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Why no summary
Has anybody noticed that there hasn't been a summary for Episode 6? It has been a week and I haven't seen any sign of it. Why?
0 messages
07-07-04 10:35 AM
LCS Love List Vol 2.3 (or somethin' like that)
since no one's started one this week. 1. Alonzo - far and away the best 2. Jay - falls back to the back some, but no one to
3 messages
07-06-04 06:35 PM
**Last Comic Standing 2, Ep. 5 Official Summary**
[center][font size=4]Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 5 Official Summary[/font size] [font size=5]Welcome to the Hotel Cali
14 messages
07-06-04 02:42 PM
**Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 4 Official Summary**
[font color=blue size=5]The One Where Brett Throws Down Her Mic and Stomps Off, replayed over and over again, in case you missed it%
6 messages
07-04-04 07:10 PM
**Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 3 Official Summary**
[center][font size=4]Last Comic Standing 2, Episode 3 Official Summary[/font size] [font size=5]Boredom and Loathing in L
11 messages
07-03-04 12:06 PM
Couple of random thoughts about last night
First, I am really thankful that Jay London wears underwear!! Can we take up a collection and buy that man a new pair of sweatpants so he won%2
16 messages
07-01-04 08:53 PM
The more I watch this show (this year and last), the more I believe Outback Jack is real!!!!!!! No two shows can be so equally con
0 messages
07-01-04 06:40 PM
The ghost of Naturman has struck. London you are next.
2 messages
07-01-04 09:04 AM
Laugh Track
Did anyone else notice during the head to head that the producers were using a laugh track to make the comics seem more crowd friendly? I was surpri
5 messages
06-30-04 01:55 PM
You might recognize me, I am not funny...
Jay London blows. There were several comics better than him (e.g.Natterman) that should be in the house. His selection is what pi
2 messages
06-30-04 01:09 PM
Laundry was all wet
The laundry mat was not funny; at all. A good comic should be able to make people laugh even if they are about to get surgery. The l
14 messages
06-29-04 07:53 PM
the fix IS in [View All]
Alot of talk around how "Ant" is EASILY the lamest comic to audition (behind buck star ? ......well its a TIE) but its definately clear HOW
47 messages
06-27-04 08:38 PM
Either the fix is in, or NBC can't edit
When I saw 2/3-3/4 of the audience give Monty a standing ovation, I thought he was a shoo-in to make it to the final 10. Yet he gets passed by
12 messages
06-27-04 03:31 PM
Dan Naturman
At the risk of offending people, I did not laugh once during Dan's act. He is NOT funny. There were some other performers that I thought should ha
12 messages
06-27-04 11:29 AM
Last Year's Controversy?
I've heard plenty about the selection controversy this year, but one article caught my attention. It said something to the nature of 'Here we g
4 messages
06-27-04 11:22 AM
Who is the bad guy?
Who is going to be the "Rich Vos" this year? who is going to be the bad guy? Todd Glass or Jim Norton Both hav
5 messages
06-26-04 03:51 PM
Sue Costello
I was surprised to see Sue Costello in the competition. I recognized her the moment I saw her and thought she was from a horrible TV show that didn'
1 messages
06-25-04 05:01 PM
My New Favorites List
1. Corey - I loved how he was able to Improv and still be funny at the laundromat! Plus, the sleeping with the golf club bit was also funny. %
11 messages
06-24-04 06:39 PM
Who is the bald comedian
who did the routine last night about Aspen, hookers, etc.? He looks & sounds so familiar. Has he been on anything before?
8 messages
06-22-04 11:51 AM
last comic, {not}
stupid, rigged, rip off. Buck Star was funnier than half the ones who made it in the house.Why did they bother to pretend to have judges?%3
1 messages
06-22-04 10:03 AM
Jim Norton??
I missed the first 15 minutes of the show tonight, didn't Jim Norton make it to the final 20? Why wasn't he there? I assume thats why the ol
4 messages
06-21-04 07:54 PM
rigged show never watch again
I feel ripped off, they already had the winners picked beforeb the show started, none of the standing ovations made it in the house that I saw.Mos
0 messages
06-21-04 05:58 PM
Let's Have Our Own Little Vote... [View All]
Hey, if America gets to vote, why not us? Just as a little mini-poll, let's vote on who we think should be the last comic standing. To cas
49 messages
06-21-04 10:46 AM
Last Comic Standing Love List Version 2.1: Counting in Base Ten
I don't think we had this last year. I'm not sure it's warranted, necessary, welcome, or has any point to its existence [i]this[/
9 messages
06-20-04 04:58 PM
What Happened Last night?
Hey everyone!! I missed last night's show ,but I did see a clip on Access Hollywood of Drew Carey yelling at someone and of someone else throw
1 messages
06-18-04 10:22 AM
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