages
11-12-04 04:59 PM
Lewis Black on tour- anyone going to Columbus?
Hello- just checkin to see how many of ya'll live in the central Ohio area and are planning to see Lewis Black next Friday, Nov 19th at Promo
1 messages
11-11-04 08:38 AM
Half Hour Finale on Tuesday!!!! [View All]
From The Last Comic Standing message board, I have just received word that THERE IS GOING TO BE A HALF HOUR FINALE FOR SEASON THREE. As o
26 messages
10-23-04 10:48 AM
Jay London
I really like Jay London a lot...he's hilarious...and original...and hope that he wins this season. Anyone else agree with me?
6 messages
10-20-04 04:40 PM
your favorite comedian?? [View All]
im way to lazy to go back and see if someone else already did this so, outside of lcs who is your favorite comic?? i cast my vote for
21 messages
10-20-04 04:33 PM
Episode 6 summary - A Roast With No Beef
Welcome to this exciting episode of Last Comic Standing. We’ll get to the hilarious recap in a moment or two – but first let m
6 messages
10-18-04 03:59 PM
I have heard that it was announced on Good Morning America in Arizona that ALONZO HAS WON!!!!! ***** YEAH BABY!
12 messages
10-15-04 02:29 PM
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