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Tough Crowd
[font color="teal"] I caught Tough Crowd on Comedy Central last night, featuring Rich, Dave, Cory and Rob(?) from LCS. Thei
3 messages
05-07-04 09:57 AM
2 messages
04-21-04 01:22 AM
It's back!
Well, not yet. But soon! Last Comic Standing 2 has been announced by NBC. Tryouts begin later this month at clubs around the country.
4 messages
03-18-04 06:51 AM
dave/rich screencap??
does anyone have a screencap of dace and rich in the bathtub? i'm desperate... please email or im me.. %
0 messages
08-26-03 04:34 PM
MLB All-Star Ballot Syndrome And Dat
Why do you always see a player from Japan as one of the top vote getters come All Star game time? How did Hideki Matsui end up as a starter this ye
11 messages
08-14-03 04:50 PM
Dave Mordal on TONIGHT!!!
Dear Friends, Comedian Dave Mordal from "Last Comic Standing" will be on a internet radio show LIVE tonight. It is FREE! Just go he
0 messages
08-12-03 05:46 PM
Worst. Finale. Ever.
OK, OK, so it was rigged. However, before we get to that, there was a whole 1 hour and 55 minutes that made the Joe Millionaire finale look l
13 messages
08-11-03 02:38 PM
Dat Phan stunk up the Tonight Show last night!!!
I never thought he should have won, but gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided to watch him last night on Leno...I thought he would maybe do
4 messages
08-09-03 05:57 PM
re-reun of Last Comic standing-All episodes
Tomorrow, Saturday Aug.9, on Comedy Central, it's 11:00 am here on the west coast, check your local times.I'm Glad, I never saw the fi
1 messages
08-09-03 04:24 PM
Final Performance Summary -- "Watching the Defectives"
[b][center][font size=“5” color=“crimson”]Last Comic Standing[/font] [fon
9 messages
08-07-03 05:28 PM
The whole show was fixed
The serious was hilarious and enjoyable, but now I feel stupid, thinking that the viewers actually had a stake in who won. I think Da
3 messages
08-06-03 11:29 PM
Okay, some filler for the Left Coast friends. Yes, filler filler filler. Hint: Dave Mordal did not win. Okay is that enough Filler
16 messages
08-06-03 11:28 PM
DAT PHAN Funniest Comic [View All]
I love Dat Phan & IMHO he should be the Last Comic Standing. It will be really boring after he leaves since it seems all they do all day is pick on
31 messages
08-06-03 11:12 PM
I am hoping i am not standing over any boundaries or repeating anything that could and was probably said in previous posts. I have be
11 messages
08-06-03 09:51 PM
i cant belive you diddnt see this comming!
if your gonna use the whole "it was rigged, RALPHIE!!! hes more funny. boo hoo hoooooooooo" exuse. id say its a good excuse, lol. look b
0 messages
08-06-03 08:50 PM
If Dat Phan's a Margaret Cho wannabe, Ralphie's a Sam Kinison wannabe.
Sure Dat is annoying with his "soul of comedy" horseshiznit but how can y'all say he has no act? He had to go up the most out of all the comic
dickie cox
0 messages
08-06-03 07:35 PM
Dat ain't funny!!! Dat is offensive!!!
Just making fun of your mom's accent isn't funny. Has Dat ever heard of Ms. Cho? Like Dat, she too speaks in her mother's voice but her jok
1 messages
08-06-03 05:26 PM
Here's the other thing
Dat just simply has no sense of humour. Has anyone else noticed that? He has no talent and no sense of humour - he just works hard. Maybe that'
13 messages
08-05-03 11:02 PM
"Line 'Em Up!!!" (Spoiler inside) [View All]
Okay, this is my evaluation of tonight's show, so Left Coasters need to respect the filler that I'm putting in here now. If you click here,
27 messages
08-04-03 09:31 AM
Dave on Tough Crowd
Looks like Dave Mordal is going to be On Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn next week. They didn't give a specific day. Tv guide online and comedy central
0 messages
08-01-03 09:27 AM
Hey Can we
Vote for Dave to comeback? I think he is the best out of everyone by far.
2 messages
07-31-03 10:45 PM
where americas votes are going and why.
i think ralphie is funny and has the potential to be amazing but i noticed that hed used only politicle views and oppinions. hes last routine wasnt TH
3 messages
07-31-03 09:12 AM
I feel lame for being this angry over this.....
Okay, it [b]seriously[/b] sucks that I have now become one of "those people" who rant on and on about some "injustice" online to a
15 messages
07-31-03 01:18 AM
Producers/NBC manipulating for Dat to win
I've had my suspicions for awhile that there's been manipulation to make Dat Phan the Last Comic Standing, and it just keeps getting reinforced.
15 messages
07-31-03 00:26 AM
Where's Dave?
Dave Mordal should have been there. He was the funniest person on the show. I'ld watch just to hear what little comments he would come up with eve
0 messages
07-30-03 02:32 PM
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