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He even used the same exclamation ..SAckaroonie, .....her funeral is tomorrow" hahaha, funny the first time.
1 messages
09-12-07 07:20 AM
I was glad that he has made it through. He is hysterical, ....or at least I thought he was a good comic until I heard Harland Williams' routine,
0 messages
09-11-07 10:00 PM
Tour Tix
This month and next Last Comic Standing Tour tickets are still available it looks like. I'm still trying to figure out which one to go to because it
0 messages
09-11-07 01:38 AM
Final 5 cutdown.
Worst show cross-promotion I've ever seen, combined with the best Christ-killing joke I've ever heard. And overall -- it's still a
13 messages
08-30-07 11:48 PM
And the winner is.......
I really enjoy all the performances of Ralph Harris and hope he wins it all. I really am afriad that by him winnig all the head-to-heads and Capitol
1 messages
08-18-07 10:36 AM
Final 10: Showdown 1 - 5 minute summary
The final 10 are short bussed by an out of work Ron Jeremy to The Ice House for their first challenge. Heckle challenge. Seeing a recycl
5 messages
08-04-07 05:16 PM
And five to go.
Go away, that is. Our final five funniest people [s]in the world[/s] who fit the producers' cast requirements have been selected. Of t
4 messages
07-29-07 01:20 PM
Five down...
Doug Benson: And there goes fifteen percent of VH1's programming schedule. However will they find enough [b]Rock Of Love[/b] reruns to
3 messages
07-24-07 04:41 PM
Are the auditions over yet?
Will the auditions ever be over? Can we possibly get out of Tempe? Are they going to use even more filler and less comedy
4 messages
07-14-07 02:48 AM
Shut up, Francis.
So we're taking twenty percent fewer semifinalists than last year, but we need five times the amount of footage before we can find them? [i%5
2 messages
06-29-07 02:03 PM
Season premiere to air 6/13 (9:00 p.m. EDT) [View All]
Two hours to start, and they're threatening to have three or four episodes' worth of auditions -- which means we have to ask ourselves one very
33 messages
06-28-07 01:01 PM
Last Comic Standing #5 Episode #2 East Coast Update Thread
[i]the applicants aren't funny the judges we would like to shoot they actually gave a slot to the damn gorilla suit and the
12 messages
06-20-07 09:45 PM
New Season, New Host
Glad to see that the show is back! Hopefully, they will learn from last years' horrible casting and format. Looks like they definitely learned
6 messages
05-25-07 08:20 PM
Here is a link to my site where the video is from overnight party in line for Last Comic Standing. I got there at 1 PM Sunday and got in for the audit
0 messages
02-28-07 09:47 PM
why does Anthony Clark's hands shake so much? even his voice is shaky (m)...
anyone know? It is quite obvious when he is right at the beginning of the show & even throughout. please help me figure this out. I
12 messages
12-09-06 04:58 AM
He's made it big! I love Josh Blue and the premier of his “Josh Blue, 7 more days in the tank” is being shown in the movie theatres on Nov.
0 messages
11-03-06 05:36 PM
Alright, am I the only one who thinks Anthony Clark is unlikable, annoying, and frankly, not funny? Maybe it's just disappointing aft
16 messages
09-07-06 09:29 AM
STARS of LCS Tour???
I got an newsletter today announcing a "STARS OF LAST COMIC STANDING" Tour that will be coming to one of our venues. The only names men
0 messages
08-31-06 11:08 PM
What the hell
What the hell is america thinking......Josh was not even funny a little bit the last two episodes. The real test is the comedy clubs and such pa
5 messages
08-18-06 02:03 AM
Favorite/memorable jokes from this season
What are your favorite jokes from all/any of the comics this season? They always make me laugh, but some of their jokes really stick with m
5 messages
08-16-06 01:03 PM
Last Comic Standing PTTE...with a TWIST! [View All]
It's one thing to be the Last Comic Standing...but can you pick the Last Comic Standing? You can give it a try here, by playing our Picks To Th
25 messages
08-15-06 11:51 PM
Black comics of today.....
I think Ty is very witty and intelligent but would someone please explain to me why EVERY black comic out there today HAS to make race an integral par
5 messages
08-12-06 10:03 PM
The Worst!
Ty is funnier than Josh. The CP thing makes me warm and fuzzy and all, but he bombed during his last 3 performances. Ty should have won. But he didn
1 messages
08-11-06 11:37 AM
Performances last night
I just want to know what people thought of the performances last night by Josh, Ty, Jay and the previous winners. Most were good, the guy that w
1 messages
08-10-06 05:20 PM
So Sorry Ty,...
...but I think you're going home. I was prepared for you to take it all, but you ended on repeated material--disappointed! I've loved you for
10 messages
08-10-06 09:57 AM
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