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Conferences Last Comic Standing Forum (Protected)
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Would anyone like to host it? I don't have the time right now, or I would. But I would love to play. http://community.rea
0 messages
06-17-04 09:52 PM
**Last Comic Standing 2, Ep.1 Official Summary**
We are greeted by our host, Jay Mohr, who is standing in the middle of Times Square, and who is wearing what looks like an ensemble lifted from
13 messages
06-17-04 11:54 AM
Whats franks last name?
There was a guy named frank (he was a big guy, dark hair) and he was from waltham, ma he got into the top 40 but not top 20... any1 remember h
4 messages
06-17-04 08:41 AM
Show is rigged
Yep, I think the show is rigged by the network and producers. They put the people in the house that they wanted. There was no reason why the celeb
1 messages
06-16-04 11:36 PM
Tammy's heels
Tammy did get in. If she didn't, I would have voted her in just because she could stand on those heels. Did you check them out!!! WooHo
1 messages
06-16-04 10:11 PM
Since it looks as if the major networks won't leave the Reagan ceremonies until every federal employee has made a speech, I don't think we're
1 messages
06-16-04 08:30 PM
Missed the 'C-Word' joke..
the phone rang and I missed it. Can anyone fill me in?
10 messages
06-16-04 07:28 PM
Am I the only one who thinks Ant is not funny?
The guy has not made me laugh even once. Maybe it's me, perhaps the material doesn't appeal to me at all, but if the guy has ever told a joke
19 messages
06-16-04 07:18 PM
I thought they got it pretty close to right last night......
Maybe it was editing or whatever, but I really liked the outcome last night! I thought Corey Holcomb KILLED! He was the only one who really ha
2 messages
06-16-04 03:53 PM
People who should have made it
Are the judges idiots? Am I the only one that thinks that Vladimir desrevd a spot, he wasnt as funny as some of the other, but 9 months and hes
19 messages
06-15-04 07:09 PM
Established Comics on the Show... Why??
It has always amazed me how well known comics think they can improve their standing by entering this contest. My favorite comedian, Pablo
9 messages
06-15-04 11:20 AM
**Last Comic Standing 2, Ep.2 Official Summary**
One thing I like about the new season of LCS is that they got rid of that annoying Phyllis Diller laugh at the end of the opening song. S
5 messages
06-15-04 08:31 AM
nice of collin quinn and gang to pick their friends rather than the best comics
louis ramey was hands down the most professional comic on the show and he didn't even make it to the finals. (he's like a cross between eddie mu
0 messages
06-12-04 09:22 PM
Stripper Chick
Now that she's a famous stripper chick, does anyone remember her name? Does she have a website anywhere? Seriously, even though she did ne
1 messages
06-11-04 10:23 AM
DAT in my town....
DAT PHAN will be playing a gig in my town in the near future. Do you guys think that I should go there a 1/2 hour early and do his WHOLE bit for the
8 messages
06-10-04 10:01 PM
Totally Shocked
Was there any contestants that you all were totally shocked they let through or went on to the semi-finals? Me, I would say about 1/2 of them. e
5 messages
06-10-04 06:43 PM
How Pathetic is California?
He is, after all, our *sigh* governor. Even more pathetic were the 9,019 BAD Ahnuld imitations we heard last night. My daughter
4 messages
06-10-04 04:42 PM
The Boston Auditions
I went to the Boston finals show. What I saw was the selection of 3 comedians that was NOT based at all on performance. The crowd gave many applaus
10 messages
06-10-04 03:28 PM
Drew Carey and Brett Butler
I found this online" 2C13654%2C00.html Talks about how the Drew and
3 messages
06-10-04 09:48 AM
Actually looking forward... seeing how the producers override the judges and pick their dream house's worth of cultural diversity and potential personality conflict.
14 messages
06-10-04 03:26 AM
Was Redneck Granny the final contestant chosen?
I had to mediate between my cats and a skunk and missed the final selection (I mean the very final one, in the last city, when they were only go
4 messages
06-09-04 03:59 PM
Hi, this is Buck Star, and welcome to the Buck Star show!
I thought we could all stand to hear those words one more time. So, do you think he'll be the opening act for William Hung on the upcom
3 messages
06-09-04 02:20 PM
Wiggins Hat
Saw the show last nite and fell in love with Wiggins hat. Does anyone know where I could get one. "Have You Pooped Today". Thanks for your help
0 messages
06-09-04 12:31 PM
Season Two
When does season two get under way? It's not up on the NBC site and my Tivo doesn't seem to have anything yet. Anybody have any upd
4 messages
06-07-04 12:56 PM
DAT PHAN IS NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!! [View All]
Mordal was the funniest guy on the show. There's no accounting for taste.
27 messages
05-22-04 10:13 AM
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